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Social Studies

  • May 30, 1215

    Magna Carta is signed

    Magna Carta is signed
    Reconignized the freedom that poeple had and it required the king to rule fairly. The King also had to be elected by parliament
  • Period: Jan 1, 1400 to

    Witch Hunts

    Around 300,000 poeple were killed and 600,00 imprisoned or banished beacuse they were accused of being witches.
  • Jan 1, 1487

    Malleus Maleficarum "Witches Hammer" gets published

    Malleus Maleficarum "Witches Hammer" gets published
    The Witches Hammer, written by Heinrich Kramer gets published.
  • Jun 19, 1566

    James I is born

    James I is born
    James I is Born. He would end up being the King of Scotland, and then England. Under his leadership the "golden age" of drama and literature continued. He eventaully married Anne of Dennmark
  • Oliver Cromwell is born

  • Gun Powder Plot

    Gun Powder Plot
    Guy Fawkes and his friends try to blow up parliament, beacuse they are upset with King James.
  • James I dies

    Poor Guy
  • Charles I becomes King

    Charles I becomes King
    Very short
  • Petition of Rights is passed

    After 11 years of ruling alone, King Charles needed money. Sadly for him, parliment was not going to give him money unless he singed the petition of rights. It was almost reinstated the magna carta by going over topics such as poeples liberities and such.
  • First Bishop War

    Conflict between England and Scotland. England was trying to reform the Scottish Church and make it presbyterian. ( no bishops) This caused uproar is Scotland, and thus the bishop war happened
  • Thomas Wentworth is made Earl Of Stradforrd

    He got the Irish Parliament to give funds and made the King create short parlimant for more.
  • Short Parliament is summoned

    Short Parliament is summoned
    King Charles I summons the Short Parliament which ends his elven- year personal rule. He was forced to call it in the need of money because of the Bishop war. He tried to gain money throught froced loans, ship money, tunnage and poundage and sold titles of nobility however he still needed more.
  • Short Parliament ends

    Charles I ends Short Parliament after they refuse to grant his money for war agianst Scotland
  • Scots defeat the English army at the Battle of Newburn

  • Bishop Wars end

    The Treaty of Ripon is signed and the war is ended
  • Impeachment of Archbishop Laud

    He was Impeached by Long Parliment on their quest to get rid of the Kings evil advisors.
  • Triennial Act is passed

    This guranntess parliament will be called at least once every 3 years
  • Earl of Strafford killed

  • The Court of Star Chamber and High Commission are abolished

    The Court of Star Chamber was the kings was to get revenge on his poeple, for attempting to rebel agianst him. The Court was totally one sided for the king and the poeple being tryed would tend to loose a body part such as a ear in punishment. It was abloslished beacuse it was unfair for the poeple, and the king just abused the system.
  • The Grand Remonstrance is created

    The Parliment created the Grand Remonstrance. It listead all the wrong doings that Charles I had performed during his rule, and made it so that the king could no longer choose his ministers. It also forced him to pass over control of the army and navy. Aswell he had to call parliament regularly and couldnt impose illegal taxes
  • King fails to arrest memebers of Parliament

    When Charles I was forced to sign the Grand Renomstrance, he thought that since the vote was close he could change it. So he along with his remaining army of 500 poeple stormed into parliment and tried to arrest 5MP's that voted agianst him. Sadly, his plan was to public and they were able to esccape
  • Period: to

    English Civil War

  • King Charles sets up his court in York

  • First Miltary action happens

    A royalist raiding party tries to burn down the Hull buildings but is driven away.
  • King Declares WARRRR

    King Declares WARRRR
    Raises the Royal standard at nottingham castle
  • Laud is Beheaded

  • New Model Army is Created

    The New Model army was created by parliment to fight the king, it was disbaned in 1660. All the troops were formerly trained which made the army very strong. This meant they were able to easily crush the King, and his son afterwards
  • The New Model Army takes attacks Oxford

    surrend jun 24
  • Scots surrender King to Parliament

  • The start of the Putney Debates

    A conflict in the model army, as some thought a new consituiton for England was needed
  • Prides Purge

    After the King had lost the War, the new model army goes to parliment and kicks out every one who doesnt support them. This would lead to the death of the King.
  • The Rump Parliament takes full control

    The Rump parliament is now in control with Cromwell. They vote to abolish the commonwealth.
  • Council of State is created

  • The Blue Laws

    Cromwell immposes the blue laws which basicly makes having fun illegal. You couldnt dance or sing, or gamble or drink.
  • Charles II is crowned

  • Battle of Worcester

    Cromwell destroyes charles and scots
  • Charles II escapes to France

    After being Crowned in Scotland, Cromwell hears about this and marches over. Apparently, Charles is able to escape by hiding in a oak tree.
  • Rump Parliment ends

    After the Rump parliment is not doing and performing at the level that cromwell would like, he desloves it.
  • Nominated Assembly surrenders its powers to Cromwell

  • Cromwell becomes Lord Protector aka King

    He beccame a dictator. He surrounded himself with his own advisors and filled parliment with poeple of his own choice. Sadly, poeple were not happy with his leadership as Lord Protector
  • General Monck is appointed commander of commonwealth forces in Scotland

    He stayed in edenburg, until Charles II cameback. He restored order, and made rump parliment allow the poeple they kicked out in prides purge back in
  • Death of Oliver Cromwell

    Death of Oliver Cromwell
  • Richard Cromwell becomes successor to Father

  • Richard Cromwell quits...

