Mexican History Timeline

  • Early months of 1810

    Early months of 1810
    Many native Mexicans were beginning to think that Mexico should become independent of Spain. The man who started the revolt was Miguel Hidalgo.
  • Hidalgo and Josefa arrested

    Hidalgo and Josefa arrested
    They catched Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez and his husband Miguel Hidalgo y Cortilla. They took all their weapons.
  • Grito de Dolores

    Grito de Dolores
    By this even the war of Independence in Mexico started. The Grito de Dolorers is the starting point in the fight for Independence located in the city of Dolores.
  • The Siege of Guanajuato

    The Siege of Guanajuato
    Hidalgo began his approch to Guanajuanto and won the war.
  • Battle of Monte de las Cruces

    Battle of Monte de las Cruces
    It was fought between the troops of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and Ignacio Allende against the royalist troops of General Torcuato Trujillo. Spaniards were forced to retreat to the city.
  • Felix de Calleja won

    Felix de Calleja won
    The deafeat of the battle marked the end for the rebels. Felix de Calleja was able to conduct his operation perfectly.
  • Hidalgo Executed

    Hidalgo Executed
    Hidalgo was executed by firing squad. His body was mutilated, and his head was displayed in Guanajuato as a warning to other would- be insurgents.
  • Battle of Temalaca

    Battle of Temalaca
    The battle was fought between the royalist forces loyal to the Spanish crown and the Mexican rebels fighting for independence from the Spanish Empire.
  • Plan of Iguala

    Plan of Iguala
    The Plan stated that Mexico was to become a constitutional monarchy, whose sole official religion would be Roman Catholicism, in which all inhabitants of Mexico would enjoy equal political and social rights
  • Victory

    Iturbide won the Independence.