Jerusalem during crusades


  • Feb 13, 1095

    The Crusades

    The Crusades
    In the year 1095, an assembly if churchmen were called up by Pop Urban II and had met at Clemont, France. On the 27th of November, Pope Urban II had asked the assembly for a favour and had asked the warriors of Europe to fight for the Holy Land (Jerusalem), against the Muslims.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1096 to Jan 1, 1099

    First Crusade

    "The People's Crusade" - Christians wanted to free the Holy Land from pagan wars. The 1st Crusade was led by Court Raymond IV of Toulhouse. It was proclaimed due to wandering preachers, notably Peter the Hermit.
  • Feb 13, 1096

    First Crusade Details

  • Feb 13, 1096

    First Crusade

    The first crusade was a "military expedition" by the Romam Catholic Europe to regain the Holy Lands (Jerusalem) taken by the Muslim conquests. This had resulted in the "re-capture" of Jerusalem. :) Many people travelled to Constantinople and then on towards Jerusalem. They had then been split up between Peasants and Knights then into separate armies. They had failed to reach Jerusalem as the Peasants weren't well trained.
    - This crusade was part of the Christian response to the Muslim conquests.
  • Period: Feb 13, 1138 to Feb 13, 1193


    Saladin was the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and was the founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty. He has led Muslims and Arab oppositions to the Franks and other Europeans in the Levant. Due to his focus and leadership skills, his forces had defeated the Crusaders. He had captured almost every Crusader city. Crossed Jordan River to attack Beisan and burnt the town.
  • Period: Feb 2, 1144 to Feb 2, 1155

    Second Crusade

    The Crusaders (Holy Knights) were prepared to attack Damascus. It was led by Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III and by King Louis VII of France.
  • Feb 13, 1145

    Second Crusade (Wikipedia)

    Second Crusade (Wikipedia)
  • Period: Feb 13, 1145 to Feb 13, 1149

    The Second Crusade Details

    • Second major Crusade launched from Europe.
    • Was a response to the fall of the Country of Edessa.
    • Failure to recreate country of Eddessa.
    • Peace treaty between Byzantine Empire and Seljuq Turks.
    • Beginner of Crusader advances into Egypt.
    • Collapse of Almoravids and rise of the Almohads.
    Lisbon was captured by the Portuguese people and Tortosa was captured by the Catalans, Wagria and Polabia captured by Saxon.
  • Period: Feb 9, 1187 to Feb 9, 1192

    Third Crusade

    The "Third Crusade" was led by Richard the Lionheart of England. Phillip II of France, and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick. Richard I had amde a trice with Saladinn.
  • Feb 13, 1189

    Third Crusade (Wikipedia)

  • Period: Feb 13, 1189 to Feb 13, 1192

    Third Crusade Details

    Location: East of Anatolia, Levant, Irael.
    - Jerasulem was conquered my the Muslims.
    - Italians consolidate control of Syrian ports.
    - Muslims had allowed trade and unarmed Christian pilgrimiges into the Holy Land.
  • Period: Feb 9, 1202 to Feb 9, 1204

    Fourth Crusade

    The "Fourth Crusade" was led by Fulk Of Neuil (French/France), who had advanced on Constantinople.
  • Feb 13, 1202

    Fourth Crusade Wikipedia/Details

    Fourth Crusade (Wikipedia) The fourth crusade was meant to conquer the Jerusalem that was being controlled by the Muslims. Many people travelled far to get to Constantinople but many people had died on the way to Jerusalem as they were spilt into Peasants and Knights. They had failed to reach Jerusalem as the Peasants didn't have as much skill as the Knights and died.
  • Period: Feb 13, 1202 to Feb 13, 1204

    Fourth Crusade Details.

    The fourth crusade was originally meant to conquer the Muslim-controlled Jerusalem (Jerusalem was controlled by the Muslims). The crusaders of western Europe had invaded and conquered the Christian city of Constantinople. This crusade was seen as one of the "final acts" in the Great Schism between Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church.
  • Feb 9, 1212

    The Children's Crusade

    The Children's Crusade was led by a French peasant boy, "Stephen Of Cloyes".
  • Period: Feb 13, 1213 to Feb 13, 1221

    Fifth Crusade Details & Yeah :D

    • Attempt to get Jerusalem back and the rest of the Holy Land.
    • Pope Innocent III and Pope Honorius III had organised crusading armies led by the king. (Andrew II of Hungary). The Muslims destroyed the walls so that Christians were not able to defend themselves.
  • Period: Feb 9, 1217 to Feb 9, 1221

    Fifth Crusade

    The "Fifth Crusade" was led by King Andrew II who was from Hungary, Duke Leopold VI from Austria and John of Brienne.
  • Feb 13, 1217

    Baldwin's Birthday

    Birth of Baldwin II who was the last Latin Emperor of Constantinople.
  • Period: Feb 9, 1228 to Feb 9, 1229

    Sixth Crusade

    The Sixth Crusade was led by the Holy Roman Emperor, "Frederick II".
  • Feb 13, 1228

    Sixth Crusade (Wikipedia)

  • Feb 13, 1228

    Sixth Crusade

    Regain Jerusalem.. Again.
    Had begun 7 years after the failure of the 5th crusade lol.
    - Little fighting (Yay).
    - Kingdom of Jerusalem > Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.
    ^ control of jerusalem and 15 other places.
  • Period: Feb 9, 1248 to Feb 9, 1254

    Seventh Crusade

    The Seventh Crusade was led by Louis IX of France.
  • Feb 9, 1270

    Eighth Crusade

    The Eighth Crusade was led by Louis IX
  • Period: Feb 9, 1271 to Feb 9, 1272

    Ninth Crusade

    The Ninth Crusade was led by Prince Edward, who soon later became "Edward I Of England"
  • Fifth Crusade Details

  • Sixth Crusade (Wikipedia)

  • Eighth Crusade (Wikipedia)

  • Funding of the 5th Crusade

    The Fourth Lateran Council accepts the Constitution Ad Liberandum in order to help fund the 5th Crusade.