    He does not have the same power as his father and he cant run england
  • Charles II becomes king

    He becomes king and kills thoose who killed his father. He then stakes their heads.
  • The Glorious Revolution

    The Glourious Revolution was when James 2 was over thrown. Its called glourious because there was no bloodshed unlike the previous revolutions
  • Willam of Orange invades Britian

    Willam and Ann take control of England as a consituonal monarchy
  • The Bill of Rights

    Allowed poeple to make their own armies and have their own wepons. It also made sure that poeple had freedom of speech and couldnt be harmfully punished.
  • Period: to

    Age of Enlightenment

    A time were poeple started thinking for them selves. Such as John Locke
    And Montesquie
  • Seed Drill invented

    Jethro Tull invents the seed drill and makes farming more effeciant
  • Benjamin Franklin is born

  • Newcomeen invents the steam engine

    Steam engine burns coal to great steam and power machines. The engine was a driving force of the revolution
  • Kay Invents the Flying Shuttle

    The flying shuttle was used in the textile industry.It allowed a single weaver to weave much wider fabrics.
  • John Adams is born

  • Crucible Steel making

    Discovered by Benjiman Huntsman
  • Period: to

    Argicultural Revolution

    The secert of the turnip was unlocked and the popultion grew from 5.7 millon to 16.6 millon
  • First Canal is Built

  • Royal Proclamation

    After the 7 year war England signed the Royal Proclamation giving Quebec all the land. This angred the colonsit because they couldnt expand west anymore. Aswell they felt like second class citens
  • The Spinning Jenny

    Made by Hargreaves and made yarn spinning more effectient
  • Stamp Act

    A small tax was placed on paper goods in the form of a stamp. It was created so the colonies could repay Britian for defending them. Althought the tax was small, the colonist were angrey beacause NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. THe officals who enforced the tax were tared and feathered. King George eventaully remevoed the Act in 1766
  • Marriage of King Louis and Mary Antoinette

  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    Britain was making the Colonist angery. So a mob of unemployed men assulted a sentry and another officer standing post. After the viloence contiued and got worse, support for the british arrived. The british then Fired upon the crowd killing a few. The Soldiers were then tryed in court.
  • The Tea Act

    The British Parliament gave the struggling East India Company a monopoly on all the tea in America. ( They also made the tea cheaper ) However, since the colonist still had no say in the ttax they were upset, and rebelled against the tax.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    In reaction to the Tea act, members of the Sons of Liberty climbed abord ships in the Boston Harbour and dumbep 45 tons of tea into the sea.
  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Boston Port Act shut down the boston harbour which effect the economy greatly The massachusetts goverment act made the goverment of massachusetts in the control of the British rather then the colonist. This caused alot of anger.
  • King Louis is crowned

  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts were acts placed upon America and some just in Massachusetts. The majority of them were in responce to the Boston tea party.
    1. Administration of Justice Act, This meant that the trails of royal officers could be moved to another colony or Great Britian, which meant the royalist would never be guilty
    2. Quartering Act, This applied to all the colonies and meant that any troop at any time could stay in your house and you would have to care for him.
    3. Boston Port Act, Contiun
  • The Quebec Act

    The land boundaries of Qubec are exapanded, and they are not given indpencdance, which doesnt give the colonsit hope
  • First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    Held in Penn. State after the intolerable acts. They goal was to meet about boycotting british goods
  • Period: to

    The American Revolution

  • Lexington and Concord

    The shot heard around the war. The British attampted to raid a arms depot in Concord. Luckly the minute men were able to slow them down enough at lexington beacuse Paul Revere warned them. The british were not able to get any Wepons
  • Second Continental Congress

    Meet in Penn. State agian. They wrote the Declartion of independance
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    The British Won, but they lost alot of men. Near the ship yeard of Boston they were hills. The Americans made a bunker ontop of one and had a tatical position on the harbour. The British attacked the hill and were succesful.
  • Sons of Liberty are infulenctial

  • Declaration of Indpendence

    Break up letter with Britian, Written by Thomas jefferson. Offically said that America was at war, and that they were fighting for their indpendance and their god given rights that the British were not giving
  • James Watt improves Steam engine

    James Watt improves the engine and patons it
  • Battle of Brooklyn

    Battle of Brooklyn
    The First real battle between british and American forces. The First British Win. On Long Island General Howe and Cornwallis tried to trap the Americans in Brooklyn. WAshington retreats until nightfall were he turns back and attacks.
  • Trenton and Princeton

    Famous American Victory. Washington crossed the delaware and attack abunch of drunk hessians. The battle gave the Americans hope and ammunition.
  • Saratoga

