English III Honors - Semester Project Fahrenheit 451 Timeline

  • Enter Clarisse McClellan

    As Montag walks down the street, he encounters his 17 year old neighbor, Clarisse McClellan. After introducing herself, she along with showing him her “crazy” approach to life. She starts asking questions about love, and if whether Montag is happy or not. Afterwards every time he starts walking down the road, he looks for her.
  • An Attempted Suicide

    An Attempted Suicide
    He comes back home and sees that Mildred, Montag’s wife tried to commit suicide from overdosing on sleeping pills, he calls for the police and emergency medical attention then once they all leave he goes to sleep. The next morning he finds out that his wife doesn’t remember anything about her trying to commit suicide
  • The Old Lady and her books

    The Old Lady and her books
    He gets called to a work to burn down a house owned by an old lady with a stash of books. The woman won’t leave her house and shocks him by choosing to be burned alive along with her beloved books.
  • Montag's Identity Crisis

    He sees Clarisse outside and informs him that he is not in love with his wife. Later montag suffers an identity crisis. He starts to learn more and more about the way that she thinks and hier different philosophy, because he thinks that she is wiser than anyone he knows.
  • Hit and Run

    He hasn’t seen Clarisse or walked with her in a while so he asks his wife about her and she told him that she gots ran over by a car and as a result he feels a loss about her death and becomes very depressed and slowly starts losing his mind.
  • Stash of Books

    Stash of Books
    Montag develops an interest in books as a result, he starts collecting from the houses that he and the other firemen go to that needs burning he grabs one and takes some home with him, creating a stash and hiding it inside an air-conditioning vent. His boss, the fire chief, finds out about his book stash and tells him he has 24 hours to read his book to see if they contained anything worthwhile before being incinerated.
  • Montag, Mildred and Faber

    As he starts reading, He becomes overwhelmed with it. He later showed his wife looking for help and support. She prefers to watch television over reading to being in her husband’s presence. He remembers that he once met a retired English professor and visits him in the park again because he thinks that he might be able to help him understand what he’s reading.He tells him about the value of books is what lies in the detailed awareness of life that the contain.
  • Betrayed by his wife

    When he goes back home, his wife has friends over and they’re all watching T.V. he tries to talk to them about books but Faber buzzes him and tells him to be quiet. The women leave and file a complaint against Montag because they were extremely disturbed by him and his reading. Later he sees his wife getting into a cab with her suitcase and realize that she betrayed him and sounded the alarm on him.
  • Fireman vs Firemen

    Fireman vs Firemen
    While the firemen are at his house, he kills the fire chief, Beatty with a flamethrower then runs away by escaping through the back alleys. As a result of this he becomes wanted by the government.
  • Montag the hobo

    Montag the hobo
    After escaping the government, he finds a group of renegade intellectual who call themselves the book people and explains that they’re a part of a nationwide network of book lovers who memorized literature and philosophy. Montag becomes a hobo and gathers books.