F451 Plotline

  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag meets Clarisse
    Montag is walking home from his job as a fireman and comes across Clarisse, who was hiding behind the corner. Every time he walks home he looks for her.
  • Period: to

    Fahrenheit 451

  • Mildred overdoses

    Mildred overdoses
    What is considered a normal occurence in their society, takes Montag by surprise as his wife almost kills herself. Her blood is completely cleaned out and replaced. Montag learns that the men who perform the job have many cals per night.
  • Clarisse dies

    Clarisse dies
    Montag hasn't walked with Clarisse for a while and begins to wonder what has happened to her. When he asked his wife she tells him that she is dead (supposedly run iver by a car) and her family moved away.
  • Mechanical Hound

    Mechanical Hound
    The mechanical hound acts vicious around Montag and he does not want to go near it. Talks about how one could be programmed to kill oneself or someone else.
  • Montag becomes curious

    Montag becomes curious
    After Clarisse dies, something is sparked in Montag to begin stealing books. Whether it was the first time or starting up an old habit.
  • Beatty comes over

    After Montag called in sick, Beatty comes over to his house to check in him. As he lays in bed Montag realizes that he has a book and it is visible to Beatty. He tucks it behind his pillow. Mildred notices is when she tries to fix his pillows.
  • Montag feels sick

    Montag feels sick
    With everything that has been happening, Montag has forced himself into a state of sickness. He calls in sick and does not go to work.
  • Montag steals a book

    Montag steals a book
    When the firemen go to a house that needs burning, he grabs a book and takes it home. He later shows it to his wife.
  • Reads poetry to Mildred and her friends

    Reads poetry to Mildred and her friends
    It seems as if Montag has a breakdown. When Mildred'd friends are visiting, Montag decides that he should recite poetry to them. Mildred and Faber both try to fix what Montag does.
  • Mildred's friends pull an alarm on Montag

    Mildred's friends pull an alarm on Montag
    After Montag's breakdown, Mildred's friends try to turn him in but it is ignored. It is not until Mildred betrays Montag that the firemen listen.
  • Mildred pulls an alarm on Montag

    Mildred pulls an alarm on Montag
    After her friends' alarm was ignored, Mildred took matters into her own hands and decided that she has had enough of Montag. She turns him over and runs away, saddened by the fact that she lost her "relatives".
  • Montag and Fabers' plan

    Montag and Fabers' plan
    Montag calls Faber and asks him to meet up. They come up with a plan to destroy the firehouse from the inside, planting books in every firemans house. Faber helps complete Montags transformation from "fireman" to "book nerd". Faber calls his friend who used to print books and gives Montag a two-way radio to stay in contact, one that looks like the seashells that are used by everyone. He also tells Montag that books arent important, but whats inside them is.
  • Firemen burn down Montag's house

    Firemen burn down Montag's house
    Even though Montag is a fireman, harboring books is illegal. Beatty forces Montag to burn down his own home telling him that once he is done he will be under arrest.
  • Montag burns Beatty

    Montag burns Beatty
    When he is done burning his own house down, Faber whispers in his ear to run from the scene. Montag grabs the flame torch and threatens Beatty with it. Ends up burning him after Beatty tries to arrest him and threatens to trace Faber,
  • Montag escapes with some books

    Montag escapes with some books
    Montag runs away with a numb leg and a stack of books that Mildred did not find. Runs to a gas station to wash up.
  • Mechanical Hound is back

    After Montag kills Beatty, the mechanical hound comes after him. Before he burns the hound too, it stabs him in the leg with anesthetics. Montag is forced to flee without being able to feel his leg.
  • Almost gets run over

    Almost gets run over
    This shows how ignorant and dangerous thier society is, the children will run over people for fun.
  • Montag heads to Faber's house

    Montag heads to Faber's house
    When he meets with Faber, Faber tells him that he is leaving for St. Louis. Since a new hound is after him, Montag must leave quickly, but almost must lose all scent of him in Faber's home as well as on himself. Change clothes and burn the old ones.
  • In the river

    In the river
    To lose his scent, Montag floats along a river and reaches the railroad tracks that Faber mentioned.
  • Montag meets Granger and his crew

    Montag meets Granger and his crew
    Montag meets a group of people called "The Book People" and they welcome him.They are group of booklovers who believe that they can change society with the new war starting. People come in planes to destroy the city with bombs. Montag and the group walk into the city to look for civilization and they set out trying to build new one to spread their ideas.