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Mia and Aileen's Manarch List

  • Apr 5, 1462

    Ivan III of Russia

    Ivan III of Russia
    Reign:4/5/1462 to 10/27/1505
    Reason to leave: death
    - Sends an expedition to the Arctic
    -Invades Novgorod, which becomes a puppet state
    -Golden Horde advances to the Ugra River but retreats (the last attempt to force Muscovy to pay tribute)
    -–1st purge of Novgorod
    Grade: B because Ivan was trying to do things for the good of his country. He tries to expland their teritories so they could have more room and space to advance.
  • Apr 21, 1509

    Henry VIII of England

    Henry VIII of England
    Regin: 4/21/1509 to1/28/1547
    Reason for leaving: Death
    Connection: stuart
    create the church of parliment
    act of supremacy
    separation from rome
    execution of Anne Boleyn for adultary
    Grade: F, he let his own personal affairs get in the way of his ability to affectively rule, his personal affairs made him a bad leader.
  • Mar 14, 1516

    Charles the I of Spain

    Charles the I of Spain
    Reason to leave: Death
    -Italian Wars V France
    -Fought Protestantism
    -Colonization of Americas
    -5 Ships to Megellan
    Hapsburg Valois-Burgundy
    B-Because he really didn't do much, he busy in war but he also did good exploration.
  • Jan 28, 1547

    Edward VI of England

    Edward VI of England
    Regin:1/28/1547 to 7/6/1553
    Connection: staurt :Reason to leave: death
    Enents:-The French send over 6,000 troops to prevent the English from gaining control of the Scottish Borders.
    - The First Book of Common Prayer is introduced, which changes the Church service from Latin to English.
    - The Duke of Somerset is executed
    - The Duke of Northumberland persuades Edward to nominate his daughter-in-law Lady Jane Grey as his heir
    Grade: C becasue he didn't do very much for his country all he really
  • Jul 19, 1553

    Mary I of England

    Mary I of England
    Reign:7/19/1553 to 11/17/1558
    Reason to leave: death
    -made england catholic again
    - Wyatt’s rebellion is crushed. Sir Thomas Wyatt, Lady Jane Grey, and her husband are executed.
    - Four months after Mary's accession, Parliament meets to re-establish Catholicism in England
    - Cardinal Reginald Pole is appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
    Grade: B because after all England has been through she get it back to its roots by reserecting the catholic chirch again.
  • Jan 16, 1556

    Philip II

    Philip II
    Colonize Philippines
    Dutch Republic
    Spanish Armada/Invade England
    Defend Catholic Church
    B- He colonized the Philippines and we think that, thats good but thats the best thing he did.
  • Nov 17, 1558

    Elizabeth I of England

    Elizabeth I of England
    Reign:11/17/1558 to 3/24/1603
    Reason to leave:death
    -return to anglican church
    -translated Bible into english
    -refused to marry
    -called parliament in session 10 times
    Grade: A this is because she was all for the people. Instead of just being a monrch that does everything for themself she thought of the people and called upon Parliment ten times to make sure the people got what they needed. She also had the bible translated to english which was a big deal at that time.
  • Jun 9, 1572

    Henry IV of France

    Henry IV of France
    Reign: 6/9/1572 to 5/14/1610
    Edict of Nantes
    Improved financial situation
    Eliminated debt
    Edict of Nantes
    I didn't want to give him a B because he did a lot, but I also thought a A was too high. He eliminated the debt which is a big deal, especiallly today.
  • Philip III of Spain

    Philip III of Spain
    rein 9/16/1598 to 3/31/1621
    Peace with England and the Dutch republic
    The expulsion of the Moriscos
    the thirty years war
    We gave him a B minus because we think that the only really good think he did was Peace with England and Dutch, we like peace.
    Consevation of the territorial power of the Spanish Monarcy
  • James I of England

    James I of England
    Regin:3/24/1603 to 3/27/1625
    Reason to leave: death
    -wanted to change the church of england
    -refused to pass puritans reform
    -published King James' Bible
    -published his first book in 1584, entitled The Essays of a Prentice in the Divine Art of Poesy, and in 1591 Majesties Poetical Ex
    Connection: Stuart
    Grade: D it wasn't that James did anything wrong it's just that he didn't really do anything at all besides publishing the king james bible and a few other books.
  • Louis XIII of France

