Lana Martin- French Revoltion

  • Financial Troubles

    The goverment was in a big debt after the Seven Year and the American Revoltion, this put them in on a big stain. All the money was payed back by taxes. The taxes were not paid by the churhc of the nobles, it was payed by the lowest class, they barley had moeny to put food on the table. The court kept spending money as if it was their. By the 1774 the food price's were goin gup, and this made the people mad.
  • Period: to

    The French Rev.

  • Period: to

    French rev

  • Calling of the Estaste

    When France almost salled bankruted , Louis XVI called the Estates General to meet teh following year. During this time the cashers called and aske for fair taxes,freedom,of the press.The people said you haevto give to people money so they can live. One man called the tax collectors the"Bloodsucker of the nation woho drink the tears of teh unfortunates from goblets of gold." The debts mad the people more mad at their king.
  • Radicals Declarign War

    This was know as the great fear, rumor of villages gettign attched and the fear of their's getting attached. After the woman stoming into the Bastille, the king order armys to go to paris and seiz the city. The people heard about it and were goign to be ready. They had guns but no gun powered. The only place that had it was the state prison.They fought back and tear down the prison to show their power
  • Stomming Bastille

    Their was rumors that the royla troops were coming to seiz the capitial.The people were going to ready for this. They had guns, but no gunpowder.More then 800 people were outside the Bastille, this was the only place that had gunpowder.What happend it they stommed the Bastille and killed the commander. They did this by braking through the defence and let all the prisoner go and killed five guarde and the commander. They walked around with the commanders head on a pole.
  • National Assembly Act

    The peasants are uprising and storming the Bastille, made them stampe the National Assembly into the action. On August 4th, peasants had a all-night meeting, the noble in the National Assembly voted to end the noble privileges, and all their things and help pay taxes. They annonuced Feudalism is abolished at 2 a.m in the morning. In August the first step was made to making the consistion and the rights of man.
  • Threats from aboard

    The king tryed to escape from his own country, to Prussia and the empire of Austrial. They got half way but got caught. The people captured their king and made him stay in the city of Paris. They were prisoner's in their own kingdom. During this time Prussia and Austria made a Declaration of Pilnitz, this was threats to France saying that they are going to start a war. France took this serious and prepared for war, but it never came
  • The monarcy is abloished

    As the Revoltion moves on. During this time the king is losing hsi friends that were once close to him. On sept the king was held in prison and was going to be held a trail against his country. He was a trailed for a traitor of France.In Janurary 1793 the king was to his death, he gave a speach, but no one heard for the drums die out his voice. When he was killed, that was a day of celebration to them
  • Nationalism

    Nationalism gave the people astrong hold of what they are to their country. In the early time they were loyalty shifted form the king to queen. Know they were son and daughts of the revoltion. This gave them a strong feeling of pride. their new lead was Napoleon.
  • Roberspierre and the Regin of terro

    The regin of terro was a bad time for France. France was at war with most of Europe and their was a shortage in the food. To deal with all of the threat and such, they formed a Committe of Public Saftye. Roberspierre was one of the cheif addvisers.During this time many peopel were getting killed. This all ended on july 1794 when Roberspierre was beheaded. The terror died with him
  • The Third Stage of the Revoltion

    The third stage moves away frm the killing. They make a new consistion in1795, it was set uo as a five man Directory.