Latin American

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  • The Haitian Revolution

    The Haitian Revolution
    They outnumbered their masters dramatically. White masters used brutal methods to terrorize them and keep them powerless.
  • The Mexican Revolution

    The Mexican Revolution
    When the peasants gathered in the church, he issued a call for rebellion against the spanish. The uprising of the lower classes of the land, and their lives.
  • The South American Revolution

    The South American Revolution
    Bolivars volunteer army of revolutionaries suffered numerous defeats. Bolivar led over over 2,000 soldiers on a march through the Andes into what is now Colombia. Coming from this direction, he took the spanish army in Bogota completely by surprise and won a decisive victory.
  • The Brazilian Revolution

    The Brazilian Revolution
    Napoleon's aim was to close the ports of these countries to British shipping. Brazil quest for independence was unique in this period of latin american history because it occurred without violent upheavals or widespread bloodshed.