French Revolution

  • Louis Cals the estate genral

    Louis Finally called the estate genral for nobles fearful of taxes, and bankrupcy
  • Deficit

    In 1789, crises went deeper than government finaces. Reform would not be enough. France faced severe economic crises but Reform made it better.
  • Stroming the Bastille

    More than 800 Parisians assembled outside the Bastille a grim fortress used to prison for political and prisoners.
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    War between France, Europe, and United States.
  • Threats from abroad

    Issued the declaration of Pilnitz The declaration may have been bluff, but revolutionaries took it seriously and prepared for war.
  • National assembly act

    All night meeting nobles voted to end their own privleges.
  • Civil war

    Declared war on Austria then Prussia Britain and other sates lasted until 1815
  • Monarchy is Abolished

    crowd of Parisians stormed the royal palace of the Tuileries and slaughtered the kings guards.
  • Robespierre and the reign of terror

    Robespierre explained why necessary to achieve the goals of the revolution
  • Third stage of the Revolution

    Set up a five man directory and a two house legislative elected by citizins of propery
  • Spread of Nationalism

    Attended civic festivals that celebrated the nation and the revolution