Cbass French Revolution

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  • Period: to

    Deficit speending

    King Louis XVI spends more money on his personal things than serious matters for the people. He spends lots of money on his house and clothes and other personal lavishes. And then he leaves the people in debt because he doesn't have enough money when it comes to having to pay war debts and paying for important expenses, which means he has to tax the people for things that could cause many people to become even more sick and poor than they already are.
  • Estates-General

    Louis XVI calls the eastates-general to help him with his finances due to the fact that he is in so much debt and doesnt know how to get out of it. He needs the advice from the estates-general. before now, they havent been summoned in 175 years before now.
  • Parisians storm the Bastille

    The French people heard about supposed guns and ammo stashed in the basement of the bastille. They wanted to revolt against King Louis XIV so they stormed the bastille in search of these weapons and ammo, but did not find them. The people set free many of the prisoners that were being held captive in the bastille, and then killed the general for the army and paraded around with his head on a pole. This day will be known as Bastille Day for the French, otherwise known as Independence day.
  • National Assembly Acts

    The national assembly comes together to debate about the privelages between all men and what the new rules should be. Feudalism becomes abolished as the nobles decide at 2 A.M that morning. they gave up manorial dues, exclusive hunting rights, special legl statuses, and exemtion from taxes to 'abolish' feudalism.
  • Threats from Abroad

    The King of Prussia and the Emperor of Austria issued the declaration of pilnitz. These two monarchs threatened to intervene to protect France's monarchy. The Frech revolutionaries took this bluff seriously and then prepared for war.
  • Radicals Declare War

    Newly elected Legislative assembly took office. It only lasted about a year. Economic problems led to more turmoil, causing the assignats to drop in value. Sans-Culottes demanded a government with officials elected by the people. They rebelled against the officials.
  • Monarchy is abolished

    A crowd of Parisians stormed the royal palace of the Tuileries, and slaughtered the king's guards. The royal family fled before they crowd could reach them. A month later, radicals attacked prisons with nobles inside. Then, they took control of the assembly and decided the king was guilty of many charges. So they then had him executed.
  • Period: to

    Robespierre and the Reign of Terror

    RobespierreA man named Robespierre became a chief architect in the reign of terror. He had many people jailed and then had many executed. During the time of Robespierre, 300,000 people were arrested, and 17,000 were executed. On the 27th of July, Robespierre was arrested, then executed the next day.
  • Period: to

    3rd stage of revolution

    Constitution of FranceThe french aquired a new constitution in 1795. This created a five man directory and a two house legislature composed of male citizens who owned land. They constructed this because of the terror spreading through France.
  • Spread of Nationalism

    France had been out of the Revolution for 10 years now. France had already dislodged the old social order, overthrown the monarchy, and brought the church under the state control. All titles were eliminated. the word citizen was used for everyone, showing that everyone was equal. The war had given the French a strong sense of nationality. Everyone was at peace with one another. Also, everyone took pride in knowing that they lived in France. The song La Marseillaise then became the anthem.