french revolution

  • Period: to

    Deficit spending and economic reform

    Louie the fifteenth ran up alot of debt. Louis xvi was well-meaning but weak. He choose Jacques Necker a finacial expert. Necker urged the king to reduce court spending, reform goverment and end tariffs on international trade.
  • Estates-General

    The Estates-General is a legislative body consisting of representatives of the three estates. Louie XVI summoned the Estates-General to meet at Versailles because of the bread riots and france being on the verge of bankruptcy
  • Parisians Storm the Bastille

    Parisians Storm the Bastille
    The city of paris seixed the spotlighht from the national assembly meeting in versailles. Bastille a grim medeval fortress usd as a prison for politival and other prisoners. Bastille is a symble for the people of France representing yoars of abuse by the monarchy.
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly
    In an all night meeting , nobles in the national assembly voted t end their own privileges. They agreed to give up there old manorial dues, ezclusive hunting rights.special legal status, and ezemption from taxes.
  • threats from abroad

    threats from abroad
    The failed excape of louis XVI brought further hostile rumblings from abroad. the king of prussia and the emperor of austria who was marie antoninettes's brother issued the declaration of pilnitz. In that document the two monarchs threatened to intercene to protect the french monarchy.
  • civil war

    civil war
    Economical problems fed renewed turmoil. Revolutionary currency dropedand caused prices to increase rapidly.
  • monarchy is abolished

    monarchy is abolished
    As the revolution continued, dismisal news about the war abroad heightened tensions. Well trained prussian forces were cutting down raw french recruits. In addition royalist officers were deserting the french army, joining emigres and others hoping to restore the kings power.
  • robespierre & reigon of terror

    robespierre & reigon of terror
    Rovespierre his reign of terror in rance in the early 17 hundreds because danger threatened all of france and the country was at war
  • The third stage of revolution

    The third stage of revolution
    Napoleon enters the third stage of the revolution in france because the reaction of the terror on how it entered the third stage.
  • spread of nationalism

    spread of nationalism
    The french people had a strong sense of national identity in france in 1799 because the revolution and war has a strong feeling of pride