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European Monarchies

By Joaj
  • May 6, 1462

    Ivan III

    Ivan III
    Ruler of Russia
    6/5/1462 -11/6/1505
    1. Invaded Novgorod
    2.War with Lithuania
    3.Annexes Novgorod,vyatka,tver
    4.Bought Rostov
    Part of Romanov Family
    Grade: A, He tripled the land of russia, and made Russia major power in europe.
  • Apr 21, 1509

    Henry VIII

    Henry VIII
    Ruled England
    1.Act of supremacy
    2.Six different wives
    3.created protestant church to divorce catherine
    4.separate church from Roman catholic church
    Tudor family
    Grade: C, he caused many issues in England and changed the religion.
  • Mar 14, 1516

    Charles I

    Charles I
    Ruler of Spain
    Left because of age
    1.Italian wars Vs France
    2.Fought prodestantism
    3. Colonization of americas
    4. Fships to megellan
    Grade: B+
    He won the war but used a lot of money to do so.
  • Dec 12, 1533

    Ivan IV

    12/12/1533 1/26/1547

    1.Claim title of Czar

    2.Expand borders and trade

    3.Mental descent, turned into brutal ruler

    4.Seized land from 12,000 boyars

    Grade: C
    He was a great leader when first started but sadly he was not there mentally at the end of his rule.
  • Jan 28, 1547

    Edward VI

    Edward VI
    Ruled england
    1.Economic problems
    2.Transformed Anglican church into Protestant
    3.Expensive war with Scotland
    4.Reforms with Protestants
    Grade:D, He caused many issues with resources, and changed reigion.
  • Jul 19, 1553

    Mary I

    Mary I
    Ruled England
    1.Persecution of protestants
    2.Married PhillipII of Spain
    3.Favored renewing a wart with france
    4.Briefly made england catholic
    Tudor family
    Grade: F, renewed war with France, killed own people.
    3.Favored renewing a war with France
    4.Briefly made england Catholic
    Grade: F, killed her own people, and renewed a war
  • Jan 16, 1556

    phillip II

    phillip II
    Death of cancer
    1. Colonized phillippines
    2. Dutch revolution
    3. Spanish Armada
    4.defend catholic church
    Grade: B, he colonized many lands, but he bankrupted the styate four times.
  • Nov 17, 1558

    Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth I
    Tudor Hapsburg ruler of England from 7/19/1558 - 3/24/1603
    1. Returned back to Angelican
    2. Refused Parliament's request to marriage
    3. Led an era of drama flourishing
    4. Good relationship with parliament
    Left because of Death
    Grade: B
    She gets a B simply because she left no heir, she was a great ruler because she said she was married to england but that also was her down fall.
  • Henry IV

    Henry IV
    Ruled France
    1. St. bartholomews day massacre
    2.War of religion
    3.led forces against french army
    4.edict nantes
    Burbon family
    Grade:C-, he didn't have a backbone, and fought his own people.
  • Phillip III

    Phillip III
    King of France
    9/16/1598 - 3/31/1621
    Death by unknown cause
    1. Twelve years truce
    2. Entered 30 years war
    3. Signed Treaty of London
    4. Exhausted finances by poor foreign policy
    Part of the Hapsburg family
    Grade: D
    Due to exhausting French money he did not do much for them other than entering them into the 30 years war
  • James I

    James I
    Stuart ruler of England 3/24/1603 - 3/27/1625
    1. Viewed himself as absolute Monarch
    2. Refused puritan reform
    3. Had many arguments with parliament
    4. Assassination attempt
    Death led to end of reign.
    Grade: D
    Did not have good relation with Parliament which is essential for a Monarch.
  • Louis XIV

    Louis XIV
    Ruled France
    1.Started wigs
    3.Battle Of Rocroi
    4.War on Hapsburgs
    Burbon Family
    Grade:B+, he fought a powerful family in order to gain more power, and expanded their territory
  • Michael I of Russia

    2/21/1613 7/12/1645


    1. Peace of Stolbovo

    2. Truce of Duelino
    3. Reduced peasantry to serfdom
    4. Helped restore order to Russia

    Grade B+
    He restored order to Prussia after Ivan IV had his downfall. The reason he gets a B not an A is because he only limited Serfdom and did not abolish it.
  • Holy Roman Emperor Ferdiand II

    1618 2/15/1637


    1. Devout Catholic

    2. Unpopularity with Protestants caused Bohemian Revolt
    3. Peace of Prague

    4. Second Defenstration of Prague caused by his enemies

    Grade D
    Ferdinand's inability to have tolerance for all religions made him unpopular and led to a revolt that could have been avoided.
  • Phillip IV

    Phillip IV
    Hapsburg Ruler of Spain 3/31/1621 - 9/17/1665
    HIs reign was ended with his death
    1. Reached the peak of the Spanish Empire
    2. Maintained Austrian Alliance
    3. Victories of Ducth created peace
    4. Suffered great financial problems
    Grade B+
    Although he was able to exapnd the empire to its peak and maintain peace with other nations he, like his predecessors, had financial trouble.
  • Charles I

