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Spain History Timeline

  • 100,000 BCE

    Prehistory- Paleolithic

    Prehistory- Paleolithic
    During this era the first hominids appeared in Spain. Humans were savage and nomads. They get their food by hunting, fishing and recolecting.
  • 5000 BCE

    Prehistory- Neolithic

    Prehistory- Neolithic
    During this era, humans started to harvest their own food. Also they started to raise animals in order to get food from them and using them for doing hard works.
  • 1700 BCE

    Bronze Age

  • 1200 BCE

    Emigrations and Colonizations

    Emigrations and Colonizations
    During this period the first groups of people started to arrive and conquer the peninsula. They bring lots of mineral with them and started to market their products. The Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and the Greeks were the first ones entering in our peninsula.
  • 1000 BCE

    Iron Age

  • 226 BCE


    It was a long-lasting process that consisted on the conquest of Spain. It had 4 fases that finished the 19 BC
  • 200 BCE

    The Creation and expansion of the Christianity

    The Creation and expansion of the Christianity
  • 476

    The barbarian invasion

    The barbarian invasion
    During this time, the barbarians started to conquest the the territory of the Romans, the iberian peninsula
  • 510

    The Visigothic empire

    The Visigothic empire
  • 711

    The Muslim invasion- The battle of Guadalete

    When the muslims entered in the penisula conquering the Visigoths creating al-Andalus.
  • Period: 711 to 756

    The Omeya's emirate

  • 722

    The Reconquest

    The Reconquest
    When the Christians started to war in orde to recover the stealed land by the muslim.
  • 722

    The Asturian nucleus

  • Period: 756 to 929

    The independent emirate

  • 824

    Pamplonas kingdom

  • 900

    The colonization of the Asturian nucleus

  • Period: 929 to 1031

    The Caliphate of Cordoba

    It was the Golden season of Al-andalus, with pleanty of peace.
  • 1121

    The muslim backlash

    When Al-andalus was broken at all, muslims retreat to the kingdom of Granada.
  • 1212

    Christian expansion

  • 1429

    Discovery of America

    Discovery of America
    Cristobal Colon and his ships sailed in order to discover new lands. They sailed along the ocean finally discovering the new land of America (They suposed that was India)
  • 1479

    The Spanish monarchy

  • 1482

    Granada's War

    Granada's War
    The Catholic kings decided to conquest the last muslim territory in the peninsula.
  • 1492

    The conquest by the Catholic kings

    The conquest by the Catholic kings
    When the Castilians finally conquest the entire peninsula governed by muslims.
  • Period: 1492 to

    The colonization of America

    Spanish people started to colonizate the new lands, taking thir goods and implanting their culture.
  • Period: 1516 to 1556

    Carlos I

  • Period: 1556 to

    Felipe II

  • The decline of Spain

  • Period: to

    The 30 year war

  • The reformism of the Bourbons

    The reformism of the Bourbons
    The monarchy of the Bourbons started with their new politics and reforms.
  • The impact of the French revolution

    The impact of the French revolution
    Spanish peole heared about the big movement that was happening in France.
  • The growth of the American colonies

  • The alliance with Napoleonic France

  • Period: to

    The war of the independence

    Spanish people were mad and they charge against the french forces.
  • La constitution the 1812

    The creation of that document collected all the powers that had the Goverment
  • The defeat of the French army

    The defeat of the French army
    The French army was defeated by the Spanish army and they abandoned the peninsula.
  • The restoration of absolutism by Fernando VII

    The restoration of absolutism by Fernando VII
  • Period: to

    the Constitutional Triennium

  • Period: to

    1st Carlist War

  • La constitution the 1837

    Thanks to the annoying1st Carlist War, the society manifested so they rewrite la constitution.
  • Period: to

    The Moderate Decade

    Appeared the constitution of 1845
  • The Bourgeois liberal Revolution

    Meanwhile Isabel II was reigning, she stablished new politics and new economical changes.
  • Period: to

    The Progressive Biennium

  • Period: to

    The Liberal Union and the return of Moderateism

  • Period: to

    The Six-year term Democracy

  • Worker movement

    It was made with the objetive of making the workers' life a better one.
  • The First Republic

    The First Republic
    This new type of government wasn't as efficace as they hope
  • The appearance of socialist

    Was founded by Pablo Iglesias
  • Period: to

    The Moderate Restoration

    With the failed chance of making Spain democratic they tried a restoration with the Bourbons
  • La constitution the 1876

  • The Nationalisms

    After the Civil War the nationalisms started to appear in the peninsula. Like the Catalanism, the Basque nationalism,the Galicianism, the Andalusianism
  • The disaster of '98

    The disaster of '98
    During this stage, Spain lost their american colonies and suddenly started a crisis.
  • Period: to

    The reign of Alfonso XIII

  • The first World War and the crisis of 1917

    When the first World War started, Spain suffered a huge crisis that affected the process of Restauration.
  • Period: to

    The dictatorship of Primo de Rivera

  • Period: to

    The Second Republic

  • Period: to

    Civil War

    During this period, Spain suffered the most sadistic war beacause it confront Spanish people between each other.
  • Period: to

    Franco's dictatorship

    After the dictatorship Francisco Franco implanted his goverment.
  • The proclamation of King Juan Carlos I

    The proclamation of King Juan Carlos I
    After the death of Franco, Juan Carlos I, was proclamed king.
  • The advance of Adolfo Suárez and the creation of ETA

    The advance of Adolfo Suárez and the creation of ETA
  • The Spanish constitution of 1978

  • Period: to

    Economic Reactivation

  • The coronation of Felipe VI

    The coronation of Felipe VI
  • Coronavirus

    The 2020 started with the first pandemic in the history of Spain. This virus has been very dangerous becasuse of the number of deaths.