Iberian peninsula

The Iberian Penninsula timeline

  • Jan 13, 1492

    Portuguese discovery

    Portuguese discovery
    Christopher Columbus, a Potuguese explorer, who flew under the Spanish flag, discovered the new world, The time that the New World was discovered was thought of as the time of transition from middle ages to the modern era.
  • Dec 24, 1498

    Portugal takes control of Exploration

    Portugal takes control of Exploration
    Exploration and many of the greatest explorers came from Portugal, ONe of them being Christpher Columbus and also Vasco De Gama who finally reached India in 1498, Which braught much prosperity to Portugal and helped fund other explorations.
  • The Grand Alliance

    The Grand Alliance
    Many forces tried to capture, beseige, or claim the Gibraltar strait as their own. In fact Anglo-Dutch forces of the Grand Alliance tried to capture Gibaltar from Spain in 1704 durring the war of Spanish Succession. Soon after the Spanish joined the alliance. Also known as the European Coalition.
  • Seige of Gibraltar

    Seige of Gibraltar
    Spanish seige Gibraltar, as a part of the Anglo-Spanish war. It was the 13th trial and failure of the Spanish to gain control. Which then lead to the treay of El Pardo, which ended disputes and the war and created peace between Spain and the British so that the Spanish would not sign an alliance with Austria.
  • Peace agreement

    Peace agreement
    Spain, Great Britian, Portugal, and France had a peace agreement in the treaty of Paris. It ended the Indian War and Seven years War,this marked an era of British Dominance. Colonists began to feel closer to each other. Also the first sign of Nationalism was seen. The fighting was over. BRitian had won against France and Spain who were together and the land they had in North America was lost.
  • Peninsular War

    Peninsular War
    War between France and the Allied forces of Spain, the UK, and Portuagal, for the control of the Iberain Peninsula. It began with French and Spanish invading Portugal with their armies. Then in 1808 France turned on Spain, It lasted until the sixth coalition defeated Napoleon in 1814. Napoleon was put in exile after his disatorous invasion of Russia.
  • Portugal Proclaimation day

     Portugal Proclaimation day
    KIng Manual II was deposed and the establishment of the Portuguese 1st Republic. Proclaimation day is also called Republic day. It was the end of the period of Constitutional Monarchy. The Republic became a progressive and increasingly Republican regime. The Republic established Anticlercal and had a hostile approach to the separation of Church and state.
  • Spain becomes a republic

    Spain becomes a republic
    The second Spanish republic cause political parties to respond in violence towards each other. More then 2000 lives were taken due to this violence.
  • Salazar becomes prime minister of Portugal

    Salazar becomes prime minister of Portugal
    Permitted the Catholic religion to be taught in all schools, not just parochial school but throughout Portugal, the Catholic education of the youth was greatly favored.
  • Spanish Civil War

    Spanish Civil War
    Spain was left politically and militarily divided. Centre-left Republican party faught against rebellion forces for control of the country. The Rebel Nationalist won and a Conservative Dictatorship was established by Francisco Franco and all right wing parties fused to create the Francisco Regime.
  • Andorra's Neutrality

    Andorra's Neutrality
    Andorra was Neutral and was a smuggling route for Spain and France durring World War Two. The resistance used Andorra also as a route to get down Airmen out of France. This Helped relations between the two countries and Andorra.
  • The Carnation Revolution (Portugal)

    The Carnation Revolution (Portugal)
    An over throwing of the goverment by a military coup.
    Portugal emerged as a democratic country, to the great delight of many of its citizens and the world in general.
  • Andorra's Industry

    Andorra's Industry
    After World War 2, Andorra got considerably more prosperous through developing a tourist industry. It was developed through new communications and transport. It has broken up Andorra's isolation and put them into the mainstream of European History.
  • Salazar succeeded by Marcello Caetano.

    Salazar succeeded by Marcello Caetano.
    Caetano fostered economic growth and some social improvements, such as the awarding of a monthly pension to rural workers who had never had the chance to pay social security.
  • Spain And Portugal

    Spain And Portugal
    Spain, along with Portugal, joined European Union. This helped create a freindlier relation between the two contarys.
  • Andorra became a member of the United Nations

    Andorra became a member of the United Nations
    The 1993 constitution modified this feudal system, keeping the titular heads of state but transforming the government into a parliamentary democracy then they became a member of the United Nations.
  • Gibraltar's self government

    Gibraltar's self government
    Gibraltar's Constitution was created and made Gibraltar a full internal self government, so that it may govern it's own affairs, yet the UK still remians responsible for things like defense and foreign relations.
  • Andorra The Last of the March states

    Andorra The Last of the March states
    Andorra is the last independent survivor of the March states, created by Charlemagne to keep the Muslim Moors from advancing into Christian France.