The Monarchs of Europe: England

  • Jan 1, 1534

    Act of Supremecey

    The Act of Supremecy is passed by parliament. england seperates from the Roman Catholic Church and becomes the Anglican Church, headed by the King
  • Feb 8, 1558

    Queen Elizebeth

    Queen Elizebeth bcomes queen after the death of her older sister Mary. She returns the country to the Anglican Church
  • Earl of Essex

    The Earl of Essex publically questions the queens authority. He is not the first.
  • Queen Elizebeth

    Queen Elizebeth Dies. James 1, the first member of the Stuart dynasty, becomes King
  • James 1

    King James 1 dies, King Charles 1 becomes king
  • King Charles1

    King Charles 1 summoned Parliament to request money. Parliament said no to his request of more money untill he signed the Petition of Right.
  • King Charles 1

    Taxes the people without parliaments consent, and dismisses the parliament
  • King Charles 1

    King Charles 1 requests more money after going badly in debt becuase of a religious war in Scotland. parliament reconjoins after 11 years and tensions rise
  • King Charles 1

    Civil war breaks out between the King's Royalists and the Parliament's Roundheads.
  • King Charles 1

    King surrenders after losing the first major battle of the civil war. Cromwell comes to power and leads the Rump Parliament
  • Cromwell

    King Charles 1 is tried for treason and beheaded
  • Cromwell

    England becomes a commonwealth. Cromwell is appointed Lord Protector of England.
  • Cromwell

    Cromwell Dies and his son takes over
  • King Charles 2

    Richard cromwell is a terrible leader and his government collapses. Parliament reconvenes and the Restoration is enacted. King Charles 2 becomes the king.
  • King Charles 2

    Bubonic Plague returns killing 100,000.
  • King Charles 2

    The Great Fire of London sweeps through London
  • King Charles 2

    Habeas Corpus act passed
  • King James 2

    King Charles 2 dies and King James 2 coes into power