    Louis XIII of France
    Regin: 5/14/1610 to 5/14/1643
    Cardinal Richelieu
    Punishing nobles
    Fighting Catholics
    Spark of Thirty Years War
    Grade: D, we don't think that being knowing for fighting is good because you aren't a good leader if your only answer to a problem is go to war.
  • Michael I of Russia

    Michael I of Russia
    Regin:2/21/1613 to 7/12/1645
    Reasons for leave: death
    -ended the so-called Time of Troubles
    -peace was temporarily obtained with Poland and Sweden
    -Truce of Deulino (also known as Peace or Treaty of Dywilino)
    -Smolensk War
    Grade: A because he put his country first. He wanted to focous on other things instead of war, becsuse of this he brought Russia out of a dark period
  • Ferdinand II of HRE

    Ferdinand II of HRE
    Reign:8/28/1619 to 2/15/1637
    Reason to leave: death
    -His efforts to restore Catholicism precipitated the Thirty Years War
    -Anti-Protestant Counter Reformation
    -in a position to dictate a favorable peace in Germany
    -reunited the main Hapsburg domains in central Europe
    Grade: B, he was trying to do what he thought was right for his country by restoring the Hapsburg power and name and by making the country catholic.
  • Philip IV of Spain

    Philip IV of Spain
    Rein 3/31/1621 to 9/17/1665
    Thirty Years War
    War with France (Peace of Westphalia)
    Intervention with the French Fronde
    Peace of the Pyrenees
    Grade: B
    We gave him a B because he has a good balence of peace and war
  • Charles I of England

    Charles I of England
    Reign: 3/27/1625 to 1/30/1649
    Reason to leave: executed
    -petition of right
    -long parliament
    -civil war begins
    -parliament over rules having a king/ puts him on trial for treason
    Grade: F the main reason for this would be becasue he was on trial for treason thus showing that he put his own wants infrount of his countries.
  • Frederick William (TGE) of Hohenzollerns

    Frederick William (TGE) of Hohenzollerns
    Reign:12/1/1640 to 4/29/1688
    Reason to leave: Death
    Built strong military
    -gained territory
    -Duth War
    -strengthen central administration
    Connection:George William
  • Louis XIV of France

    Louis XIV of France
    Regin: 5/14/1643 to 9/1/1715
    Edict of Nantes
    War of spanish succession
    French revolution
    Treaty of Utrecht
    Grade: B, although he had a lot of treadies the people revolted
  • Oliver Cromwell of England

    Oliver Cromwell of England
    Reign:12/25/1653 to 9/3/1658
    Reason to leave: death
    -led roundhouse troops
    -rump parliament
    -given title Lord protector of England, Scotland, Ireland
    Connection: tuart
    Grade: A, although he was never a king himself he lead the big revolution for the people
  • Charles II of England

    Charles II of England
    Reign:5/29/1660 to 2/6/1685
    Reason to leave: death
    -supported toleration of catholics
    -habeas corpus act
    -supported public construction contracts
    -English parliment
    Grade: B, Becasue he lead the habeas corpus act which was good for his people and he also supported the construction contracts to improve his country
  • Charles the II of Spain

    Charles the II of Spain
    Reign: 9/17/1665 to 11/1/1700
    Issued the Royal declaration of Indulgence
    Great plague of london
    The Great Fire of London
    The Treaty of Pyrenees
    Grade: C, He himself didn't do anything great. He reigned in a period of time where a lot of natural disasters so there wasn't much he could do because of them and the hurt of his country.
  • Peter I of Russia

    Peter I of Russia
    Reign:5/7/1682 to 2/8/1725
    Reason to leave: death
    -Stormed Azov, Black Sea port held by Turks – defeated, build new navy
    -Modernize Russia and all its elements; including education, religion, newspaper, etc.
    -Land won from Sweden, Peter built new capital, St. Petersburg
    Grade: A, he wanted to modernize or westernize his country because that is what he thought was right. Also he helped with trade by creating the Peters Burge port
  • James II of England

