The Reign Of King Charles I

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  • Period: to

    Reign of King Charles I

  • Parliament passes the Petition of Rights

    Prohibited Charles from collecting any tax revenue unless he agreed to only pass taxes with Parliament's consent
  • Charles calls Parliament to meet

    Charles decides that because he could not work with parliament he would not call it to meet
  • Period: to

    Charles uses loopholes to create tax revenue

  • Period: to

    The Long Parliament Meets

    The threat of rebellion by the Scots caused King Charles to reach a point of desperation. He had insufficient funds and lacked the military strength to oppose the rebellion. He called on Parliament to bail him out and in response they placed heavy restrictions of his authority.
    1. The Triennial Act-Decreed Parliament must meet at a minimum once every three years.
    2. King Charles was banned from passing ANY taxes without Parliament's consent
  • Civil War Erupts in England

    Charles and the Parliament engaged in a civil war.
  • Period: to

    English Civil War

  • Charles is captured and Parliament is victorious in the first phase of the war

  • London is invaded by Radical Independents

    Those who opposed an organized Presbyterian Church marched into London and began negotiations with the king.
  • Charles flees to Scotland seeking assistance

  • Civil War erupts for the second time

    Cromwell and Parliament emerge victorious and Cromwell Purges the Presbyterian memebers of Parliament to avoid another split.
  • Charles Stuart I is beheaded