The Crusades

  • Nov 27, 1095

    Pope Urban II : Instigator of Crusades

    Pope Urban II : Instigator of Crusades
    Pope Urban II made his famous speech at the Council of Clermont which call upon the Knights of Christendom to respond to the conquests of the Muslims in Palestine, in order to take back the Holy Land, Jerusalem. Urban II remains one of the prime instigators of the Crusades.
  • Jul 15, 1147

    The Second Crusade

    The Second Crusade was led by the Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III and King Louis VII of France. The Muslims succeeded in capturing Edessa which was one of the key Christian lands.
  • Feb 13, 1187

    The Third Crusade

    The Third Crusade (1187-1192), led by Richard the Lionheart of England, Phillip II of France and the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick i. This crusade was caused by the capture of Jerusalem in 1187, by the Sultan of Egypt, Saladin.
  • May 16, 1202

    The Fourth Crusade

    The Fourth Crusade was initiated by the famous Pope Innoncent III. The crusaders were led of target and ended up capturing Constantinople instead of Jerusalem. In this crusade, the English Army was destroyed and a new crusade was decided in the Council of Latran IV. A year later, Pope Innocent III died and the crusade was ended.
  • Feb 13, 1217

    The Childrens' Crusade

    The Childrens Crusade began when Stephen of Cloyes12 yo preacher claimed that Jesus Christ had commanded him to lead a crusade to recapture the Holy Land. So two groups of children from France and Germany travelled to Jersualem. After the journey to Jerusalem, Stephen and his followers met the Pope there who told them they were very brave but too young to deal with such conflict.
  • Feb 13, 1217

    The Fifth Crusade

    (1217-1221) The fifth crusade was led by King Andrew II of Hungary Duke Leopold VI of Austria, John of Brienne. This crusade was based in Egypt and had no outcome and was seen as a waste of time
  • Feb 13, 1229

    The 6th Crusade

    (1228 - 1229) The 6th Crusade was led by Holy Roman Emperor Frederiech II. Friedrich made a truce with the sultan of Eqypt to chand over Jerusalem in exchange to help the sultans country. Freidrich crowned himself KIng of Jerusalem, but it was then taken over by the Mamluks who were the rising power in West Asia.
  • May 13, 1248

    The Seventh Crusade * Eight Crusade

    (1248 - 1254) The Seventh of the Crusades was led by Louis IX of France. Louis attacked Damietta in Egypt which had caused much conflict in the 5th crusade. This crusade was a fail as Louis' army was defeated and he died before he could reach the 8th Crusade which was under his command. The 8th Crusade was an unsuccesful attack on Tunis. Louis had died during this time.
  • Feb 13, 1271

    The Ninth and Last Crusade

    (1271–1272.) The leader of this crusade was Prince Edward of England. The Christians and Muslims fought for the last remaining Middle Eastern city of Acre, with the Muslims gaining possession of Acre leaving the Christians without control in any major city in the Middle East .