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Trabajo De Sociales

By Jismael
  • Carlos Maria Isidro

    Carlos Maria Isidro
    He was the brother of Ferdinand vii , he wanted to ruled at the death of her brother , but he couldn’t.
  • Manuel Godoy

    Manuel Godoy
    Was a Spanish politician and noble, favorite and prime minister of Carlos iv.Was duke of Alcudia and Sweden.It was from nobleman origin , and it was elevate to thepower of Carlos iv.
  • José I Bonaparte

    José I Bonaparte
    Jose I or Jose I Bonaparte was a French politician ,diplomatic and a lawyer.Member of the parlament by Córcega in the board of the 500.Prince and great elector of the first French empire.
  • Abdicación de Carlos IV

    Abdicación de Carlos IV
    Spain declaired the war to france , the war was a disaster.The people weren’t happy so they made the “Motín de Aranjuez “ .Finally Carlos iv abdicated by an order of Napoleon.
  • Motín de Aranjuez

    Motín de Aranjuez
    Xix century , the people weren’t agree with the desitions of Manuel Godoy so they formed this Motín. It forced the resignation of Manuel Godoy and the king Carlos iv.
  • Constitution of 1812 “ la pepa”

    Constitution of 1812 “ la pepa”
    It was accepted in 1812 with the main ideas of politic liberalism abolition of the gremios and equality of all the Spanish in the law and in the taxes.
  • The arrival of Ferdinand VII

    The arrival of Ferdinand VII
    He was called the wished , becaused the liberals wanted to the king to accepted the constitution, but the absolutist wanted to him to return to the ancient regime.
  • Regent Maria Cristina

    Regent Maria Cristina
    At the death of Ferdinand vii , her soon Elisabeth was very small , so her mother Maria Cristina pass to the the regent.
  • Zumalacarregui

    He was count of Zumalacarregui and count of the victory of the Adecoas .He was a Spanish militar who became Carlist general during the first Carlists war.
  • Constitution of 1837

    Constitution of 1837
    It inaugurate a large period of parliamentary monarchy in Spain.This new constitution reconised the national soberanity and the individual rights.
  • Espartero

    He was a progressive general that was regent .But some reforms doesn’t been liked by the new industry so the resigned in 1843.
  • Elisabeth II

    Elisabeth II
    She was the soon of Ferdinand vii , and she became queen when she was 13 years old.
  • Creation of the Civil Guard

    Creation of the Civil Guard
    It was created in 1844 of the maintenance of the law in the rural places
  • Constitution of 1845

    Constitution of 1845
    It institute a very restringed suffrage and a a share soberanity between the counts and the king.
  • Martinez Campos

    Martinez Campos
    Spanish politician and military , he helped the bourbonic re saturation in Spain.He was born in Segovia , and in 1852 was member in the major state of the army.
  • Maroto

    Rafael Maroto , Spanish general , born in Lorca in 1783.Soon of Rafael Maroto, militar , with the grade of Capitan .It was given of importants destination of the civil war
  • Vicalvorada

    It was the revolution of 1854. A military rise win supported by pregresives and moderated who had founded the Liberal Union , ruled by O’Donnell .
  • General O’Donnell

    General O’Donnell
    It was the ruler of the liberal union formed by progresived and moderates non-happies.
  • Prim – Serrano

    Prim – Serrano
    They were the regents of a provinisional government which made a lot of reforms , like the fundamentals rigths and the universal men suffrage
  • Constitution of 1869

    Constitution of 1869
    After the government of Prim and Serrano , new counts accepted this constitution which was democratic.
  • Amadeo I the Saboya

    Amadeo I the Saboya
    Was king of Spain in 1870-1873 , called the gentleman king and the first duke of Aosta.His ruled in Spain was very short and it was a period of political instability
  • First republic

    First republic
    It was in 1873, new reforms were made and the state was organizated in a federal form.
  • Cabrera

    Count of Marella and later marquis of ter , was a Spanish malitar and politician , known as the “tigre del maestrazgo”. Was an important Carlist lider.
  • Alfonso XII

    Alfonso XII
    He was soon of Elisabeth the second , who became king of spain.
  • Maria Cristina regent of Alfonso XIII

    Maria Cristina regent of Alfonso XIII
    She was regent of Spain during the minority of her son Alfonso XIII and the vacancy of the throne between her husband's death and her son's birth.
  • General Pavía

    General Pavía
    Spanish general which “Golpe de estado” finished with the first republic in Spain.
  • Cánovas del Castillo

    Cánovas del Castillo
    He ruled the new politic system , conservator and with a parliamentary system , He was the lider of the conservador party.
  • Sagasta

    He was the lider of the of the liberal party in the canovist sytem.
  • Salmerón

    Was a Spanish politician and philosopher , ejecutived of the first republic in 1873.Was a professor of universal history in the university of Oviedo and professor of metaphysic in the university of Madrid.
  • Pablo Iglesias

    Pablo Iglesias
    Was a Spanish Marxist politician , he founded PSOE and UGT.Considered as the father of the socialism in spain, the figure of Pablo Iglesias is revindicate for his association.