Timeline of Nationalism

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    This includes the dates of nationalism in my history project, not every single one.
  • Americans win Revolution against Britain

    After a long war, the American's emerge victorious after declaring independence in 1776.
  • French Nationalists defeat their Government, ending the Revolution

    After many years, French citizens were unhappy with the poorly lead government and plotted a revolt, in which they emerged victorious.
  • Revolution in Haiti

    Numerous amounts of enslaved Africans on the island of Haiti revolted, and after 11 years, they emerged victorious to gain their independence from France.
  • Greeks gain Independence from the Ottoman Turks

    Nationalistic ideas in the Greeks made them revolt against the Ottoman Turks to gain independence as they had owned the Balkans.
  • Venezuela Gains Independence from Spain

    Simon Bolivar’s Venezuela won independence from Spain after a 10 year war.
  • "Gran Colombia" Gains Independence from the Spanish

    San Martin emerged victorious for his Gran Colombian citizens as they had won independence from Spain.
  • Belgians gain Independence from the Deutsch

    Nationalism driven riots broke out in Belgium, as the Belgians were attempting to gain independence from the Deutsch, and they succeeded.
  • Prince Metternich of Austria stops attempts to Unite Independent States off the Coast of Italy

    Prince Metternich of Austria sent troops to independent states off the coast of Italy, to stop nationalism led attempts to unite the independent states.
  • Poland's Attempted Revolt is Unsuccessful

    The Russian-owned Poland plotted an attack to gain independence, however they fell short due to the tremendous power of the Russian army
  • Third Republic Created in France

    The third republic was created in France, however this was shut down a few months after it was created. However, it still demonstrated nationalism.