Middle Ages

  • 100

    GERMANIC TRIBES - Tacitus' Germania

    A Roman Historian writing about the Germanic Tribes, in an attempt to compare them to his own people.
  • 313

    EARLY CHRISTIAN - Edict of Milan

    A procolamation from Constantine, declaring Christianity a tolerable religion in the Roman Empire.
  • 325

    EARLY CHRISTIAN - Nicene Creed

    Bishops met together and decided that there is only one God, and Jesus is the son of God,
  • 410

    GERMANIC TRIBES - The Sacking of Rome

    The city was attacked by the Visigoths led by King Alaric. Rome was no longer the capital
  • Period: 476 to May 16, 750

    FRANCE - The Merovingian Dynasty

    -A Frankish Empire united by Clovis I
  • 499

    Anglo-Saxon Invasion

    -Anglo-Saxons invade taking over England, mixing in with the common people
  • 500

    The Salic Law

    -The code of laws created by Clovis I, describing the civil law in the empire
  • 532

    EARLY CHRISTIAN - Nika Revolt

    In Contantinople, two chariot racing teams turned their anger against King Justinian. About to flee, Justinian's wife convinces him to stay, killing all the revolters
  • 594

    FRANCE - Gregory of Tours

    -A historian and Bishop of Tours, who recorded the conquest of Clovis I (he was an admirer)
  • May 15, 622

    ISLAM - Muhammed conquers Mecca

    -This is the foundation of Islam, when the Muslims take over Mecca, and convert the opponents.
    -Tells his men if they die, they will go to heaven, inspiring them to fight to the death
  • Jan 26, 661

    ISLAM - Ali is Murdered

    -The death of Ali creates split between Sunni and Shia
    -Half want the descendants of Muhammed to lead them, while others want to elect a good leader
  • Period: May 15, 661 to May 16, 750

    ISLAM - Umayyad Empire

    -One of the first great empire's of the Muslim Dynasty run by a Caliph
  • May 15, 688

    ISLAM - Dome of the Rock In Jerusalem

    -The rock of foundation where Adam and Eve were, and where Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac
  • Period: May 15, 750 to May 16, 1258

    ISLAM - The Abbasid Empire

    -Overthrew the Umayyad Empire, to create another great Islamic Empire
  • May 15, 800

    FRANCE Charlemagne Crowned by Pope

    -Charlegmagne becomes first emperor/king of Holy Roman Empire
    -However, Pope still has more power
  • May 15, 849

    Alfred the Great

    -A mighty hero leading Anglo-Saxons defeating the Vikings out of their territory.
  • May 10, 1000


    Heroic narrative telling tales of Germanic Tribes, written by Christians, fusing the two cultures together
  • Period: May 15, 1037 to May 16, 1194

    ISLAM - Seljuk Dynast

    -A large Sunni Muslim Empire
  • May 15, 1054

    BYZANTINE - Schism of 1054

    -The breaking between Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches centered at Rome and Constantinople
  • May 15, 1066

    ENGLAND - Norman Invasion of England

    -Led by Duke William II, the Normans end up taking over
    -Battle described in Bayeux Tapestry
  • Nov 27, 1095

    MIDDLE AGES - Pope Urban's Speech at Council of Clermont

    -Pope Urban II, declares the start of a first crusade to get rid of the Muslims in the holy land
  • May 15, 1099

    MIDDLE AGES - Christians take Jeruslaem

    -The Christians manage to reclaim the holy land and defeat the Muslim occupants
  • Period: May 15, 1189 to May 16, 1192

    MIDDLE AGES - Third Crusade

    -Kind Richard the Lion-heart took Acre. Finally settled treaty with Saladin, allowing Christians to go on pilgrimage to Jerusalem
  • Jan 31, 1200

    EARLY CHRISTIAN - Prose Edda

    Sturlson, a Norwegian poet was a Christian writing about Norse Mythology. He claimed that man made up Norse Mythology, because they lost the name of God, therefore he wouldn't be persecuted
  • Period: May 15, 1202 to May 16, 1204

    MIDDLE AGES - Fourth Crusade

    -A crusade gone wrong, instead of reclaiming the holy land, the crusaders sack Constantinople (Fellow Christians).
  • May 15, 1212

    MIDDLE AGES - Children's Crusade

    -Name given when the European Christians try and take holy land from Muslims
  • Period: May 15, 1217 to May 16, 1221

    MIDDLE AGES - Fifth Crusade

    -The Crusaders attacked Egypt and managed to capture the Port of Damietta.
  • Period: May 15, 1228 to May 16, 1229

    MIDDLE AGES - Sixth Crusade

    -Led by King Louis XI, was another attempt to reclaim Jerusalem, however there was not much fighting
  • Jan 17, 1270

    MIDDLE AGES - Eighth Crusade

    -A crusade led by Louis IX of France against Tunnis, but he died abruptly ending the war
  • Period: May 15, 1271 to May 16, 1272

    MIDDLE AGES - Ninth Crusade

    Known as the final crusade, Henry III sailed to Acre to try and fight, but conflicts brought him away
  • May 29, 1453

    MIDDLE AGES - Ottoman Empire takes Constantinople

    -Leader Sultan Mehmed II, led the Ottoman Empire to take over the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, bringing about its end.