Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

  • Guy Montag is walking home from a burn, when he runs into his neighbor.

    Guy Montag finished burning books and the house that they were in. He is a firefighter and he loves his job. Montag walks home from the fire station and on his way he spots a girl in the streets. He soon finds out that the girl is his neighbor. She is 17 years of age and her name is Clarisse McClellan.
  • Montag's wife, Mildred, took a whole bottle of sleeping pills in an attempt to kill herself.

    When Montag realized that Mildred took a whole bottle of sleeping pills, he made a call and two hospital workers pumped Mildred's blood out with a machine.
  • Clarisse hints to the idea that Montag might not be in love by using a dandelion.

    Montag walks to work and on the way he runs into Clarisse. She rubs a dandelion under her chin. She says that if your chin is yellow after rubbing a dandelion under your chin, then you are in love. If nothing is left on your chin, then your are not in love. When Montag rubbed a dandelion on his chin, his chin was not yellow. Montag denies not being in love, but in his mind he doubts it.
  • Montag and the other firefighters were sounded to another burn.

    Montag and the firefighters pulled up th an old house and began dousing the house and the book in it with kerosene. An old woman, the owner of the house, would not leave her house and books. Instead, she took out a single match and set fire to the house and books; along with herself. Montag and the firefighters had time to escape the fire.
  • Montag steals a book from the old woman's house before it started on fire.

    Montag wondered why someone would die for something like a book. He thought if something was worth diying for, then he wants to find out for himself.
  • Montag finds out that Clarisse could be dead after not seeing her for awhile.

    Montag asked Mildred if she knew what happened to Clarisse, and she believed that Clarisse was struck by a car and died. She also said that Clarisse's family moved.
  • Beatty, Montag's boss, came to check on Montag after being sick for awhile.

    Montag never gets sick, so Beatty came to Montag's house and checked on how he was doing.
  • Mildred discovers Montag's stolen book and Beatty witnesses it.

    Montag is talking to Beatty, when Mildred's attention wanders to Montag's pillow and she wants to straighten it. Montag repeatedly tells her that she doesn't need to fix it. She does anyway and discovers the book behind Montag's pillow Beatty pretends not to notice and continues to talk. Beatty eventually says that if a firefighter were to take a book home, he would have 48 hours to burn it.
  • Montag reveals his 20 book stash to Mildred after Beatty leaves.

    After Beatty leaves, Montag shows Mildred his 20 books that he has been hiding. Mildred makes and attempt at burning all of the books, but Montag stops her.Eventually, Montag picks up a book and reads it.
  • Montag calls a professor that he met a year ago.

    After reading with Mildred, he thinks back to when he met the professor Faber. When Montag met him, he was reading a book and Faber gave Montag his number. Montag calls Faber, and Montag soon realizes that the book he stole from the old woman's house could be the last copy of the Bible.
  • Montag shows up at Faber's house without letting him know and it startles Faber.

    Montag goes to Faber's house and takes the Bible with him. When Montag shows up at Faber's house and shows him the Bible, it creates a lot of fear in Faber. They talk about books and they create a plan to set up all of the firefighters. Montag makes a copy of the Bible, so he doesn't have to burn the actual book.
  • Montag abruptly reads in front of Mildred's friends, Mrs. Phelps and Mrs, Bowles.

    Coming home from meeting Faber, Montag is angered by the women, so he begins to read to them. Mildred quickly makes up a response: a fireman can bring one book home to show the family how much nonsense books are. He continues to read despite this and he upsets Mildred's friends and they leave.
  • Montag discovers Mildred burning his books in the incinerator.

    After Mildred's friends leave, Montag finds Mildred burning his books one by one and he stops her. He rehides them in some bushes in their back yard.
  • Montag hands Beatty his book and the alarm sounds for another job, but this time its different.

    Montag goes back to the fire station and gives Beatty a copy of the book he stole. Beatty repeatedly abuses Montag with is literature phrases that confuses Montag into a shock. The alarm sounds, but Montag soon finds out that this job is different. They were on their way to burn Montag's house.
  • Montag is forced to burn down his house with a flame thrower.

    When they arrive to Montag's, Montag spots Mildred with a suitcase and leaves. Montag assumes that she was the one who called in the alarm. Beatty forces Montag to burn his house down with a flame thrower and no kerosene. When he finishes, Beatty arrests him. Beatty continues to mock and confuse Montag with literature.
  • Montag kills Beatty and the Mechanical Hound with a flame thrower and now he is on the run.

    While Beatty says literature quotes, Montag finally cracks and he burns Beatty with the flame thrower. He knocks out all of the other firemen and then burns the Mechanical Hound with the flame thrower. Before he does that, the Mechanical Hound injures Montag's leg. He has to run. Montag gets cleaned up and goes to Faber's house where he gives Montag new clothes and tells him to follow the railroad tracks. They should leave him to camps of homeless people.
  • Montag is continued to be chased, which forces him to croos the river and from there he finds the railroad track.

    Montag is chased by anither Mechanical Hound and he crosses the river. He follows the railroad tracks and finds five men. They help so the Hound can't find him and the chase staops.
  • Montag finds the men that can help him and he will get to live an actual life.

    Montag discovers the men were once in the same situation that he is in. They have no books, but they explain to Montage that if you read a book, you have that book in your memory and they can access it when they want to. All of a sudden, bombs drop on the city because of the war they are engaged in. Once the dust clears up there is nothing left.