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In History
  • Uprising in major Southern Americas Cities

  • Venezuela's first independence

  • Miranda defeated

    Handed to the Spanish by Bolivar
  • Creation of the 'Society of Friends'

  • Treaty of Chaumont

    Great powers agree not to make separate peace with Napoleon
  • Period: to

    King Louis XVIII first Restoration

  • Paris Peace treaty

  • Charter by Louis XVIII

  • Period: to

    Vienna Congress

  • Corn law 1

  • Period: to

    Biedermeier Period

  • Period: to

    100 days

  • Battle of Waterloo

  • Period: to

    Second White Terror

  • Period: to

    Louis XVIII King of France

  • Elections législatives = Ultras landslide victory

    350/400 pour les ultras
  • Louis XVIII calls for new legislative elections

  • Second Treaty of Paris

  • Spanish got back control of the region

  • Period: to

    5 millions europeans left the continent

  • Independence of the United Provinces de la Plata

    Argentina / Bolivia / Paraguay / Urugay
  • New elections = Doctrinaires Victory

  • Poor Harvest in Britain

  • Chile's independence

    General San Martin and O'Higgins
  • Poor Harvest in Britain

  • Offense on public morality is a crime in France

  • Period: to

    Liberation and creation of Great Colombia

    by Simon Bolivar
  • Peterloo Massacre in Manchester

    Ironical reference to Waterloo
    Robert Poole says its a major event
  • Revolt in Spain

  • Military uprising in Portugal

    Return of the king = Liberal Constitution
  • Insurrections in Naples and Sicily

    Put down by Austria
  • Duke of Berry Assassination

    Will lead the king to a more extreme policy line
  • Massive Ultra Victory in elections

    413/440 seats are ultras
    Because they changed electoral law
  • Legilslative elections

    Doctrinaires lost their majority
    Libéraux get + 70 seats increase
  • Revolt in Ottoman ruled Moldavia

  • Kingdom of New Spain's Independence

  • Peru's independence

    General San Martin
  • Period: to

    Britain distances itself from Congress system

  • Ottoman soldiers slaughtered population of Chios

  • Independence of United Provinces of Central America

  • Brazil's independence

  • Monroe Doctrine

  • Period: to

    French intervention in Spain

  • Lord Byron joins the Greek resistance

  • Repeal of the combinations act

  • Lord Byron's death fighting in Greece

  • Louis XVIII's death

  • Period: to

    Charles X King of France

  • Battle of Ayacucho

    End of Spanish claims in Peru
  • Independence of High Peru = Bolivia

  • Decembrist uprising

    3000 soldiers protest against new Tsar Nicholas I
  • Bad Harvest

  • National Guard Disbanded by Charles X

  • Period: to

    Economic Crisis in France

  • Treaty of London

    Ottoman empire forced to accept
  • Ottoman Fleet destroyed at Navarino

  • Test and Corporation act repealed

    You don’t have to be a member of the church to hold office anymore
  • Corn Law 2

  • Period: to

    Russian Ottoman War

  • Catholic emancipation act

    Catholics can hold office or serve in Parliament
  • Creation of the Paris Sergent

  • First public gaz lamps in Paris Streets

    Rue de la Paix
  • Period: to

    Tensions in the south of England

  • Jules de Polignac appointed PM

  • Treaty of Adrianople

  • Period: to

    First phase of the conquest of Algeria

  • July Ordinances

    Destroys 1814 charter
  • Public Protest in Paris

  • Liberals offer the Throne to Louis Philipe

  • Charles X abdicates

  • Liverpool to Manchester first Passenger train

  • Independence of Belgium

    Following massive uprising in the summer
    Helped by French against British will
  • Period: to

    November Uprising in Poland

  • Progressive Libéralisation of Switzerland

  • Popular rebellions against papal States + others

    In the Italian​ peninsula
  • Canut Revolt

  • Creation of the Young Italy Movement

  • Fall of Warsaw

  • Representation of the People act

    One of every five adult male citizens eligible. + A Parliament that better takes into account the evolutions of Britain’s society.
  • Greece Independence

  • Epidémie de choléra

    19000 morts à Paris (autant à Marseille)
  • Period: to

    Civil war in Portugal

  • Factory Act

    Reform of Child Labor
  • Loi Guizot

  • Creation of 14km of Suage in Paris

    There were less than 50 prior to this
  • UK: Prostitution regulations lifted

  • Abolition of Slavery in the British empire

  • Canut Revolt

  • Poor laws

  • Zollverein

    3/4 of the German states participated
  • Young Europe movement

  • Municipal Corporations Act

  • Publication of the People's Charter

    Foundation of the Chartist​ movement
  • Treaty of Balta Liman

  • French Humiliation in Egypt

  • Creation of Rue Rambuteau

    First time a neighborhood​ is destroyed to create a street
  • Creation of YMCA

  • Period: to

    Ireland Potato Famine

    One million people died from starvation or typhus.
  • Corn Laws repealed

  • Mill's Principles of Political Economy

  • Half of the British pop lived in cities