Mexican Independence

  • Period: to

    Peninisular War

    In 1806, Spain reaided for an invasion in case of Prusia victory, but Napoleon's rout of the Prussian army at the battle of Jena- Auerstaedt caused Spain to back down. Started when french and Spanish armies invaded and occupied Portugal in 1807, and scalated in 1808, ithe Sixth Coalition defeted Napoleon in 1814,
  • Napeleon and Spain

    Napoleon turned on Spain, forcing the abdication of the Spanish king and replacing him with Napolen's brother joseph
  • Napoleon Conquer Spain

    Napoleon was fully aware of the disastrous state of Spain's economy and administration and its political fragility, and felt it had little value as an ally. He insisted on positioning French troops in Spain to prepare for a French invasion of Portugal.
    The presence of French troops on Spanish soil was extremely unpopular in Spanish, resulting in the Mutiny of Aranjuez and te abdication of Charles IV of Spain in March 1808
  • Charles leave Spain

    Napoleon refused to help Charles and refused to recognized his son, Ferdinan VII, as the new king. Instead, he succeeded to cede the crown to his brother, Joseph Boanaparte.
    May 2, Murat ordered the younger son of Charles IV, the Infante Fancisco de Paula, to leave Spain for France, leading to a widespread rebellion in the streets of Madrid
  • Supreme Central and Governmental Junta of Spain and the Indies

    The creation of this organisim was on september 25 1808
  • Creation of juntas

    The creation of juntas in Spanish America was made for claimed to carry out their actions in the name of the deposed king, Ferdinand VII
  • Supreme Junta dissolution

    The dissolution on the Supreme Junta was on January 29, 1810, because of the reverses suffered after the Battle of Ocaña by the Spanish forces paid with Spanish American money set off another wave of Juntas in the Americas
  • Grito de dolores

    Miguel Hidalgo was a criollo, remebered as the father of the movement that pushed Mexico towards independence
    In September 16, father Hidalgo rang town's church bells to call the people to mass, as the people assembled he gave his famous , speech "grito de Dolores" this speech started the conflict tht eventually freed Mexico from Spain.
    Hidalgo gained support for the rebellion by choosing the Virgin of Guadalupe as a symbol for the cause
  • Hidalgo Death

    Hidalgo was captured and found guilty of treason. He was executed in front of a firing squad. He was decapitated and his head was placed on a pole
  • Spanish Constitution

    The Spanish contitution of 1812 adopted by the Cortes de Cadiz served as the basis for the independence in New Spain and Central America, since in both region it was a coalition of conservative and liberal royalist leaders who led the establishment of new states . Elections were held, local goverments formed, and deputies sent to Cortes
  • Period: to

    Morelos Period

    Josè Morelos replaced Hidalgo as the leader of the revolution, Morelos was a mestizo, Morelos was a brilliant military, because Morelos was a mestizo and brougth the lower classe into the revolution, the peninsulares and criollos became afraid of mob violence. Soon the criollos and peninsulares had hunted down Morelos, they placed him in front of the firing squad and executed them
  • Finish of Independence

    One of the people ordered to hunt down Morelos was Agustín the Iturbide, he had fought against the rebels on the side of the Spanish King. Iturbide got removed from his command because he was a cruel leader.
    Iturbide met with Vicente Guerrero, the new leader of the rebellio and Iturbide's former enemy, planned a coup d'etat. Together, Guerrero and Iturbide created the Plan de Iguala
  • Plan de Iguala

    Be equal treatment under the law for both peninsulares and criollos. Catholicism would be the official religion of Mexico. Mexico would be moderate monarchy.
    The three parts of the plan were know as union, religion, and independence. The three Guarantees flag. Red represent the union aka the blood.
    white purity of catholicism.
    Green hope of independence.
    Iturbide would thus be the one to lead Mexico to independence from Spain in 1821