    Turning point as it convices France to enter war on American side. The British planed a three prong attack. However the message was not succesful sent and Burgoyne was deafted as he was crushed by a bigger army. This was the beggining of the end.
  • The King's first child

  • Period: to

    Articles of Confederation

    The temporary goverment that didnt work.
    The states couldnt make their own taxes ect.. so it was very disfuctonal.
  • Yorktown

    The Battle that ended the War. After Cornwallis army was deafted in the south and weakend, he was attacked at Yorktown by both American general Greene and Commander in Chief Washington, plus France Ships. Cornwallis fought but in the end was deafted
  • Treaty of Paris

  • King George recongizes the 13 colonies as United States

  • The Powerloom marks the start of mechanised textile industry

    Britian is able to produce textiles faster and better
  • Steam Engines are used in Factories

    The first Steam engines start being used in the textile industry
  • The Constitution

    Supreme Law of America. Three branches of goverment. Legistlature, excutive and congress.
    Infulenced by the enlightened thinkers.
  • Meeting of the Estates General

    The esates general is unfair beacuse it doesnt repersent the poplution.
  • Period: to

    Moderate Stage

  • Formation of the National Assembly

    A group of french that wrote the Declatrion of the man and of the cititzen. They were created after the estas genral. They made the tenis Court oath
  • The Tennis Court Oath

    The Tennis Court Oath
    The tennis c ourt oath was when a group called the national assembly. They meet in a tennis court beacuse they feared Louis would try to stop them. They pledged in the oath to meet until the new consititon of france was made.
  • The fall of the Bastille

    The fall of the Bastille
    The French poeple needed gun powder to fuel their revolution, and the majority of it was kept in the bastille. So a angrey mod of french men atntacked the Bastille and broke it down brick by brick. They were able take it down, which was immportant beacuse they worked toghter and destroyed something that went agianst their human rights
  • Period: to

    The Great Fear

    Rumors spread that the king was hording all the grain and was going to starve the peasents to death spread. The farmers took up arms and attacked their home owners
  • Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen

    Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen
    All men have rights, every one is equal. even if your black. You are all born equal
  • Women march to Versailles

    Women march to Versailles
    After a lack of bread, women in the marketplace get angrey and march in a mob towards versailles. They tear down the gate and break in. They go in and kill louis workers and catpure the royal They then move the royal family and parliment back to paris so Louis can seee how stupid his descions are.
  • Benjamin Franklin dies

  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

  • Bill of Rights added to the Constitution

    Freedom of Speech
    Freedom of Press
    Freedom of Religion First 10 ammenment added to the consitution
  • Louis XVI tries to escape

    After being held captive in Paris, he attempted to escape to Veran. Many poeple thought that he had abandoned his throne and started fighting for it. Aswell he was tryed with treason for escaping.
  • Formation of the Legislative Assembly

    The Legislative Aseembly was the legaslature in france. The focues on poltical debates and on revolutnary laws. They were driven by 2 opposite groups
  • Period: to

    Radical Stage

  • Louis XVI is killed

  • Marat is assasinated

  • Period: to

    The Reign of Terror

    Was the bloodiest time in the revolution. Caused by the conflict of the jacobins and the girodins. The death toll roise by the ten thousands as poeple were being put to death by the guillotine
  • Marie Antoinette dies

  • Period: to

    The Directory

  • Robespierre is killed

    Robespierre is killed
    Robespierre was of the main driving forces of the killing. The commite of public saftey arrested him and put him to death by guillotean
  • Directory created

    It was a body of 5 directors that held all the power in France. They were unpopular beacuase France was tired of war and revolution but the Directory promoted war and used it to proglong their terms.
  • Period: to


  • Napoleon overthows the Directory

    Seeing that the end of the Directory was in sight, Napleon stormed into the offices and overthrew them
  • Napoleon takes leadership under the Consulate

    The consulate was the French goverment between the fall of the directory and Napoleons goverment. Napoleon was eventaully elected the head of it, and was able to turn it into a dictatorship
  • First Factory Acts created

    First Factory Acts created
    Acts that limited the amount of hours that women and childern could work.
  • First English Factory Acts passed

  • The Civil Code

    Napoleonic Code was a a set of civil laws that governed france and all the countries Napoloen took over. It abolished slavery and stated that poeple we equal at birth. It is still used in some countries today
  • Napoleon becomes Emperor

    Napoleon becomes Emperor
  • Napoleon's Russian Campaign

    Napoleon was able to break into Russia, but when he arrived in moscow it was bare. When winter came, they were forced to go back, and thats when they were attacked. The deaths on the french side were huge and when they were finally back in france they no longer had an army to protect them selves from the countries they were at war with. They were forced to surrender and napolean was immprosened on st.helen until he died
  • Child Labour is Ilegal

    Laws are passed that make it illegal to employe a child under the age of 9
  • Child Labour is Illegal .

  • Death of Napoleon

  • John Adams Dies

  • John D RockFeller is born

  • John D RockFeller dies