Valeria Lombardi

  • Slave Labor

    Slave Labor
    The hard work of the millions of slaves was paying off in St.Dominigue which was a French Colony, it was becoming one of the richest colonies.
  • Spinning Jenny

    Spinning Jenny
    Invented by James Hargreaves in England. It is a multi-spindle spining frame. this made the work to produce yarn easier.Key devolpments of Industrial revolution. Specific day and moonth are unknown
  • American Rev. Start

    American Rev. Start
    Patriots leaders and British troops started the Battle of Lexington in which there ended up being 8 Americans dead. The tensions between the American colonies and British Govenrment had begun. British troops where orderd to march into Patriots. The PAtritos where already warned so the British troops got encircled. The battles of Lexington and COncord where the first battles of the American Revolution.
  • Independence

    There had always been tension between the colonists and the British authorities. This led to violence like the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party. A group of colonials including George Washington and others met to fight against the British but it didn’t work. In June 1776 colonist where in favor of getting independence form Britain as the Congress voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence.
  • Fearing of Revolt

    Fearing of Revolt
    A petition was submitted in St.Domingue's Provincial Assembly requesting to make equal rights between white people and persons of color. Another petition was later submitted by a white colnist which later on was killed saying that they fear a revolt from the slaves.
  • Petit Blancs

    Petit Blancs
    Peits Blancs started arguing bescuse of the discrimination against blacks, they were opressed because they were the poeple that coudn't affort slaves so they wanted a democracy in which they could participate in making the new rules.
  • Slaves in Martinique

    Slaves in Martinique
    Slaves in Martinique revolt due to influence of the French Revolution. St.Domingue starts to be unstable, slaves abandon their plantations so whites beocme more violent toward mulattoes, free blacks and white sympathizers.
  • The Storming of the Bastille

    The Storming of the Bastille
    Crafftsmen and salemen decided to fight back and steal some of the wepons,everyone new there was powder stuck inside the Bastille so they decided to attack it. A group of revolutionaries entered ethe Bstille, at 4pm every guard was kileled beacus ethe Marquis let peole in the Bastille. that very night the Bastille was destroyed.
  • March 8 Decree

    March 8 Decree
    News of the decree of March 8 reaches Saint.Domigue, they start trying to push the colony further from France's ideas creating conflicts. The planters from St.Domigue vow that they will never every give rights to mulattoes. Mulattoes are angry beacuse they can't make their rights, a new Assembly is elected without countring the votes of mulattoes or black people.
  • Haitian Revolution

    Haitian Revolution
    The Bois Caiman ceremony, the slaves meet in Morne-Rouge. The white masters were already on there way to fight the free black rights. It took place in the thickly wooded area where slaves solemnize their pact in a voodoo ritual.
  • Period: to

    Haitian Revolution

  • Revolution in the North

    Revolution in the North
    Slaves brought their revolution to the North taking prisoners and killing whites, by midnight the revolt had begun beacuse everything was in flames. Revels continue killing from plantation to plantation, everything was destroyed. The whites and slaves realize that controlling the city would be critical in the revolution's effects.
  • Le Cap

    Le Cap
    After burning the largests plntations and killing hundreads of whites the rebels march to Le Cap, the slaves march against the whites. The slaves make a strategy that everytime the planters circle them, the slaves retreat and make a new attack. The slaves burn down all the plantations and everythingin the upper North Plain region are hit.
  • Revolution Spreads

    Revolution Spreads
    Slaves had been transformed form being fugitive slaves into rebels that are fighting for freedom. The revolution spreads, plantation crops are ruined. ALmsot all planters are financially ruined and devastated. White troops aren't prepared for the guerilla's surprise attacks and tactics.
  • May 15 decree

    May 15 decree
    The Colonial Assembly of Saint Marc recognizes the May 15 decree and grants citizenship to mulattoes and free blacks. White poelpe react badly and tensions grew.
  • Period: to

    San Martin Revolutions

  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    The reign of terror started witht he death of Louis XVI. The guillotine took place, the public executions where considered educational. Its goal was to prevent counter reform,ation from gainijng more terrritory. The Declaratiom of Right sof Men where suspended and everyhting eas a disaster. During the reign of Terror robesspiere was the leader there was a point during the Terror that even the Jaboins were scared. In 1794 Robesspiere was arrested and was the last victim of the guillotine.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Device used for removing seeds from cotton fiber. they had been around alreayd but the one that Eli Whitney invented was the first to stample celan cotton and could make pounds of cleaned cotton in a day.
  • Napoleon Takes Over

    Napoleon Takes Over
    Napleon was rewared from the Directory by giving him command of the army of italy. He became known for having many victories, Napoleon join a coup and became First Consul. and destroy the DIrectory in 1799. On December 13th the new constitution was made with Napoleon being First Consul. Five years later he was be Emperor of the French.
  • Independence

    Jean Jaques Dessalines declared the nation independence and named it Haiti.
  • Dessalines

    Dessalines ratifies Haiti's frist constitution, to make the country more united and proclimes all Haitians black. The constitution reaffirms the permanent abolition of slavery saying that everyone is free and equal. Also gave landownership to every Haitian.
  • Independence of Venezuela

    Independence is celebrated with the first republic, Venezuela was free from Spanish rule since the Battle of Carabobo. -Simon Bolivar
  • Period: to

    Simon Bolivar Revolutions

  • Argentina's Independence

    Was declared by the Congress of Tucuman.
  • Independence of Chile

    Jose de San Martin completley free Chile from the Spanish troops.
  • Independence of Peru

    Peru was liberated by Jose de San Martin.
  • Independence of Colombia

    A constitution was created so the Independence was signed. -Simon Bolivar month and day are unknown
  • Independence of Ecuador

    Simon Bolivar finally mad eEcuador an independent country.
  • Independence of Nueva Granada

    Independence of Nueva Granada
    This independence was gained after the Battle of Boyaca, which included Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Venezuela. -Simon Bolivar
  • Independence of Bolivia

    Independence of Bolivia
    The Independence was signed. -Simon Bolivar
  • First Phorograph

    First Phorograph
    Joseph Nicephore Niece was the first person that took a photograph with a machine called a camera obscure and it took him eight hours.Specific month and date are unknown
  • Telegraph

    Samuel Morse invents the telgraph, that allows messages to sent quickly over a wire.Exact month and day are unknown
  • Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine
    Elias Howe invents the sewing machine so now clothes can be made in large factories, there is no need of sewing it yourself.