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Peru's History

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    Peru's History

    I will tell from the Spanish conquistadors to the current date.
  • Spanish Conquistadors, 1532-33

    Spanish Conquistadors, 1532-33
    Ignore the official timeline date. It was from 1532-33. "Spanish conquistadores led by Francisco Pizarro defeat the Incas whose empire subsequently becomes part of the Vice-royalty of Peru with its capital in Lima."
  • Revolt Against Spain

    Revolt Against Spain
    "Revolt against Spanish led by Tupac Amaru, who claimed to be descended from last Inca chieftain, fails."
  • Independence Starts

    Independence Starts
    "General Jose de San Martin captures Lima from Spanish and proclaims Peru independent."
  • Independence Ends

    Independence Ends
    "Peru is last colony in Latin America to gain independence from Spain."
  • Peru Flag

    Peru Flag
    The flag of Peru was adopted by the government of Peru in 1825. "It is a vertical triband with red outer bands and a single white middle band. Depending on its use, it may be defaced with different emblems, and has different names. Flag day in Peru is celebrated on June 7, the anniversary of the Battle of Arica."
  • Bolivia Confederation 1836-39

    Bolivia Confederation 1836-39
    "Peru and Bolivia join in short-lived confederation."
  • Chinese Workers 1849-74

    Chinese Workers 1849-74
    "Some 80,000-100,000 Chinese workers arrived in Peru to do menial jobs such as collecting guano."
  • Peruvian-Spanish War

    Peruvian-Spanish War
    "War between Peru and Spain."
  • Chile Overpowers, 1879-83

    Chile Overpowers, 1879-83
    "Peru and Bolivia are defeated by Chile during the Pacific War in which Peru loses territory in the south to Chile."
  • Treaty of Ancon

    Treaty of Ancon
    "Chile given Peruvian province of Tarapaca in accordance with Treaty of Ancon."
  • Machu Picchu is Discovered

    Machu Picchu is Discovered
    "On July 24, 1911, American archeologist Hiram Bingham gets his first look at Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca settlement in Peru that is now one of the world's top tourist destinations."
  • APRA

    "Victor Raul Haya de la Torre sets up nationalist American Revolutionary Popular Alliance (APRA) in exile in Mexico."
  • Pablo Amaringo, 1938-2009

    Pablo Amaringo, 1938-2009
    "Pablo Cesar Amaringo (1938 – 16 November 2009) was an acclaimed Peruvian artist, renowned for his intricate, colourful depictions of his visions from drinking the entheogenic plant brew, ayahuasca. Pablo worked as a vegetalista, a shaman in the mestizo tradition of healing, for many years; up to his death, he painted, helped runthe Usko-Ayar school of painting, and supervised ayahuasca retreats.
  • Peru-Ecuador War

    Peru-Ecuador War
    "Brief border war with Ecuador. Under the 1942 Rio Protocol Ecuador cedes some disputed territory to Peru."
  • Civilian Government

    Civilian Government
    "Civilian government led by centre-left APRA comes to power after free elections."
  • Military Government

    Military Government
    "Military government led by General Manuel Odria installed following coup."
  • Civilian Return

    Civilian Return
    "Peru returns to civilian rule with centrist Fernando Belaunde Terry as president."
  • The Time of the Hero

    The Time of the Hero
    "Mario Vargas Llosa's first novel, The Time of the Hero (La ciudad y los perros), was published in 1963"
  • Civilian Government Ousted

    Civilian Government Ousted
    "Civilian government ousted in coup led by General Juan Velasco Alvarado, who introduces populist land reform programme and carries out large-scale nationalisations."
  • Velasco Ousted

    Velasco Ousted
    "Velasco ousted in coup led by General Morales Bermudez."
  • Return to Civilian Rule

    Return to Civilian Rule
    "Peru returns to civilian rule with re-election of Fernando Belaunde as president; Shining Path, or Sendero Luminoso, guerrillas begin armed struggle."
  • Cordillera del Condor

    Cordillera del Condor
    "Peru fights border war with Ecuador over Cordillera del Condor, which a 1942 protocol had given to Peru."
  • Guerrillas

    "Deaths and "disappearances" begin to escalate following army crackdown on guerrillas and drug traffickers."
  • 'Old Guard'

