The English Civil War

  • Mary Queen of Scots is executed by Elizabeth Tudor's Orders

    Pretty simple. Elizabeth Tudor ordered her to be killed. So she was killed. And she died.
  • Elizabeth Tudor Dies

    The End of an era is marked with her death, and her cousin James Stuart is crowned Monarch. Beforehand, he was King James VI of Scotland (and Ireland). Now, he is also James I of England, uniting the three kingdoms as James I and VI.
  • The first meeting of the Gunpowder Plot Conspiators occurs

    Robert Catesby, Thomas Wintour, Jack Wright and Thomas Percy, along with Guy Fawkes met and discussed their plans to "blow everything and everyone in (Parliament) sky high." Over the next few months, 36 barrels of gunpowder were moved into a cellar just below Parliament.
  • Lord Monteagle recieves a letter warning him about the Gunpowder Plot

    The letter was written by Thomas Ward, and until November 4th, there was nothing considered suspiscious.
  • Salisbury orders Westminister to be searched, in response to the Gunpowder Plot

    The Plot is uncovered and Guy Fawkes is arrested and is interrogated (using torture) about the whereabouts of the other escaped conspirators.
  • James I Dies, Charles I Succeeds

    With King James I and VI dead, his son Charles I suceeds and assumes monarchy.
  • King Charles attempts to introduce a new form of Prayer Book (no exact date)

    King Charles I had monarchy over the northern kingdom of Scotland, and there began to try to introduce a new prayer book, resulting in a backlash and rebellion from the Scots. As aresult, the King was forced to set up a Parliament.
  • English Civil War Begins (not exact date)

    A three year war consisting of the following 2 sides: the Royalists (supporters of King Charles I, and those who supported Parliament (the Parliamentarians).
  • King Charles I Beheaded

    In front of a large mass of onookers, King Charls I is beheaded at Whitehall.
  • Oliver Cromwell becomes "Lord Protector" of (The Commonwealth of) England, Scotland, and Ireland

    For the next five years (until death), Cromwell would strongly support a godly republican government.
  • The Great Fire of London

    Much of London is destroyed, as a result of The Great Fire of London, starting in a bakery owned by Thomas Farynor in Pudding Lane.
  • Glorious Revolution Begins (not exact date)

    England's last Revolution occurred from 1688-1689 with no bloodshed. It replaced James II, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland with his daughter, Mary (a protestant) and her Husband, William of Orange.
  • Toleration Act is ratified

    The Toleration Act gave all Protestant groups--but not Catholics--freedom to practice religion.