Quiet Revolution

By hanstaz
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    Quiet Revolution

  • Richard Riot

    Richard Riot
    A hockey game between the Canadiens and the Detriot Red Wings turned into a riot. Hundreds of Habs fans protested against Clarence Campbell's (English Manager) decision of suspending Maurice Richard. This revealed Quebec's nationalism.
  • Quebec's Genereal Election

    Quebec's Genereal Election
    This event was a major social transformaiton of all aspects of Quebec's society throughout the 1960s. The election of new members of the Legislative Assembly of Quecbec, put an end to 16 years of continuous Union Nationale rule, lead by Maurice Duplessis.
  • Flag Debate

    Flag Debate
    Lester B. Pearson revealed his new ideas for the Canadian flag. This caused a lot of division between Canada.
  • Pierre Trudeau Election

    Pierre Trudeau Election
    Pierre Elliot Trudeau, born in Montreal, was elected Prime Minister of Canada. This is histoically significant because it shows Quebec having power in Canada.
  • Official Languages Act

    Official Languages Act
    Pierre Elliot Trudeau made French and English botht he official languages of Canada. This gives French and English equal status in the government of Canada.
  • War Measures Act

    War Measures Act
    The police were allowed to arrest anyone without rights. This reveales how exteme the situation was.
  • James Cross Was Kidnapped by FLQ

    James Cross Was Kidnapped by FLQ
    James Cross (a Birittish Trade Commissioner) was kidnapped by the FLQ. This reveals the aggression of the Front de Libération du Québec.
  • James Bay Hydro-Electro Project

    James Bay Hydro-Electro Project
    Premier Bourassa created Quebec's own hydro and electrical source. This shows that Quebec is becoming more independent.
  • Quebec Chater of Human Rights and Freedom

    Quebec Chater of Human Rights and Freedom
    This is historically significant becaus this gives Quebec's citizens more power.
  • Summer Olympic Games

    Summer Olympic Games
    The Summer Olympic Games were held in Montreal!
  • Parti Quebequois Was Elected

    Parti Quebequois Was Elected
    The Parti Québécois, led by René Lévesque, defeated the incumbent Quebec Liberal Party, led by Robert Bourassa. Rene was for seperation and therefore this caused a lot of debate in Canada and scare for seperation.
  • Referendum

    Quebec held a referendum in 1980 in order to see if Quebecers wanted Quebec to become an independent state. Over 90% of the people in Quebec voted in this referendum, and 60% of voters voted “non”.
  • Referendum Act Finished

    The decison of becoming a seperate country finally ended. The "non" side won with a 50.6% vote. This shows that Quebec still only won by a small amount, which means they won't fully be happy.