Mexico's independence

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  • Napoleon encroaches spain

    Napoleon encroaches spain
    Napoleon encroached Spain, and in New Spain, began the conspirations
  • The fight start

    The fight start
    The priest Miguel Hidalgo convened to the people to join to the fight of the independence
  • Miguel Hidalgo died

    Miguel Hidalgo died
    In Chihuahua, Miguel Hidalgo was shooted, while Morelos joins to the fight in the south.
  • Morelos creates "Feelings of the Nation"

    Morelos creates "Feelings of the Nation"
    Morelos creates "Feelings of the Nation" in a congress, declares a free America.
  • Morelos dies

    Morelos dies
    Morelos was shooted in Ecatepec, while now joins Mina and Guerrero.
  • Mina

    The fight of Mina begins but that year he died shooted
  • Iturbide vs. Guerrero

    Iturbide vs. Guerrero
    In that year starts a fight, but then iturbide too looks for the independence
  • Independence ends

     Independence ends
    The independence ends
  • The mexican revolution

    The mexican revolution
    100 years later, starts the mexican revolutio, a fight for the liberty, and end with the worker slavery.
  • Present

    In the present, Mexico is a liberty country with out slavery and liberty expression.