Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

By lili831
  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag meets Clarisse
    Guy Montag is walking home when he meets Clarisse McClellan and they walk together since they are neighbors. She is different than others. She is a seventeen year old girl who is not scared of anything espically Montag since he is a fireman. She has different ideas and interest from everyone else.
  • Montag's wife, Mildred, takes an overdose.

    Montag's wife, Mildred, takes an overdose.
    When Montag gets into his house after walking with Clarisse, he usually expects his wife to be watching the "family",or TV. But he trips on a medication bottle and immediately starts looking for her. He realizes she took an overdose.He calls the hospital and they have to come and put new blood in her body.
  • Montag begins to wonder...

    Montag begins to wonder...
    Montag begins to wonder about his occupation, fireman. He asks his captain about the discovery of fireman.
  • First book burning

    First book burning
    This is the first burning in the book. After Clarisse makes Montag question his career, when he is burning this house and books, he begins feeling different.
  • Clarisse is missing

    Clarisse is missing
    Montag and Clarrise walked everyday then seven days past and Clarisse wasn't at the corner she waited for him. Montag begins to worry.
  • Clarisse is dead

    Clarisse is dead
    Montag asks Mildred if she had seen Clarisse and she tells him that she's dead. She was ran over by a car.
  • Montag calls in sick to work

    Montag calls in sick to work
    Montag never calls in sick to work but that day he did. The day after the burning of the lady.
  • Montag calls in sick again

    Montag calls in sick again
    Montag calls in sick again and Captain Beatty goes. This time he tells him about how some fireman wonder what a book really is. He tells him that having this feeling is alright.
  • Montag has a book?!

    Montag has a book?!
    He has been taking books and hiding them without anyone knowing. After Beatty leaves, Montag pulls out a book. He flips through it because he can't read.
  • Faber

    Montag remember meeting a guy who knew about books. He called him and asked him to help and reluctantly he agreed. His name is Faber. When they met, Faber was suprised at seeing all the books the fireman had.
  • The Chase

    The Chase
    Montag goes to Faber’s house, where he learns that a new Hound has been put on his trail, along with several helicopters and a television crew. Faber tells Montag that he is leaving for St. Louis to see a retired printer who may be able to help them. Montag gives Faber some money and tells him how to remove Montag’s scent from his house so the Hound will not enter it. Montag then takes some of Faber’s old clothes and runs off toward the river.
  • The Burning of Montag's house

    The Burning of Montag's house
    Montag is in the fire house with the guys when the alarm sounds. They left and arrived in Montag's house. Beatty told Montag he knew that he had the books and he was waiting for him to burn them. Mildred called the alarm and then left with a luggage. Beatty past the flamethrower to Montag so he could burn his house then he placed him under arrest. Montag then took the flamethrower and burned Beatty to ashes along with the other firemen.
  • The River

    The River
    Montag runs to the river. There he hides and the Hound passes him but doesn't catch him. After, Montag follows railroad tracks which lead him to people around a fire.
  • The hobos

    The hobos
    Montag meets the people around the fire. They are people who memorize books just in case the world changes. They turn on the TV and watch "The Chase". On the news they catch a guy and they claim it to be Montag.
  • The War

    The War
    A bomb dropped on the city and destroys everything. The hobos and Montag leave to the city.