    'Old Guard'
    "APRA candidate Alan Garcia Perez wins presidential election and begins campaign to remove military and police "old guard"."
  • Bankrupt

    "New Libertad movement led by writer Mario Vargas Llosa blocks plans to nationalise banks as Peru faces bankruptcy."
  • International Monetary Fund

    International Monetary Fund
    "Peru seeks help from International Monetary Fund; Shining Path guerrilla campaign intensifies."
  • Political Murders

    Political Murders
    "More than 3,000 political murders reported; independent centre-right Alberto Fujimori elected president on anti-corruption platform; severe austerity and privatisation programmes launched as inflation reaches 400%."
  • Shining Path Leader Arrested

    Shining Path Leader Arrested
    "Fujimori suspends constitution with army backing; Shining Path leader arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment; new single-chamber legislature elected."
  • New Constitution

    New Constitution
    "New constitution adopted, enabling Fujimori to seek re-election."
  • Shining Path Surrender

    Shining Path Surrender
    "Some 6,000 Shining Path guerrillas surrender to the authorities."
  • Reelection

    "Fujimori re-elected to second term; people convicted of human rights abuses pardoned."
  • Tupac Amaru

    Tupac Amaru
    "Tupac Amaru guerrillas seize hostages at Japanese ambassador's residence."
  • Hostages are Freed

    Hostages are Freed
    "Peruvian special forces free hostages held at Japanese ambassador's residence."
  • Ecuador Border Agreement

    Ecuador Border Agreement
    "Border agreement with Ecuador."
  • President Resigns

    President Resigns
    "President Fujimori resigns following political and financial scandals."
  • Ex-President 's Sentence

    Ex-President 's Sentence
    "Supreme Court judge issues international arrest warrant for former president Alberto Fujimori, who is in self-exile in Japan."
  • Vladimiro's Sentence 2002-04

    Vladimiro's Sentence  2002-04
    2002–"Former intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos sentenced to nine years in prison for corruption."
    2003–"Vladimiro Montesinos sentenced to further five and eight-year jail sentences for abuse of power, embezzlement."
    2004–"Former intelligence head Vladimiro Montesinos sentenced to further 15 years in jail for corruption, embezzlement, conspiracy."
  • Fujimori Accused, 2002/05

    Fujimori Accused, 2002/05
    2002–"Lawmakers accuse exiled former president Alberto Fujimori of treason." 2005–"Former President Fujimori is arrested in Chile, after arriving there from Japan, pending extradition proceedings."
  • Shining Path Vistims

    Shining Path Vistims
    "Government begins to compensate guerrilla war victims; $800m is earmarked for the purpose."
  • Peru-US Agreement

    Peru-US Agreement
    "Peru and the US reach a free trade agreement."
  • Presidential Elections

    Presidential Elections
    "Alan Garcia, a former president, celebrates victory after a second round of voting. His rival, nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala, emerged as the front-runner in the first round."
  • Earthquake

    "Earthquake hits coastal areas, killing hundreds and destroying churches and houses."
  • Clash in the Amazon

    Clash in the Amazon
    "At least 54 people are killed in clashes in the Amazon between security forces and indigenous people protesting against land ownership laws opening up oil and gas resources to foreign companies."
  • Mario Vargas Llosa

    Mario Vargas Llosa
    Mario Vargas Llosa (born 1936) won the Nobel Prize of Literature in 2010.
  • Oil and Gas Expliotation

    Oil and Gas Expliotation
    "Peruvian indigenous leader Alberto Pizango is freed on bail pending trial a day after he was detained upon his return home from almost a year in exile. He is accused of inciting protests against planned oil and gas exploration in Peru's rainforest that turned deadly."
  • Presidential Elections

    Presidential Elections
    Presidential elections. First round fails to produce an outright winner. Second round scheduled for 5 June.
  • Independence Day

    Independence Day
    "1821 - General Jose de San Martin captures Lima from Spanish and proclaims Peru independent.
    1824 - Peru is last colony in Latin America to gain independence from Spain."
  • Combate de Amgamos

    Combate de Amgamos
    Combate de Amgamos
  • La Inmaculada Concepcion

    La Inmaculada Concepcion
    La Inmaculada Concepcion