Revolutions in the Americas

  • Period: to

    Haitian slavery

    Haitian slavery is one of the most brutal in the americas half of the slaves die of hardships. Slaves are tired of it and have heard how the United States is planning to abolish slavery.(this is a cause of the Haitian revolution)
  • Start of the American revolution

    Start of the American revolution
    The American revolution was one of the first revolutions on the Americas and it kindled hope in the hearts of the people fatigued with their current motherland.
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    The start and signing of the independence.
  • Signing of the independence

    Signing of the independence
    The founding fathers sign the declaration of independence.
  • Start of the French revolution

    Start of the French revolution
    French revolution brings instability to all French colonies; that includes Haiti. In this date is where the storming of the Bastille took place.
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    French revolution

    The events that occured during the French revolution
  • Execution of rebel leader

    Execution of rebel leader
    The French execute rebel leader Vincent Oge which upsets the rebels and drives forward the revolution.
  • Period: to

    Haitian Revolution

    The events that happened in the Haitian revolution
  • The reing of terror

    The reing of terror
    The start of the reign of terror marked the excessive use of the guillotine and secret police in France.
  • Touissant L'ouverture rises into power of Haiti

    Touissant L'ouverture rises into power of Haiti
    Touissant L'ouverture rises into power of Haiti
  • L'ouverture takes Saint Domingue

    L'ouverture takes Saint Domingue
    L'ouverture's army conqueres most of Saint Domingue which was occupied by the British.
  • Louverture signs secret aliance

    Louverture signs secret aliance
    Louverture signs secret aliance with Britain and the United States/
  • Napoleon takes power in France

    Napoleon takes power in France
    Napoleon becomes the leader of France after a decade of revolution. He replaces the directory that was previously leading France.
  • The battery

    The battery
    A device that can store energy for later use.
  • L'ouverture dies

    L'ouverture dies
    L'ouverture dies captive in a French prision
  • Decline of slave trade in the Americas

    Decline of slave trade in the Americas
    Because of the revolution and the abolishment of slavery in Haiti the slave trade takes a steep drop as Haiti is one of the main hubs of slavery.
  • Haitian Independence

    Haitian Independence
    Haiti finally gets recognized as an independent country.
  • Debt

    Haiti owes money to France to be acceted as an independent country, plus their agricultural production came to a halt because of battered farmlands and dead farmers.
  • King Joseph is crowned in Spain

    King Joseph is crowned in Spain
    Napoleon crowns his brother, Joseph Bonaparte, king of Spain.
    Simon Bolivar was currently in Venezuela which was Spanish controlled when Joseph became king and he didn’t agree with it. He hastily joined the fight against this king. The living conditions were becoming worse by the day because the new king wasn’t showing the Americas enough attention.
  • Creoles Want recognition

    Creoles Want recognition
    Spain was still not recognizing creoles as European even though they had Spanish descendants. Peninsulares were pushing around the creoles and they did not like that. Soon they realized that they were never going to be granted the recognition they desired; they then figured the only other viable alternative was starting a revolution as many other American countries were doing.
  • Period: to

    South American revolutions

  • Venezuela

    Declaration of independence of Venezuela
  • Paraguay Independence

    Paraguay Independence
  • The Admirable Campaign

    The Admirable Campaign
    Simón Bolívar led an "Admirable Campaign" (provinces of Mérida, Barinas, Trujillo and Caracas were conquered by the independentists) to retake Venezuela, establishing the Second Republic of Venezuela; but this too did not last, falling to a combination of a local uprising and Spanish royalist reconquest.
  • Argentinian Independnce

     Argentinian Independnce
  • Chilean Independence

    Chilean Independence
  • Colombian independence

    Colombian independence
  • Bolivar invades Nueva Granada

    Bolivar invades Nueva Granada
    to break this impasse Bolívar invaded New Granada, which had been reconquered by Morillo's (spanish general) expeditionary force three years earlier. Bolívar decisively defeated the royalists at Boyacá. With the liberation of New Granada, the republicans had a significant base from Morillo’s force.
  • Bolivar drives out the remaining loyalists

    Bolivar drives out the remaining loyalists
    He imposed centralised authority and rebuilt the army. Then, in, in a spectacular campaign involving epic marches across the Andes, he led the revolution to victory in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Royalist Peru finally succumbed in 1824.
  • Peru gets independence

    Peru gets independence
    After two more years of war, the country achieved independence from Spain in 1821 under the leadership of its most famous son, Simón Bolívar
  • Ecuador gets their independence

    Ecuador gets their independence
  • Brazilian Independence

    Brazilian Independence
  • Uruguay Independence

    Uruguay Independence
  • Bolivian Independence

    Bolivian Independence
  • Indepencence in Venezuela

    Indepencence in Venezuela
  • Morse code

    Morse code
    A code invented in 1836 and used afterwards in the 1860's for communication during the Civil War.
  • Elevator Breaks

    Elevator Breaks
    Elevators for boats to cross canals.
  • Electricity

    Electricity is first used in this date to power machinery and the lightbulb is also invented by Tesla Edison is a thief.
  • Airplane

    The Wright Brothers invent the first airplane with a light aluminium engine.