The English Civil War

  • I Do

    King Charles I married Henrietta Marie, daughter of Henry IV.
  • Dismissal

    Charles I dismisses Parliament.
  • Recalled

    Reluctantly, Charles recalled Parliament because he needed money.
  • Crowned

    Charles I is crowned Kind of Scottland.
  • Cromwell

    For the second time, Oliver Cromwell was elected into Parliament. He criticized tax levels and the corruption very openly.
  • Petition

    The Grand Remonstrance was a long list of grievances from patliament to the king. It was presented to Charles I. He declined every request.
  • War Prep

    Charles I sent his wife to gain Catholic support and trade for arms.
  • Surrender

    Charles I surrenders to Scottland.
  • Second Surrender

    Charles I's first capitol surrenders to Parliament
  • The Rump

    Rump Parliament began.
  • Termination!

    Rump Parliament had Charles I beheaded... He died.