Fahrenheit 451

By trent01
  • The Start

    The Start
    We are introduced to Guy Montag, who is married with no kids. Montag is a reverse fireman whose job is to burn books the government doesn't approve of. On his way home from work one night, he meets Clarisse, who asks him questions that make him question himself and what he really knows.
  • The Wife

    The Wife
    After walking home with Clarisse, his new neighbor, Montag returns home to find his wife, Mildrid, has overdosed on sleeping pills. He calls for EMTs, who come, but are not very passionate about their job. They say that overdose victims are very common. They replace Mildrid's 'poisoned' blood with fresh blood.
  • Clarisse goes missing?

    Clarisse goes missing?
    Over the next few days, Montag and Clarisse walk home together, with Clarisse explaining the things she finds pleasure in. Once Montag has begun to really enjoy the meetings, Clarisse stops showing up.
  • House Raid/What happened to Clarisse

    House Raid/What happened to Clarisse
    Days after the disappearance of Clarisse, Montag and his fellow firemen are raiding the house of an old-woman who has tons of illegal books. Montag steals a book without his coworkers noticing. The old woman does not leave the house, and decides to instead commit suicide by burning herself alive. Disturbed by the suicide, Montag goes home and asks Mildrid if shes heard anything about their new neighbors. She says that they moved away after Clarisse was hit by a speeding car a few days ago.
  • Onto Montag

    Onto Montag
    Awakening the day after the House Raid, Montag finds himself sick, possibly from what he had witnessed yesterday. Captain Beatty, who is Montag's fire captain, arrives at Montag's house to check on him. Beatty talks to Montag about the fall of books, and how television was so much more engaging, that they didn't need books anymore. While Mildrid is fluffing Montag's pillow, she notices the book Montag stole yesterday. Beatty becomes suspicious, and leaves the house, but not without warning them.
  • Mini-Event - Montag has been keeping books

    After Beatty leaves, Montag reveals to Mildrid that he has been hiding books for the past year in the air conditioning duct. He says that they will read them together, and if they have no value, they will destroy them together.
  • Faber

    Montag and Mildrid talk about the books Montag has stolen, but Mildrid wants nothing to do with it. Thinking that Mildrid is a loss cause, and pays a trip to an English Professor named Faber. Montag brings along the book he stole from the old woman's house, which happens to be the Bible. Montag forces Faber to help him understand the books by ripping pages from the Bible.Faber gives Montag an ear-piece which will allow Montag to listen to Faber for guidance.
  • Arriving Home

    Arriving Home
    After his trip to Faber's house, Montag returns home to find his wife, Mildrid, and her friends watching the "Parlor Walls", which are giant televisions that are the size of a wall. Montag tries to talk to the women, only to find out how little they know, and eventually returns with a Poetry book. Faber tries to tell Montag to not read the book, but Montag doesn't listen, and starts reading Dover Beach, the poetry book. Once done, he burns the book, and Mildrid's friends go home disgusted.
  • Beatty catches on

    Beatty catches on
    After the disaster with Mildrid's friends in the "Parlor Room", Montag hides his books in the backyard, and heads off to work. While at work, Montag gives Beatty a book, trying to cover for the one Beatty suspected Montag stole that night with the old woman. Beatty reveals to Montag that he once was an enthusiastic reader, and that he had a dream about Montag and him quoting books to each other The fire alarm sounds, and they drive off to the address, Montag's house.
  • Burning

    Beatty tells Montag to burn his own house, saying that Mildrid and her friends told on him. Mildrid walks out of the house, but is too sad about losing her Parlor Room to even notice Montag. Montag obeys Beatty, and starts burning down the house. Once done, Beatty notices the ear clip in Montag's ear, and plans to hunt down Faber too by tracking it. Not wanting his friend to get hurt, Montag burns Beatty alive, and knocks his coworkers unconscious. Montag realizes that Beatty wanted to die.
  • On The Hunt

    On The Hunt
    Montag escapes to Faber's house, who tells him that he should contact the exiled book lovers who live in the countryside. Faber tells Montag that he is taking an early morning bus to St. Louis, and that they can meet there later. As they're watching the news, they see a Mechanical Hound being set loose to hunt down Montag. Montag thanks Faber, and leaves his house, and starts wading into a river to hide his scent, and continues downstream.
  • Drifiting

    After drifting downstream for some time, Montag encounters the exiled book lovers, who are led by a man named Granger. Granger shows Montag on a portable T.V the manhunt, which Granger predicts will end in a few minutes. As Granger expected, an innocent man is found and killed, as the Mechanical Hound couldn't find the actual Montag, they needed to kill a fake one. Granger introduces himself and the fellow book lovers to Montag, who are all intellectuals who have remembered certain books.
  • Nuke/The End

    Nuke/The End
    Granger asks Montag what he can contribute to the group, and Montag says that he has partially remembered the Book of Ecclesiastes. While learning the knowledge of the book lovers, bombers fly overhead and annihilate the city with a nuke-a war has begun between Montag's country and an opposing country. Montag knows that Faber escaped, but Mildrid and everyone else is dead. Granger, Montag, and the crew clean themselves of the dirt the nuke has kicked up, and return to the city to rebuild.