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Deus Vult

By 120147
  • Nov 18, 1095

    Council of Clermont

    Called by Pope Urban II after the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I appealed for help with Seljuk Turk Invasions. Urban called for prominent lords and church officials to attend. He declared the Crusade at the meeting
  • Period: Nov 18, 1095 to Aug 12, 1099

    First Crusade

    Extremely Successful, Holy land taken, Arabs defeated. Started because Alexius I Emperor of the Byzantine Empire appealed to the pope for help from turkish invaders.
  • 1096

    Armies arrive at Constantinople #1

    The first army led by Hugh count of Vermandois (Frank) arrives at Constantinople, he is so impressed with the city that he swears fealty to Alexis II and swears to hand over all captured land to the Byzantines. Godfrey of Boullion arrives, isnt happy with constantinople and doesnt take the oath, Alexis cuts him off from supplies and Godfrey attacks the city, Godfrey ends up swearing the same oath, so that his men dont starve
  • 1096

    Armies arrive at Constantinople #2

    Bohemund I Prince of Otranto arrives from his land in Sicily. Bohemund and Alexis had a bad history, when he arrived he considered attacking Constantinople until Alexis showed him a room full of gold and then gave it all to him, what a lad. Raymond IV Count of Toulouse arrived last, and he and Alexis were good pals, no problems here. After they all swore oaths to give all conquerored land to Byzantine Empire they were ferried accorss to Asia Minor all 100 000 of them (Fighting men only).
  • Period: Apr 1, 1096 to Oct 1, 1096

    The People's Crusade

    Pete the Hermit got some peasants riled up, and they went Crusading early it was not part of the church-sanctioned crusade and the army was made up of inexperienced illiterate peasants. They started attacking Hungarians to get food on the way to Constantinople they arrived at Constantinople and started raiding and plundering villages for food, so Alexius quickly ferried them accorss they tried to seige Nicea were surronded in the process and then had the option to convert to islam or die
  • May 14, 1097

    Siege of Nicea

    Nicea, previously belonging to the Byzantine Empire and conquered by the Turks was the Crusaders first goal. After a battle which the Crusaders won then long drawn out siege, when the Crusaders were about to win, Alexis did some cheeky underhand mischeif and made a deal with the Niceans, they surrendered to him instead of the Crusading army, as they knew the Crusading army would slaughter them. This cause tension between the crusaders and the Empire
  • Jul 1, 1097

    1st Battle of Dorylaeum

    The old King of Nicea returned with his army and ambushed the crusaders for a second time on their way to Antioch One part of the army of the other part, the Norman portion was surrounded by Turkish horse archers and was being killed, when the French portion caught up and caught the turks between both forces, the turks fled instead of fighting both armies. This is considered the first major victory. However, on the way to antioch all food and water had been destroyed by the retreating turks
  • Oct 20, 1097

    Siege of Antioch Part 1

    The Crusaders tried to besiege the city of Antioch, it was impenetrable. The Crusader armies were dying and losing men. Bohemund is able to persuade someone from Antioch to lower a ladder for his men. They then Slaughter heaps of people in Antioch.
  • Oct 20, 1097

    Siege of Antioch 1097 Part 2

    After the Crusaders captured Antioch they themselves became besieged in its walls. The very next day the turks arrived and vastly out numbered them. Then some guy mysteriously found the holy lance.The lance of longinus. The Crusaders rallied under the lance and managed to defeat the Infadels.
  • 1098

    Baldwin takes edessa

    Baldwin wnet out on his own and took an Orthodox city in Turkish lands from himself, he does this by becoming the heir of the ruler then allegedly killing him.
  • Nov 12, 1098

    Seige of Ma'aarat

    The Crusaders took this town to resupply before their siege of Jerusalem, this is where they went all cannibal.
  • Jan 1, 1099

    Battle O Ascalon

    The Crusaders found fatamid camp and took out the rest of the turks
  • Jun 7, 1099

    Siege of Jerusalem

    There was no wood near Jerusalem to build siege engines. Some old mate went to pee and found some Jesus wood in a cave, enough to build a battering ram. The crusaders eventually broke through and massacred every Muslim in Jerusalem.
  • Aug 12, 1099


    Godfrey became the not king of Jerusalem, Bohemond was captured but later released and raised an army to raid the Byzantines, but is defeated. Baldwin marches to Egypt to attack more Muslims. Alexis gets nothing. The holy land opened up lucrative trade routes. Four Kingdoms were established, the kingdom of Jerusalem, the Principality of Antioch, County of Triopoli, Country of Edessa.
  • 1119

