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  • 149 BCE

    Vennesholm Founded

    Vennesholm is founded by the explorer Claus Rasmussen.
    Claus was an individualist who came south from his home kingdom to found a town based on his ideals. His son greatly expanded this town, forming it into the city-state it is today.
  • 129 BCE

    Emergence of Orcs

    A new species of humanoid, dubbed the orcs, emerges from the swamps of Maolnah. War-like and generally vicious, they divided themselves into families and mostly hunted for food in small semi-permanent settlements.
  • 107 BCE

    Estax Founded

    A group of elven settlers travel from the Elenal Forest over the Kurshen Mountains and settle the eventual city-state of Estax, in a lightly forested area in the southern Rusmorian Plains.
  • 89 BCE

    Osmaria Founded

    The orcs organize into a theocracy worshipping Diodros, beginning to spread their influence southward and into the Straits of Altis.
  • 83 BCE

    Eshar Founded

    The various groups of nomadic humans in southern Ubul, mostly the Isthern Desert, form the city-state of Eshar due to security anxieties concerning the increasing threat of the orcs spreading along the west coast of the Dioan Lakes.
  • 64 BCE

    First Osmarian Crusade

    Osmarian crusaders are sent southward towards Eshar, though the harsh climate of the desert, which the Osmarian forces were not prepared for, greatly disadvantaged them, and Eshar, who had been significantly increasing its defenses since its founding, easily held them off.
  • 23 BCE

    Altis Settlement Accumulation

    The Straits of Altis began to become a highly desirable trading route, and many trading settlements began to accumulate among the coast.
  • 1 CE

    Ceshania Founded

    A group of elven aristocrats from the Rusmorian Plains found Ceshania, choosing Justinius Pharantzes I as their first lord.
  • 12

    Lacriaya Founded

    The northern city-state of Lacriaya was founded by the elves who lived there and have eventually settled in the area following the development of (limited due to the climate) agriculture in the area.
  • 53

    Lacriaya Annexation into Ceshania

    Shortly following Lacriaya's appointment of Florentinus Botaniates as lord, Lacriaya was annexed into Ceshania.
    Ceshania dubbed itself as the capital of the new Rusmorian Empire.
  • 89

    Second Osmarian Crusade

    Osmaria directed its focus to the region across the Straits of Altis. Vennesholm, out of the way of the crusade, was unaffected, but the cernine and scattered human residents of the Elenal Forest were devastated by the forces. While originally a strong push to the east, the Kurshen Mountains posed an impassible barrier and the crusaders were forced to retreat back to Osmaria after supplies dwindled.
  • 106

    Dastos Founded

    One settlement along the Straits of Altis in particular, Dastos, rose to great wealth due to extremely successful investments and its size fueled its reputation and subsequent traffic.
  • 115

    Beginning of Rusmorian Campaign into Estax

    Following unsuccessful negotiations to annex Estax into the empire and the discovery of a plot to stage a coup in the city-state, Rusmor attempted to take Estax by force.
  • 120

    Acquisition of Estax to the Rusmorian Empire

    Rusmor succeeded in its campaign, and succesfully absorbed Estax, thus seizing control of the entire region of Iacomera east of the Kurshen Mountains.
  • 162

    Tumestein Colonized

    The Rusmorian Empire set its sights further east to the relatively uninhabited Jaucrodrith, and formed a colony along the Sound of Tume, naming it Tumestein.
  • 174

    Tumestein/Eshar Conflicts

    The new Tumestein colony clashed with Eshar settlers, who had begun to spread to the Malen desert and were eventually forced out due to the might of Rusmor's navy backing Tumestein.
  • 198

    Third Osmarian Crusade

    The third Osmarian crusade was meant to attempt the Kurshen Mountains with more preparation, though the emergence of Dastos between the second and third crusades was unexpected and the orcs sacked Dastos, thinking it was Ceshania.
  • 280

    Domination of Rusmor

    The Rusmorian Empire, with its strong military, skilled diplomats, and booming economy, rises up as the leader of the region and begins to turn its sights to western Iacomera.
  • 314

    Fleo Crana Founded

    The tarago of the Fleumos Archipelago lived in small villages in the mountainous islands, though Fleo Crana grew to a size large enough to consider it a city-state.
  • 427

    Fourth Osmarian Crusade

    The fourth Osmarian crusade is ongoing and has lasted more than a century. Rusmorian forces held off Osmarian forces in the Kurshen mountains until Ceshania fell, and are now slowly dwindling.
  • 574

    Fall of Ceshania

    Ceshania, for unknown reasons, broke apart from Iacomera and slid into the ocean.