    James II of England
    Reign:2/6/1685 to 12/11/1688
    Reason to leave:daughter took over
    -outrank protestant daughter's 1st marriage
    -absolute monarch
    -Glorious revolution
    - James takes first measures to restore Catholicism in England, and sets up a standing army of 13,000 troops at Hounslow to overawe nearby London.
    Connection: Stuart
    Grade: D, he was an absolute monarch meaning that he only wanted to advance his own needs and didn't even think of the people. This is why his daughter took over
  • Frederick I of Hohenzollerns

    Frederick I of Hohenzollerns
    Regin:4/29/1688 to 2/25/1713
    Reason to leave: death
    -freed his domains from imperial suzerainty
    -Prussia became a kingdom
    -war of spanish succession
    -Cultural growth
    Connection:son of william fredrick
    Grade: B, helped advance his counties knowledge of other places to give them reasorces that other cultures offered. Not an A because he didn't do much else
  • Mary II of England

    Mary II of England
    Regin:2/13/1689 to 12/28/1694
    Reaon to leave: death
    - Parliament draws up the Declaration of Right detailing the unconstitutional acts of James II.
    -Bill of Rights is passed by Parliament
    -William defeats James and French troops at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland. Scottish Jacobites defeated at Haughs of Cromdale
    -Glencoe Massacre. MacDonalds are killed by Campbells for not signing the oath of allegiance
  • William III of England

    William III of England
    Region:2/13/1689 to 3/8/1702
    Reason to leave:death
    -First Civil List Act passed
    - Bill of Rights is passed by Parliament
    -Glencoe Massacre. MacDonalds are killed by Campbells for not signing the oath of allegiance
    - Peace of Ryswick ends the war with France.
    Connecton: Stuart
    Grade: B, he ends the war with France and restored peace in his war torn country
  • Philip V of Spain

    Philip V of Spain
    From: 11/16/1700 to 1/14/1724
    War of Spanish Succession
    Long war with Francis I of France
    Outbreak of the Thirty Years War
    Blunted to Ottoman offensive against Christian Europe
    Grade: D, too much conflict to focus on his own country.
  • Charles VI of HRE

    Charles VI of HRE
    Reign: 10/12/1711 to 10/20/1740
    Reason to leave:death
    -provided for a male-line succession failure with the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713
    -waged a productive conflict against the Ottoman Empire
    -Britain demanded that Austria abolish its overseas trading company
    -sparked the War of the Austrian Succession, due to his death
    Connection: Hapsburg
    Grade: C, because he didn't do anything good or bad. The only thing that happened was when he died it sparked a war.
  • Frederick William I of Hohenzollerns

    Frederick William I of Hohenzollerns
    Reign: 2/25/1713 to 5/31/1740
    Reasons to leave: death
    -Liked to display his army
    -freed the serfs
    -placed a yearly tax to get financial support for army
    -set up primary education
    Connection:son of william fredrick
    Grade: A, he knew the way to advance his country was to believe in the next generation he did this by setting up primary education and freeing the surfes.
  • Louis XV of France

    Louis XV of France
    Regin: 1/1715 to 5/10/1774
    Austrian Netherlands
    Battle of Fontenoy
    Seven Years War
    incorporation of lorraine and corsica
    Grade: B lots of war but he also incorporated lorraine and corsica
  • Maria Theresa of HRE

    Maria Theresa of HRE
    Reign: 10/20/1740 to 11/29/1780
    Reasons to leave: death
    -War of Austrian Succession
    -Spain, France, two German states entered war on Prussia’s side (Want Lands)
    -1748, Maria Theresa asked for Peace
    -seven years war
    Grade: B, her big thing was that she wanted peace and would do whatever it took to get it.
  • Catherine II of Russia

    Catherine II of Russia
    Reign:7/9/1762 to 11/17/1796
    Reasons to leave:death
    -seized power, declared czarina of Russia
    -saw as true successor of Peter the Great, westernization continues
    -War in Poland, people want freedom from Russia-Russia won war, took over half of Poland, territory on Black Sea
    -strengthen monarchy in rural areas
    Grade: B becasue she was a very strong woman who was there to help her region. She expanded Russia, strengthend the monarchy were needed in rural areas.
  • Louis XVI of France

    Louis XVI of France
    Regin: 5/10/1774 to 9/21/1792
    Treaty of Paris
    Estates-General of 1789
    French Revolution
    Grade: B, Treaty of Paris and the Enlightenment were big things that he was apart of