Fahrenheit 451

Lovelace, period 5, F451 Timeline

  • Montag's wife attemps suicide

    Montag's wife, Mildred, attempted suicide. The men who pumped her stomach said that there are many cases like this a night.
  • Montag meets Clairsse for the first time

    Montag first met Clarisse on the street while he was walking. She tells him a little about herself and how she is insane compared to other kids her age (Clarisse is seventeen).
  • The hound growls at Montag

    The hound surprises Montag by growling at him. However, even then, the captain said that the hound was merely a machine and that it cannot "like" or "dislike" someone.
  • Clairsse shares her storys of school and how violent children are at her age

    Clarisse says that kids her age kill each other. Six of her friends had been shot in the last year and ten more of them died in car wrecks. She admits that she is afraid of them.
  • Montag admits he feels like a father figure to Claisse

    He admits that Clarisse makes him feel like a father. Clarisse then asks why he has had no children and Montag says that it is because Mildred didn't want any.
  • Montag is realizing all the weird things Clairsse does

    Clarisse has been shaking walnut trees, sitting and knitting, and giving him bouqets of flowers. Everyday they would walk around the corner together and talk about nothing really important.
  • More suicides occur

    A fireman sent a hound on himself. More people don't want to live in this world.
  • Clairsse vanishes

    Clarisse disappeared. She didn't show up and Montag explains everything as being empty.
  • Playing cards and war

    The firemen are playing cards and there are hints of war over the radio about what may be coming. No one seems especially worried about this as they think it's no big deal.
  • Montag steals a book

    As the books fall on Montag, he grabs one and puts a mindset that he had done nothing so that he would not look guilty.
  • A women is burned

    A woman refused to leave her books and decided to stay behind and die with them.
  • Montag asks about where he and Mildred first met

    Montag asked his wife where and when they had first met. She didn't know and neither did he, this saddened him.
  • Captain beatty arrives at Montag's house

    Captain Beatty and the other firemen arrived at Montags. They had Montag burn his own house and place himself under arrest.
  • Montag kills Captain Beatty

    Montag killed Captain Beatty with the blow torch and ran. The hound got his foot with numbing poison, but Montag kept going. He realizes that Beatty wanted to die.
  • Montag runs to Faber's house

    Even through the pain, he runs to Faber's house and attempts to cover up his scent ( from the hounds ) with alcohol.
  • The city gets nuked

    The entire city was leveled before Montag's eyes. The war that no one had given two thoughts about had hit home (literally) and Montag could only think of his wife (now deceased).
  • Montag meets the book enthusiasts

    Montag, while running from the police, run into Granger and the other book crusaders. They show him how the government staged his arrest to appease the people. He decided to go with them since he had a whole book of the bible memorized.