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  • Montag is burning books

    Montag is burning books
  • After leaving work Montag meets Clarisse, a 17 year old girl.

    After leaving work Montag meets Clarisse, a 17 year old girl.
    Clarisse is very curious and fearless.
  • Montag obsesses

    Montag obsesses
    After meeting her, and she askes him all of these questions, he goes home and tried to convice himsekf of his answers. Complementing her when she isnt there.
  • Montag returns home

    Montag returns home
    Montag returns home and finds his wife, Mildred, laying on her bed. He later finds an empty bottle of sleeping pills that were completely filled earlier.
  • The doctor comes over

    The doctor comes over
    Montag calls the doctor for MIldred and, remove the pills from her stomach, and the doctor says " We get these cases nine or ten a night," basically saying that people constantly try to commit suicide.
  • Montag stands outside of Clarisse's house

    Montag stands outside of Clarisse's house
    Montag is curious what the McClellan family are talking about. He desired to be social with the family.
  • MIldred making food

    Montag wakes up to Mildred not being there, gets up and finds her making him breakfast, but doesnt remember what happened the night before.
  • Montag meets Clarisse in the rain.

    Montag meets Clarisse and she presents him with a dandelion. She continues," If it rubs off, it means I'm in love." She tries it with Montag but it does not work, meaning he is not in love.
  • The Mechanical Hound

    Montag goes into work the next morning, and is curious and tries to pet the mechanical hound. But instead it growls at him, then the captain walks him, reassuring him that it doesnt like anyone.
  • Montag and the firemen are searching for books in a house.

    The firemen burst into the building grabbing the women. The women doesn't leave so the firemen let her burn with the house and books.
  • Beatty visits Montag

    After Montag fails to show up to work, beatty pays him a visit. Beatty tells Montag why books are banned and later continues to confirm that Clarisse is dead. While this is all occuring, Montag is hiding a book in his pillow case.
  • Montag calls Faber

    Montag calls faber asking how many bibles are left in the world. Faber acts like he does not know what he is talking about and hangs up. Faber later helps Montag try to understand what the values of books are.
  • Montag and the TV Family "standoff"

    Montag goes home and sees his wife talking to the TV parlor family like usual. The family's language and how they talk about war angers Montag and he ends up reading a poem silencing the once loud family. They later report Montag for the incident to the fire station.
  • The firestation and the alarm.

    Montag goes to the firestation to give Beatty the book. After they discuss why books are useless and tries to confuse Montag with his "own words". Suddenly, the firemen get a call of a house and they go to the house which ended up being Montag's house. Montag's wife and her parlor family reported him to the firemen.
  • The burning of Montag's house

    Beatty forces Montag to burn his own house with a flamethrower. Montag obeys Beatty and he burns down his house. When Beatty tries to arrest Montag, Montag pulls the flamethrower on Beatty and the Hound and lights them on fire resulting in a injured leg.
  • The Chase

    Montag is on the run hiding in the shadows until he ends up at Fabers house. Once he is there, Faber makes a game plan to go visit a retired printer. While he does this, Montag will hide in the country side. The police and firemen are out looking for Montag and they also have a new hound. Montag eventually makes it to the river and the cops lose his trail.
  • The group

    When Montag leaves the city and is in the country, he encounters a group of men who are intellectually intelligent. They have a T.V. and Montag sees the news say he is "captured". The public thinks Montag has been brought to justice but in reality this was just an excuse for not capturing him.
  • The Group and the war

    The men describe how they are books. They know books from front to back. As they are walking they see the city explode from the atomic bomb from the war.