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Rise and Fall of Spain

  • Jan 1, 1474

    Ferdinand and Isabella

    Ferdinand and Isabella
    King Henry dies and Ferdinand and Isabella become the King and Queen of Spain. During their reign, Spain's power increases greatly.
  • Jan 1, 1550

    El Siglo de Oro

    El Siglo de Oro
    Spain's golden age, called El Siglo de Oro, begins roughly around 1492. It is a time when the arts and literature flourished.
  • Jan 1, 1556

    King Philip

    King Philip
    Philip II, the great-grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella, becomes King. He is an absolute monarch and rules Spain with an iron fist. However, Spain flourishes under his command.
  • Defeat of Spanish Armada

    Defeat of Spanish Armada
    In 1588 the Spanish Armada is defeated. This is a costly blow to nation. About 60 of the 130 ships sent out returned - less than half. Many Spanish sailors perished in the battles, never to return to Spain again. A considerable amount of money was spent on the large fleet, which was baisically wasted becaus the Spanish came back defeated.
  • Don Quixote

    Don Quixote
    Don Quixote, one of the finest works of Spain's golden age, is published by Michael de Cervantes.
  • Expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain

    Expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain
    In 1609 action was finally taken to expel the Moriscos (Muslims who converted to Christianity) from Spain. This damaged the economy greatly because many Moriscos were skilled artisans and merchants
  • Diego Velazquez

    Diego Velazquez
    As a famed artist in the courts of King Phillip IV, Diego Velazquez created many painting. However, his most famous was called las Meninas (it's the photo shown here), created in 1656.
  • Spain accepts independence of Portugul

    Spain accepts independence of Portugul
    After about a century of Spanish rule Spain acknowledges Portugals freedom. When Spain did this they gave up a large amount land. Especially valuable land too, it being on the coast and all.
  • The War of Spanish Sucession

    The War of Spanish Sucession
    Charles II, King of Spain dies with no children of his own, Philip of Anjou, a grandson of the French king, Louis XIV the sucessor.
    This causes discontent amongst Spain's people. The War of Spanish Sucession breaks out between Austria and France.
  • Spain joins Seven Year War

    Spain joins Seven Year War
    A war between Britain, France, and Spain. When the war ends and The Treaty of Paris is signed Spain is forced to give Florida to England.