    Charles I
    Stuart Ruler of England 3/27/1625 - 1/30/1649
    1. Signed Petition of Right
    2. Taxed people without Parliaments consent
    3. English Civil War
    4. Publicly Beheaded for treason
    Grade F
    Charles was not a good leader at all, the reason for the Petition of right was to get more money, he had no intention of following it. His reign also led to the civil war which led to his death.
  • Frederick William (The Great Elector)

    ruled central Europe
    12/1/1640 4/29/1688


    1.Thirty Years War
    2.Great sleigh Drive: killed swedish army

    3.Won swede in Second Northern War

    4.Lost Sweden to France
    Grade: D, he started a war and lost territory Lost Sweden to france
    Hohenzollern family
  • Oliver Cromwell

    Oliver Cromwell
    12/16/1653 9/3/1658 Death

    1. House of Commons abolished monarchy
    2. Economic policies led to Dutch war

    3. Established Commonwealth government

    4."Lord Protector of England, Scotland, Ireland"

    Puritan General, overthrew Charles I
    Grade A
    Cromwell gets an A because he was the most popular of rulers during his time, that's the reason he became king because he was the one that emerged from the war.
  • Charles II of England

    Charles II of England
    1660 2/6/1685


    1.Supported toleration of Catholics
    2. Allowed Parliament to help strengthen Church of England

    3. Reopened theatres, let English drama blossom
    4. Royal Declaration of Indulgence

    Grade A
    Like cromwell he also led a government which strengthen the arts and religion of england.
  • Peter I of Russia

    5/7/1682 2/8/1725

    1. Modernized Russia

    2. Grand Embassy to get help against Ottoman

    3. Built huge navy to over throw Azov

    4.Great Northern War

    Grade A
    Brought Russia to the powerhouse in Europe, modernized russia and overthrew opponents.
  • James II of England

    James II of England
    2/6/1685 12/23/1689

    1. Glorious Revolution crowned Mary II and William III

    2. Restoration
    3. Anglo-dutch wars
    4. Parliament not a big fan
    Grade F
    He recieves an F because {arliament, and the People did not like him and was removed from the throne before his 5th year.
  • Fredrick I


    1.Got Prussia from Duchy to Kingdom
    2.founded Academy of Science

    3.Battle of Warsaw
    Family Hohenzollern
    Grade A, he did lots of good things for his people
  • Mary II of England

    Mary II of England
    Mary II ruled england


    1.Joint rule with spouse
    2.Signed English Bill of Rights before taking throne

    4.Ruled effectively while William III was away

    Grade: B+, nothing bad happend during rule but also signed a bill of rights.
  • William III

    William III ruled england

    1.Joint rule with spouse Signed English Bill of Rights before taking throne

    2.Engaged in many military campaigns abroad

    4.Married to Mary II
    Grade:B+,nothing bad happend during rule, and had bill of rights enacted.
  • Philip V

    Philip V
    Ruled Spain
    2.Multipul marriages
    3.longest spanish rule
    4.Spanish war
    King Louis
    Grade: C+, was involved in a war, and wasn't a stable leader. But ruled the longest.
  • Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI

    10/12/1711 110/20/1740

    1. Pragmatic Sanction of 1713

    2. Ignored Mutual Pact of Succession, angering European powers

    3. 2 year conflict with Ottoman Empire

    4. Hapsburg's lands saturated in debt

    Grade F
    Charles depleted the Hapsburg wealth and because he could not agree with some treaties, it kept his empire at war.
  • Louis XV

    Louis XV
    Bourbon ruler of France
    Retired from throne due to Death
    1. Returned Austrian Netherlands
    2. Incorporation of Loraine and Corsica in Kingdom
    3. Treaty of Vienna
    4. Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
    Grade: B
    Although he gained land he also gave some away. He also had many treaties protecteing France's people from war.
  • Frederick II

    5/31/1740 8/17/1786

    1.Religious Tolerance

    2.Conquered Austria
    3.Seven Years war, almost lost all empire, kept Silesia
    4.Modernized Prussia

    Grade A+, he enlighted central Europe and brought it more power
  • Frederick II

    5/31/1740 8/17/1786


    1. Religious Tolerance

    2. Conquered Austria

    3. Seven Years war, almost lost all empire, kept Silesia

    4. Modernized Prussia

    Grade A
    Throughout his reign he actually Prussia came out as the winner of the 7 years war because he won the Austria territory. He also was able to keep Siselia as Prussia was bombarded with war.
  • Maria Theresa

    10/20/1740 11/29/1780


    1. War of Austrian Succession

    2. Only female ruler of Hapsburg dominions

    3. No religious tolerance, devout Catholic

    4. Many financial and educational reforms

    Grade B
    Theresa did a great job of making reforms for education and financial aid. She is also historic for being the only female Hapsburg to rule.
  • Louis XVI

    Louis XVI
    Bourbon rukes of France, 5/10/1774 - 9/21/1792
    Executed by Guillotine
    1.French revolution
    2. Helped US in Revolution
    3. Assassination Attempts
    4. End of Monarachy
    Grade F
    Louis the XVI involved france in a war which was not theirs to fight and because of this and the French Revolution brought chaos to France and the end of Monarchy in France.