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Louis XIV

  • Birth

    Louis XIV is born.
  • Louis XIV takes command from Cardinal Mazarin

    Louis XIV takes command from Cardinal Mazarin
    Though he had been Chief Minister since his coronation at age 5, Louis XIV took total control of France at the age of 23 from Mazarin, initiating the absolute reign of the Sun King
  • War of Devolution Begins

    Per the Treaty of the Pyrenees, Louis marries a Spanish wife. He invades the Netherlands to prove her right to the Spanish throne and makes many quick conquerings.
  • War of Devolution ends

    Louis XIV is forced to sing Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle by England, Holand, and Sweden, although he keep significant gains in Flanders. In preparation for further conquests in the Netherlands, he buys English and Swedish support and attacks again in 1672.
  • Period: to

    Anti-Protestant Initiatives Heat Up

    Soldiers start being quartered in Huguenot homes, and Louis cracks down on Huguenot emgiration. Granted authority to do so by Peace of Augsburg.
  • Louis XIV moves into Versailles

    Louis XIV moves into Versailles
    Although it was never finished in his eyes, Louis XIV spent much of France's resources on the expansion of his father's old hunting lodge into the largest palace by area in the world. He moved in during 1682. Several hundred thousand workers were employed in its construction.
  • Edict of Fontainebleau

    The culmination of Louis XIV's anti-Protestant initiatives, the Edict of Fontainebleau revokes Edict of Nantes. Huguenots flee to Protestant parts of Europe due to ban on church construction, Protestant lectures, and new focus on forced conversions. Louis quickly moves back into favor with the Pope.
  • England Joins the League of Augsburg

    The League of Augsburg was a European coalition of nations that was founded in 1686 by the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold in an effort to stop French expansion. It included, at one point or another, Portugal, England, Scotland, Holy Roman Empire, Sweden, the Dutch Republic, and many other nations. England's membership was the turning point in the League's legitimization.
  • War of Spanish Succession Begins

    Louis wants his grandson, Philip, to become king of Spain. A divided Spain and France go to war. England, fearing a disruption in the Balance of Power, joins the fray.
  • War of Spanish Succession Ends

    Philip ends up as King of Spain, althoug he must renounce his French throne. France hands voer territory to England. Treaties are signed to protect Balance of Power.
  • Death

    Louis XIV dies, shortly after giving power to his great-grandson Louis XV.