    Holy Orders are set up

    After the crusade went back to Europe so did the knights that came along with it, the Holy land was undefended. Holy Orders were created to hold the holy land and look after pilgrims. The Templars were devoted to the protection of travelling pilgrims. The Hospitallers were devoted to looking after sick and injured Pilgrims, the Teutons were just a bit German.
  • 1137

    Damascus Alliance

    After being threatened by Imad ad-Din Zengi, Damascus decided to make an unexpected alliance with the Crusader States for protection agaisn't Zenghi.
  • Nov 28, 1144

    Seige of Eddessa

    Imad ad-Din Zengi decided to lay seige of Eddessa to recapture it from the christians. After a realtively short seige he broke through the walls and took the crusader state back. The Christians were put to death.
  • Dec 1, 1145

    Pope Eugenius III Calls Crusade

    After hearing of the fall of Eddessa Pope Eugenius III calls for a Crusade to recapture Christian lands. The Crusade was unpopular and had very little support at first until Eugenius added a whole heap of new crusader benefits, and this time more VIP's wouold take part.
  • 1146

    Bernard of Clairvaux

    Bernard is selected by the Pope to act as a spokesman for the Crusade, he goes around to the different leaders persuading them and encouraging religous fervour .
  • 1146

    Imad ed-Din Zengi assassinated.

    Imad ad-Din Zengi was assassinated by a frankish slave. Zengi became incredibly drunk one night and passed out, the slave tried to steal his jewelled ring. Zengi woke up (Still incredibly drunk) and told the slave in drunken stuppor that he would kill him in the morning, the slave panicked and killed Imad ad-Din Zengi in his sleep. His son Nur ad-Din took over his role.
  • 1147

    Stephen dogs the boys in the second battle of Dorylaeum

    Stephen the trustworthy leads the German Crusader army on, and persuades them not to wait for the Franks. He then guides them into a really ambushy spot, and mysteriously disappears, right before a whole bunch of turks ambush and slaughter 9/10 of the German Army. The Second Battle of Dorylaeum was an inside job confirmed.
  • Period: 1147 to 1150

    Second Crusade

    To restablish the Holy Lands after Nur al-Din took Eddessa. Achieves literally nothing except pissing off their closest ally. People blamed its failure on the sins of the Crusaders and Western Europe.
  • Sep 10, 1147

    Conrad with a C reaches Constantinople

    After much journeying he reaches Constantinople. After a small cheeky skirmish where Byzantines and Germans fought eachother due to the intense tensions, both rulers decided that the best course of action would be to quickly ferry the Crusaders to Asia Minor. Manuel give the crusaders his best man .... Stephen
  • 1148

    Louis VII reaches Constantinople

    Louis reaches Constantinople and is quickly ferried over the Bosphorus. He sees the remains of Conrads retreating army on the way to the Holy Land. Conrad is severely ill, and is looked after by his now gay lover Manuel of Byzantine Empire.
  • Jan 5, 1148

    Louis is a dick to the fam

    Realizing that his army won't be able to make it to Antioch by land due to Turkish Gurellia warfare, he asks Manuel to send ships to take the army. Instead of sending the 200 ships needed Manuel is a stingy bastard and sends five. Louis decided that him and his best men will take the ships and the rest of the army can walk. The rest of the army was never heard from again. Smells like orc mischeif from Manuel.
  • Jun 24, 1148

    Council of Acre

    The remaining crusaders all had a gavo at Antioch to decide where they are going to attack, instead of taking Eddessa they decide to attack their one and only ally in the region, Damascus.
  • Jul 24, 1148

    Siege of Damascus

    The Crusaders decided to siege Damascus. They decide to seige the city from the west through the orchids so that they can have food. However this give the mulsims a good place to do some gureilla warefare. To escape the constant ambushes the moved to the plains on the western side of the city, there was much less food and water on this side, and they were open to attack. They were surrounded by Nur al-Din, so they fucked off home
  • 1164

    Nur ad-Din tries to take Egypt

    Nur ad-Din was the first Muslim ruler to unite the muslims in the holy lands. He then went on to try to take Egypt - the Fatimid Empire. The Fatamids asked the crusaders for help and they obliged ridding Egypt of Nur al-Din
  • 1168

    Crusaders attack Egypt

    After a short period of alliance, the crusaders accuse the Egyptians of not paying their 'alliance' payments to the crusaders, probably and excuse to attack them. They then go and attack the Fatamids. The Fatamids turn to Nur al-Din for help
  • 1168

    Seige of Belbeis

    The Crusaders seige Bilbeis in Fatamid lands, slaughtering all of its inhabitants. This persuaded Nur al-Din to become involved, he repels the crusaders and annexs egypt.
  • 1174

    Saladin comes to power

    It was decided that after the death of Nur ad-Din that the only person strong enough to defend the Muslim lands from the Crusaders was his Nephew Saladin, who became the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty and the sultan of Egypt and Syria
  • 1180

