The English Civil War

  • Cause of the English Civil War

    Charles the First was badly in debt. because the rerbellion of Ire land
  • Royalists

    Without funding the parliment, the king had to rely on contributions to pay for an army, his supporters mainly wealthy nobles were called royalists.
  • English Cilvil War

    The English Cilvil War started
  • Battle

    The first truly desicive battle of the war, he led a victory in which 4,000 of the king soilders.
  • King Surrendered

    King Surrendered
  • Bubonic Plague

    kiling perhaps 100,000people in London alone
  • Trial and Execution

    Charles 1 was publicy beheded in front of his own palace
  • Spring of 1660

    Parliment invited the son of the dead Charles 1.
  • Act

    Habeas Corpus Act
  • Charles 2 Died

    Charles 2 died
  • Brandon becomes President

    Brandon Mitchell becomes President