Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

By DMGirl
  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag meets Clarisse
    Guy Montag meets Clarisse McClellan on his way home from work. She talks to him about things that are stragne to him such as reading the books he works to destroy and enjoying the simple things in life. She makes Montag question his happiness.
  • Mildred attempts suicide

    Mildred attempts suicide
    Montag comes home to find that his wife, Mildred, took an overdose of her sleeping pills, possibly attempting suicide. He calls the "emergency hospital" who send two men with a "snake" machine. They act as if this is an everyday occurece, like it's no big deal. This is shocking to Montag.
  • The mechanical dog is aggressive toward Montag

    The mechanical dog is aggressive toward Montag
    Montag approaches the mechanical hound at the firestation only for it to act aggressive toward him. Beatty tells him that it is just a mchine and does as it is programmed to. This leads Montag to believe that someone programmed the dog to be wary of him. This is foreshadowing later events.
  • Montag takes a book from a house he burns

    Montag takes a book from a house he burns
    Montag and the other firemen recieve a call to burn a house and the books that have been hidden inside. When they arrive, a woman is still there. They begin to burn the books and try to have the woman exit the house. She refuses and is burnt along with her books. Montag takes a book from this house before it is destroyed.
  • Clarisse is dead

    Clarisse is dead
    Montag begins to realize just how disconnected him and Mildred are, how much everyone is, and how big the wall is between them. He tries to remember when and where he met Mildred and cannot remember, neither can Mildred. Montag asks about Clarisse, for he hasn't talked to her in a few days. Mildred tells him that Clarisse was hit by a car four days prior and is dead.
  • Burn the book

    Burn the book
    Montag wakes up feeling sick. Beatty visits when he does not show up at work. He talks about how and why books came to be burned and why firemen are needed. Beatty lets Montag know that he knows about the stolen book. He tells Montag that he has 24 hours to burn it.
  • Montag confides in Mildred

    Montag confides in Mildred
    Montag tries to confide in Mildred about not only the book he took from the house the previous night, but the other books he has been hiding in their home. She panicks, and Montag tries to convince her to read the books with him to see if Beatty is right or not.
  • Montag seeks out Faber

    Montag seeks out Faber
    Montag remembers a man he met in the park a while back, Faber, who had a forbidden book of poetry, which Montag did nothing about. Montag seeks out Faber inhopes of getting help on reading and understanding these books he has in his posession. They eventually come up with a plan to hide books in firemen's houses around the country in order to plant seed's of doubt in people minds about the things they know of books.
  • Montags house is burned

    Montags house is burned
    Montag goes to work and hands over a book. Even after this, Beatty talks at him about how books work against you. They get called to a job, which turns out to be Montag's house.
  • Montag becomes a fugitive

    Montag becomes a fugitive
    After Beatty struck him down and hreatened to find whoever was on the other side of the green earpiece, Montag takes up the fire hose and sets Beatty on fire. He fleas the crime scene, becoming a fugitive.
  • Montag plants a book

    Montag plants a book
    While on the run, Faber plants a book in a fireman's house, Mr.Black, and calls in the alarm.
  • Montag finds what he has been looking for

    Montag finds what he has been looking for
    After fleeing the city and floating down the river for a while, Montag begins to follow the railroad. Here he meets Grnager, Fred Clement, Proffessor West, and Reverend Padover, a group of men who, along with many others accross the country, memorize great literature in hopes of someday sharing it with humanity, ready and willing. They assign Montag to memorize "The Book of Ecclesiastes".
  • Humanity could be ready

    Humanity could be ready
    The city is bombed, along with the rest of the country. Montag, Granger and the others set off to find survivors and share their mission.