Charlemagne and pope adrian i

Middle Ages

  • 100

    Tacitus' Germania

    This document was used to critique roman society
  • 301

    Anglo Saxon Invasions

    The Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain for land in the early 4th century
  • 301

    Theodosius' wall

    These walls were used to protect the thriving byzantine empire. and are now owned by turkey
  • 313

    Edict of Milan

    a proclamation for religion tolerance for Christians in rome
  • 325

    Nicaean Creed

    a profession of faith used in christian literature.
  • 383

    Legions depart

    The general withdrawals all the troops from northern and western britian
  • 410

    The Sacking of Rome by Alaric

    King Alaric lead his troops of Visigoths to a sacking of Rome even though it wasn't still the capital of the roman empire.
  • Period: 457 to 481

    Merovingian Dynasty

    A Salian Frankish dynasty that ruled the franks for over 300 years
  • 501

    The house of Wessex

    Named after the family that ruled and lived there
  • 511

    Salic Law

    A codification of rules governing behavior within lands held by Salian.. The main goal was to stop feuding among the people so not everyone will kill each other.
  • 511

    reign of clovis

    466-511 he was the king that rallied all the frankish tribes together
  • 527


    Justinian tried to recreate the Western Empire and the Eastern Empire back together, also he was one of "the greats"
  • 532

    Nika Revolt

    revolts held because of religious reasons.
    The haga Sophia was a major component to the revolts after it changed to a mosque
  • Period: 580 to Dec 25, 876

    Carolingian Dynasty

    A clan of noble families
  • 594

    Gregory of Tours

    Historian and Roman senator
    He was also a Roman Bishop. His main depiction of Clovis was that he was a christian .
  • Dec 24, 601


    The best fighter taking on the most frighting monsters and showing the Germans way life.
    The poem was also used as a way to show Germanic religion and christianity
  • Dec 24, 622

    Muhammad leaves from Mecca to Medina

    Muhammad and his followers moved from Mecca because their were threats towards to him , it is now a pilgrimage
  • Dec 24, 632

    Muhammad conquers Mecca

    When Muhammad and his army arrive at Mecca they are gravely outnumbered and Muhammad encourage them to win by telling them that if they die they will go to paradise
  • Dec 24, 658

    Ali's Murder creating Sunni and Shia split

    When Ali was murder his followers split in translation of his ways.
  • Period: Dec 24, 661 to Dec 25, 750

    Umayyad Dynasty

    The first great empire to rule over caliphate.
  • Dec 24, 691

    Dome of the Rock

    A shrine in Jerusalem being the most known shrine in Jerusalem
  • Oct 10, 732

    The Battle of Tours

    Charles Martel the hammer versus a massive islamic army and charles martel is known as the hammer because he stopped the islmaic invasion of france
  • Dec 24, 735

    The Venerable's Bead's Writing

    A monk who was well known for being a author and a scholar
  • Period: Dec 24, 750 to Dec 25, 1258

    Abbasid Empire

    Over threw the Umayyad in 750 then ruled the caliphate empire till destroyed by the mongols.
  • Dec 24, 751

    Pepin the short

    King of the franks was the first Carolingian to become king.
  • Dec 25, 800

    Charlemagne is Crowned

    charlemagne is crown by the pope on christmas in 800 over all romans in St. Peter's Bascilla
  • Dec 24, 899

    Alfred the great

    He lived for around 50 years.
    He is known for fending of the vikings and being one of the only "The great"
  • Dec 24, 1000

    Population after the ice age

    Crops flourished and the warmth made everything easier to work and raise a family.
  • Period: Dec 24, 1037 to Dec 25, 1194

    Seljuk Empire

    When they invaded Jerusalem they presecuted Christians, and pillaged the churches
  • Dec 24, 1042

    Pope Urban's Speech

    The popes influence on the crusades.
    1. They are destroy altars and churches with relics in them.
    2. Inhabiting the royal city.
    3. Defend their land.
    4. Their crop
    5. Remission of sins.
  • Dec 24, 1054

    The Great Schism

    The break of communism between catholics and the eastern orthodox
  • Sep 28, 1066

    Norman invasion of England

    William tried to invade England to steal the crown from Harold. And William succeeded. The 26 foot long tapestry show the story of how William invaded England.
  • Jul 8, 1099

    Christians take Jerusalem in first crusade

    The Christians conquer Jerusalem and excited with their win and the return of the holy lnd
  • Period: Dec 24, 1189 to Dec 25, 1192

    Third Crusade

    The reconuring on the holy land from Saladin
  • Period: Dec 24, 1202 to Dec 25, 1204

    Fourth Crusade

    Concurring Muslim controlled Jerusalem through Eygpt
  • Dec 24, 1212

    Children's Crusade

    When European Christians to expel Muslims from the Holy Land
  • Period: Dec 24, 1213 to Dec 25, 1221

    Fifth Crusade

    was an attempt by Western Europeans to get Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land by first conquering Egypt.
  • Dec 24, 1220

    Prose Edda

    The use of manuscripts of the Norse
    The lose of the name of god is in retrospect with the Germanic people worshiping other gods like Thor, showing all the things that describe Norse people, strong and hot headed
  • Period: Dec 24, 1228 to Dec 25, 1229

    Sixth Crusade

    Regain Jerusalem after the last crusade failed
  • Period: Jan 1, 1270 to Dec 25, 1270

    Eighth Crusade

    When the french were under attack from the city of tunis
  • Period: Dec 24, 1271 to Dec 25, 1272

    Ninth Crusade

    After the fail of france taking over Tunis Edward sailed across Acre and the ninth crusade was started
  • Dec 24, 1325

    Ibn Battuta left for pilgrimage to Mecca

    He traveled for 29 years traveling 75,000 miles or 44 modern day countries.
  • May 29, 1453

    Ottoman Empire takes over Constantinople

    Marked the end of the Roman Empire