Fahrenheit 451 Nevalainen

  • Clarisse meets Montag

    Clarisse meets Montag
    Montag meets Clarisse, she tells him of the world through her eyes, soon after they become friends she disappears.
  • Period: to

    Part One: The Hearth and the Salamander

  • Mildred

    Mildred attempts to kill herself with sleeping pills. Montag is forced to call the hospital and save her. The men from the hospital come, they are uninterested as they get the same kinds of calls everynight.
  • Burning

    Montag is at the fire station when they get a call on a lead. A women has piles and piles of books in her home. When they get there the women refuses to go and leave her books. Montag sees her die and burn with the books.
  • The death of Clarisse

    The death of Clarisse
    Montag finds out Clarisse, his true friend, has disappeared. He is later told that she has been in a car accident. The government had had their suspicions about her, and how she always questioned the world. This lead to Montag's questioning and ultimately to the Revolt.
  • Search for answers

    Search for answers
    Montag begins to search for answers in the books he has hidden, over the years in his house. He asks Mildred to assist him in looking for the real reason books have been banned and burned. He begs for her to understand his situation and to look at life the way Clarisse would have.

  • Period: to

    Part Two: The Sieve and the Sand

  • Beatty's talking

    Beatty's talking
    Captian Beatty comes to the Montags' to find out why Montag is not at work. He talks to Montag about books and their history, all while hinting at the real reason he came over; to explain to him all firemen get curious and read books, but in the end understand why they're burned. Montag is unlike the rest and thinks like Clarisse. Beatty tells him he has twenty-four hours to return the "borrowed" book.
  • Remembering Faber

    Remembering Faber
    Faber was a retired Englsih professor Montag remembered from back when he was newer to the firemen job. Montag decides it is important to go see him and finally get some answers.
  • Faber and Montag Meeting

    Faber and Montag Meeting
    Faber agrees to help Montag on his search for answers and explaining books to the fireman. They come up with a plan. Faber must begin printing books and Montag will destribute them in the homes of firemen and destroy the way their society has been run.
  • Faber's earpiece

    Faber's earpiece
    Faber loans Montag an earpiece which he can talk through to only Montag and listen to everything he hears. This way they communicate and Faber warns him about many of the dangers Montag's frustations get him into.
  • Complaints of the women

    Complaints of the women
    While Mildred's friends are watching the wall television, Montag loses his sanity for a moment and reads a poem to them. The women leave quickly after, only to file a complaint and ultimately turning him into Beatty, with the help of Mildred.
  • The Alarm

    The Alarm
    Once at the fire station to return the book he had supposedly borrowed, Beatty talks to Montag about great quotations from books over the years. He describes liturature as very morbid and unhappy, always having two sides. The alarm sounds and the two men rush off to answer the call.
  • Betrayed

    As the two men approach the house that was called, Montag realizes the house is his own. His own wife, Mildred, had betrayed him and is now leaving.

  • Period: to

    Part Three: Burning Bright

  • The Burning

    The Burning
    Beatty forces Montag to burn his house down, at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. Before he can finish all the way, burning every single last book down Montag lights Beatty with the flamethower, killing him. He also knocks the other firemen present unconcious.
  • Safety

    Montag seeks shelter from the government in the house of another fireman, trying desprately to distract everyone from himself.
  • Seeking Faber

    Seeking Faber
    Montag seeks Faber's advice once in the hidden shadows of the other fireman's house. Montag decides to go see Faber and ask for help in the nest part of their plan.
  • Faber's plan

    Faber's plan
    Montag arrives at Faber's with the nation watching, a Hound on his tail, and helicopters in search of him. Faber gives Montag the information of the retired printer in St. Louis and tells him to find him. Faber must get ride of the scent Montag has left so the Hound does not come in. Montag takes Faber's old clothes to not attract the new Hound closer to him.
  • Montag's Journey

    Montag's Journey
    As the nation watches Montag chased down, only to escape into the river and journey to the "Book People".
  • Granger

    Granger, the leader of the "Book People", a society that memorizes great works of literature to preserve the nations intelligence. As the war is declared Montag is assigned the job to memorize the Books of Ecclesiastes.
  • The End

    The End
    Enemy bombers ignite the city and leave nothing behind, Montag and their people survive and begin to search for others to try and re-build the new civilization need to stay alive.