• The Haitian Revolution started

    The Haitian Revolution started
    the haitian revolution started 1791 and they fought for 12 years straight and they won there independence from france and established the worlds first independent republick, HAITI
  • Simon declares independence.

    Simon declares independence.
    Simon Bolivar declared his independence from spain 1811. a turning point came in august 1819. Bolivar led 2,000 soldiers on a daring march trough andes.
  • declares independence

    declares independence
    san martin argetina declared his independence in 1816. jose help lead the revolution against spanish rule in argetina 1812
  • Mexico Ends Spanish Rule

    Mexico Ends Spanish Rule
    80,000 soldiers went to mexico to fight. The army defeated hidalgo in 1811. Padre morelos proclaimed independence 1821
  • Simon Won Independence

    Simon Won Independence
    By 1821 , bolivar had won venezuela independence
  • Brazil Loyal Liberator

    Brazil Loyal Liberator
    on september 7 , 1822 dom pedro declared independence in brazil.
  • creoles Demand Independence

    creoles Demand Independence
    In 1822 , creoles demanded brazil's independence from portugal. 8,000 brazilians signed a petition asking dom pedro to rule. he agreed.
  • U.S recognize haiti

    U.S recognize haiti
    the united states did not recognize haiti until 1862 , after the slave -holding states seceded from the union.