Buckner, Fahrenhiet 451, Period 5

  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag meets Clarisse
    Montag is a local fireman, who has an unusually habit of walking home. Once turning the corner he saw that some one was waiting for him. Her name was Clarisse Mclellan. As they walked and talked Clarisse asked Montag if fireman ever put out fires unstead of starting them, he immediately stated that false. Once reaching her house, she said before she left that she wasn't afraid of him though most people were.
  • Montag's wife Mildred

    Montag's wife Mildred
    When Montag finally gets home, he finds his wife Mildred on the floor, half dead with a empty bottle of pills beside her. Montag immediately picked up the phone and called the emergency hospital. They pumped her stomatch, since they have seen severalcases like this one before. Since they have seen several cases like this they were able to provide Montag with the information that she will be okay.
  • Mildred is sent home from the hospital

    Mildred is sent home from the hospital
    Monatg is finally able to talk to his wife after she almost fatal accident. He tells her about how she tried to commit suiced, but she immediately denies that she would do such a thing. Mildred insists on talking about the show that she's always watching in the hospital. Montag then leaves for work.
  • Montag and Clarisse

    Montag and Clarisse
    Once leaving for work after seeing Mildred in the hospital, Montag finds that clarisse is standing at the corner in the rain, catching the rain drops in her mouth. She asked Montag why he chose to be a fireman, since he was unlike most that she has ever meet. Montag immediately told her to go to her appointment with her psychiatrist due to her lack of socialbility, and due to her imdepnedant thought.
  • Mechanical Hound

    Mechanical Hound
    As Montag reaches the firestation he greetes the mechanical hound, where it growled and threatened him. He told Captain Beatty what had happened with the hound since this is not the first time that this has happened. Once learning that the hound can only think what you tell it to think he feels pity for it. Montag was teased by the other men since this case has happened to another man once before in Seattle, who later commited suicide. Beatty assured Montag that the hound will be checked out.
  • Montag and Clarisse's last chat

    Montag and Clarisse's last chat
    Talking to Clarisse has become a daily thing for Montag as the weeks go by. She asked him why he has never had kids, he states the Mildred was the one who never wanted kids. Montag was not too saddened by not having kids. Clarisse told Montag about how she felt school was mindless and that it was just a routine, making it why she doesn't go anymore. The next day he does not see her, yet he did not look for he long since his train had arrived.
  • Montag wants to know more about fireman

    Montag wants to know more about fireman
    At the firehouse Montag asks the other men if fireman ever put out fires, instead of making them. He learns the Benjamin Franklin established in 1790 that fireman were to burn english-influenced books. Then their was a alarm for them to go to and burn books that were hidden in an old lady's attic. After pushing the old lady out the way, a book fall onto Montag's hands and without acknowledging it he put it away in his coat. She then set her, her books, and her house on fire.
  • Montag wonders about his life with technologie

    Montag wonders about his life with technologie
    Montag goes home and immediately puts the book under his pillow. Mildred seems unfamiliar and strange to Montag as she lays in bed and babbles on about her TV "family". Montag asks her if she remembers when they first meet, niether of them did. Montag knows that the TV has gotten between him and his wife. He then asks her if she has heard anything about Clarisse, since he has not seen her in a few days. She tells him that her family has moved, since Clarisse was hit by a car and killed.
  • Montag is sick of his line of work

    Montag is sick of his line of work
    Montag is sick the next morning with the thought fresh in his mind of Clarisse's death. He tells Mildred that he is sick of his job, and wonders if she would mind if he took a break for awhile. Though she resists understanding why he would want to do such a thing. Captain Beatty then appears at their house since he firgured that Montag would take a sick day. Beatyy then further explains why they burn books, because they put in debates wheather they were easy to read or not.
  • Montag stash

    Montag stash
    Once Beatty is gone, Montag shows Mildred his secrat stash of over twenty books that he has been saving for years. She immediately wants to send him to the athorities, though he was able to convince him to keep it a secret for forty-eight hours til they can find something that they can share with others. Their was another visitor at the door, but the ignored it.
  • Intro to a favor

    Intro to a favor
    As Montag and Mildred look through the piles of books, they don't quiet understand what they are reading. Montag wants to continue this search since he feels that it will help with his ignorance. He then calls a professor named Faber, who he once meet in a park. To ask if Faber knew if their are any books out there of the Bible, Shakespeare, or Plato left in the country. But Faber felt like this was a trap so he insisted that their was none left, and then hung up.
  • An unlikely visitor

    An unlikely visitor
    Montag stops by Faber's house unannounced to discuss a plan to bring back books to their civilization. Faber does agree with the idea of bringing back books since they bring past information, imagination, and they also pass on it's information that it holds to others. Though Faber wants to start this rebellious act, he is frightened. Montag is eventually able to bully Faber to agree that time is of the essence, and that they need to start this as soon as possible.
  • Their plan is taken to place

    Their plan is taken to place
    Montag and Faber decide to test their plan on Mildred's friends. He reads one of the poems to his wife's firends who eventually ran off to their own homes after he was being rude to them about them not understanding the poem. He then headed to the firestation where he would then confront Captain Beatty. As he placed the book his Beatty's desk, he immediately threw it in the trash and welcomed Montag back to the force. Then their was an alarm that was sent to the destination of Montag's house.
  • Outcome of their plan

    Outcome of their plan
    Mildred ended up bring the one was who sounded the alarm. Beatty then made Montag burn down his own house, and then after the job was done he arrested him. Though Montag was able to escape by burning Beatty to a crisp, sortly after he was able kill the mechanical hound. Montag then dug up the books that he barried in his backyard.
  • Outcome of their plans continued..

    Outcome of their plans continued..
    While heading to Faber's, Montag learnd that their country has declared war when putting in his other ear piece. He then rushes over to Faber's to discuss what their next action should be. They both decide that they would meet with Faber's friend, so that they can start printing the more copies of books.
  • Montag new friend

    Montag new friend
    Montag runs into the river so the hound would be unable to smell his sent. He came ashore to the countryside, where he meet homeless men, who actually had pretty advanced technologie. They helped Montag by giving him a colorless drink that could take away his scent. They watch as the police blamed an innocent man of being Montag since he too had an unusual habit of walking alone.
  • A new civilization is born

    A new civilization is born
    The homeless men tell Montag that they are all professor's and intellectuals, who have the ability to remember any and all literature that they have ever read. They start to talk and discuss what they want to accomplish thoughout the years. The men notice a plane that drops a bomb on the city, they fell and held onto the ground. This was when Montag was finally able to remember where he had meet his wife Mildred in Chicago.
  • A new civilization is born continued...

    A new civilization is born continued...
    Once the after shocks ended they were able to continue their discussions about the furture of their society. They told Montag about how they desire to leave a legacy, and one of the men stated how they were just like the phoenix rising from the ashes again and again. The men then proceed to go into the city and help any survivors to rebuild from the city from ashes.