Hi 30 Timeline Challenge OwenN

  • Period: to

    1750 - 1759

  • Halifax Gazette Begins

    Halifax Gazette Begins
    Canada's first newspaper, The Halifax Gazette is sold for the first time. Contained news from Britain, Europe, New England, and other British colonies. Big 6: Use Primary Source Evidence One of the stories from the March 23rd printing is an article about how a man in Rome had thrown a rock at the Pope, after appearing to kneel and pray before him. The article states that this man was a madman who had escaped from a hospital in the area.
  • Deportation Of Acadians

    Deportation Of Acadians
    Acadians refused to swear allegiance to Britian, Governer Charles Lawrence ordered the deportation of the Acadians. Villages and crops burnt. Over 10 000 Acadians deported in total.
  • Seven Years War Begins

    Seven Years War Begins
    War between Britain and France is officially begins after French troops and commander Montcalm arrive in Canada in April of 1756.
  • Battle Of The Plains of Abraham.

    Battle Of The Plains of Abraham.
    British troops led by General James Wolfe defeated the French under the Marquis de Montcalm. Led to the surrender of Quebec to the British, and the fall of New France. Both leaders died in battle.
  • Period: to

    1760 - 1769

  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Ended the Seven Years War. Signed by France, Britain and Spain. Britain obtained Cape Breton Island, Quebec, and the Great Lakes Basin and the east bank of the Mississippi River. Britain also received Florida from Spain. Big 6: Historical Significance The Treaty of Paris shaped the country as it is today. Without it Quebec would not be a part of Canada. It also allowed for a unfied country to form later, and led to the anti English sentiments still felt in Quebec today.