    Baldwin IV the Lep gets a treaty

    old-mate-no-arms took over when he was 14 years old, he was able to negotiate a peace treaty with Saladin which gauranteed the peace of Muslim travellers through the holy lands.
  • 1180

    Raynold is a dick

    Raynold, despite the treaty continues to raid and kill Muslim travellers and merchants, attempting to draw the wrath of Saladin so that he can go to war.
  • 1185

    Baldwin Dies

    Despite being maaaad, he dies cause he was a dirty lep. His brother in law takes over as king of Jerusalem, the pretty boy guy.
  • 1187

    Battle of Hattin

    King Guy and Reynald went to fight off Saladin who was attacking Crusader land as reparation for their constant attacks on muslims. They marched into the desert and were dying from heat and no water. They were massacred by Saladins forces, King Guy was spared casue he was dumb, by Reynald was beheaded for being a douche.
  • 1187

    Jerusalem is captured by Saladin

    This time, unlike when the Crusaders took it, almost no civilians are harmed in the taking. The Chruch blames the loss of Jerusalem on the sin of the people.
  • 1188

    Saladin Tithe

    An extra tax imposed by Henry II, king before Lionheart, to fund the crusade. If this tax wasn't paid then you were excommunicated from the church, unless of course you went on crusade yourself. The tithe was 1/10 of your income
  • 1189

    Fredrick Barabossa arrives in the holy land

    Fredrick I Barbarossa of the Holy Roman Empire arrived in the holy land with the largest every army to have left Germany at this stage.He however rather, unfortunately, died when swimming in a fast flowing river. His army pretty much just died after this.
  • 1189

    King Guy is released from prison and raises an army

    King Guy is released by Saladin, he then goes on to raise an army and tries to siege Acre. At this point, only Antioch and Tripoli still stood under the banner of the cross. The Merchants of Pisa helped to fund Guy, as the Merchants of Pisa and Genoa were losing a lot of money now that the west no longer held the holy lands. Soon tho, after two years Saladin had Seiged Guy who was Sieging Acre.
  • Period: 1189 to 1192

    The Third Crusade

    This crusade was successful in the fact that it returned lots of land back to the crusaders, however it failed to recapture the holy land.
  • 1190

    Richard and Phillip's armies head off towards the crusade

    After the crusade was called by Pope Gregory VIII (8), Phillip and Richard agreed not to attack eachother's land while they were out on crusade.
  • 1191

    Richard takes Cyprus on the way to the holy land.

    On the way a storm dispersed the fleet. One of the boat had all of his treasure, wife and sister on it. They had all been captured by Byzantine Emperor Isaac on the island of Crete. So Richard took the Island, looted it, and resuced his fam.
  • 1191

    Ricahard arrives at Acre and sieges Saladin

    Richard and Phillip arrived at Acre, meaning that now it was a triple siege, Acre being sieged by Guy, Guy being sieged by Saladin, Saladin being sieged by Richard and Philip. They beat Saladin and then captured Acre
  • 1191

    Hostages of Acre

    After the Seige of Acre Richard help several thousand Muslim hostages and said he would set them free in return for the holy cross. Saladin didn't pay up and thousands were slaughters.
  • 1191

    Battle of Arsuf

    Richard had set off to take Jerusalem with his army. However on the way. Richard won by a landslide.
  • 1191


    Before heading to Jerusalem Richard went to Ascalon and foritifed and rebuilt the garrison.
  • 1192


    Saladin captured and took Jaffa while Ricahrd was in Ascalon, Richard then went in pirate style and retook the city from the ocean. Saladin was loosing power, because he was loosing so many battles, and Richard didnt have enough men to take Jerusalem, there was a stalemate.
  • 1192

    Treaty of Rammla

    Richard and Saladin agreed to sign a peace treaty the terms were, Pilgrims were allowed to continue visiting the holy land under the protection of Saldin. The lands taken by the Crusaders were also allowed to be held by the Crusaders, the defenses at Ascalon. It also lasted a period of three years.
  • 1200

    Deal with Venice

    Venice makes a deal with the Crusaders wehre theyll make them lots of ships for a price and ferry them over. however there werent enough crusaders to pay for the ships so they were pretty much imprisoned by Boniface Montferrat.
  • 1202

    Fourth crusade

    with the aim to recapture jerusalem. called by innocent III
  • 1202


    In order to pay back their debt, they decide to attack the cristian town of Zara for Bontiface Montferrat
  • 1202

    Innocent III excommuniates

    He excommunicates all the people who besieged Zara
  • Period: 1202 to 1204

    Fourth Crusade

    Wasnt even against muslims