Ameican revolution

Socials Revolutions Timeline

By aphilps
  • King Charles VI of Scotland becomes King Charles I of England

    King Charles VI of Scotland becomes King Charles I of England
    King Charles beceomes the King of England after being king of Scotland, Whith the corination he unites Scotland and England under one crown for the first time.
  • Period: to

    English Civil War

  • Charles Recalls Parlement

  • Charles desmisses Parlement

  • Charles imposes Anglican services on Presbyterian churches in Scotland

  • First meeting of the Short Parlement

  • Charles desolves the Short Parlement

  • First meeting of the Long Parlement

  • Irish Rebelion Begins

  • Grand Remonstance presented by Charles

  • Charles try to arest five menbers of the House Of Commons

  • Long Parlement Passes the Militia Ordinance

  • Charles unsucsessfully marches on Kingston to try to secure it's arsenal

  • Civil War Commences

  • Battle of Newbury

  • The Commity between Scotland and England is suspended

  • Scots march south to join the Parlementarians army thretening York

  • The Long Prlement sends the propostions of Uxbridge to the King at Oxford

  • The Creation of The New Modle Army

  • Seige of Hereford ended with the surrender of the Royalist garison

  • Charles Surenders to the Scotish army at Nottinghamshire

  • New Modle Army Cavalry seises the King from his Parlementarian gard

  • Begining of the Putiny Debates

  • Prides Purge

    Prides Purge
    Troops under thomas pride remove opponents of cromwell from parlement resulting in the Rump Parlement.
  • Trial of King Charles I begins

  • Death Warrent for King Charles I is signed

  • Charles II is proclaimed King of Scots

  • Rump Parlement abolishes the Monarchy

  • Charles II crowned King of Scots

  • Battle of Worchester

  • Charles II lands in Normandy sucsessfully fleeing England

  • Rump Parlement disbanded by Cromwell

  • Blue Laws Introduced

  • The Blue Laws Introduced

  • Cromwell denies th English Crown

  • Oliver Cromwell Dies

  • Richard Cromwell restores the Rump Parlement

  • Rump Parlement disbanded again

  • Richard Cromwell Resignes as Lord Protector

  • Charles II arives in London and restores the monarchy

  • Charles II's Corination in Westminister Abbey

  • The begining of the Enlightenment

    The begining of the Enlightenment
    The begining of the enlightened thinkers in europe including John Locke, Montescue and Voltaire
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • The Steam Engine Invented

    The Steam Engine Invented
  • Period: to

    The Industrial Revolution

  • Period: to

    Seven Years War (French Indian War)

  • Period: to

    American Revolution

  • Royal Proclimation

  • The Stamp Act

  • The Sugar Act

  • The Spinning Jenny Invented

  • The Currency Act

  • The Quatering Act

  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
  • Declaratory Act

  • Townshend Act

  • James Watt Improves the Steam Engine

  • Richard Arkwright Patents the Water Frame

  • Tea Act

  • Boston Tea Party

  • Boston Port Act

  • Period: to

    The Intolorable Acts

  • Administration of Justice Act

  • Massachusetts Government Act

  • Coronationof Louis XVI

  • Quartering Act

  • Quebec Act

  • Period: to

    First Continential Congress

  • Prohabition of trade with Great Britan

  • Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

  • Muinute Men and The Read Coats face off at Lexington and Conncord in "the shot heard round the world"

  • Seccond Continential Congress meets

  • Washington asummes command of the Continential Army

  • George Washington named Comander and Cheif

  • Battle of Bunker Hill

  • Patriots Control Montreal

  • Paine's Common sense published

  • British Evacuate Boston, Navy moves to Halifax

  • Decloration of Rights

  • Patriots beat the British at fot Moultrie South Carolina

  • Congress adopts th Decloration of Independance

  • Delegates begin to sighn the Decloration of Independance

  • Battle of Long Island

  • Washington Crosses the Delaware river and captures trenton and defeats the hessians.

  • Battle of Saritoga

  • U.S. and France sign the French Alliance

  • France delares war on England in support of the American Colonies

  • French troops arive to aid the Americans

  • Jacques Necker releases his Compte Rendu, leading the french people to belive that the economic situation is stable.

  • The French Fleet drives the English Navy from Chesapeake Bay

  • Cornwallis surrenders to the Patriots and the French at Yorktown VA

  • British and Americans sign preliminary peace treatys

  • British leave Charlestown South Carolina

  • Wide spread Famine and Drought

  • British, French and Americans sign the Treaty Of Paris

  • British Troops leave New York City

  • Washington resignes as Comander and Cheif

  • Louis orders all Political Clubs in Paris Closed

  • U.S. Constituion Signed

  • All repayments on goverment loand stop, Fance efectivly goes bankrupt

  • U.S. Constituion Adopted

  • The Estates-General Meets for the first time since 1614

  • The Third Estate Delares itself the National Assembly in the Tennin Coart Oath in Versailles

  • Storming of The Bastile

  • Begining of the Great Fear

  • The National Assembly adopts the decloration of The Rights of Man and the Citesen

  • Women's March on Versailles

  • Louis XVI agrees to ratify the august Decrees

  • The Royal Family and The National Assembly move to Paris

  • The Royal Family attempts to Flea the Country

  • The royal family is caught in Varnnes and taken back to Paris

  • The National Assebly declares that the escape attempt is a demonstration of the King surrendering his throne

  • Louis formaly accepts the constitution and there fore his new Constitutional Monarchy

  • Austria and Prussia form an alliance against France

  • France declares war on Austria

  • France invades Austria

  • Austria and Prussia invade France

  • First day of the French Revolutionary Calender

  • Louis brought to trial, Robespeirre argues that "louis must die, for this country to live"

  • King Louis XVI Guillotined

  • Ratifacation of the now Constitution by the National Assembly

  • Assasination of Jean-Paul Marat

  • Robespeirre elected to the Commity of Public Saftey

  • Bwgining of the Reighn of Terror

  • Marie Antoinnette Guillotined

  • Danton Guillotined

  • Eli Whitney Patents the Cotton Gin

  • End of the Reighn of Terror

  • Robespeirre Guillotined

  • Samuel Morse invents the Telegraph

  • Elias Howe invents the Sewing Machine

  • The Bessemer Method for processing Steel is Invented

  • Alfred Noble Creates Dinamite

  • Alexander Graham Bell Invents the Telephone

  • Thomas Edison invents the light bulb