• Birth

    José María Morelos y Pavón was born in Valladolid Morelia in September 1765.
  • Study

    José María Morelos y Pavón In 1795 he traveled to México City and obtained a Bachelor of Arts at the Royal and Pontifical University.
  • Priest

    José María Morelos became priest of Cuarácaro and Nocupétaro in 1799
  • Lifting

    José María Morelos, being a priest, found out about the uprising of 1810, he met with Miguel Hidalgo who appointed him lieutenant.
  • Conquest

    José María Morelos, After Hidalgo's death in 1811, he conquered most of the south and center of the country.
  • Seizure of the city

    Seizure of the city
    José María Morelos managed to take the strategic city of Oaxaca in 1812
  • Tehuacan

    José María Morelos seized Tehuacán on August 10, 1812.
  • Execution

    Morelos ordered the execution of the royalist prisoners that Nicolás Bravo had in his power, in retaliation for the death of Leonardo Bravo, on September 17, 1812 in Tehuacán
  • Oaxaca

    José María Morelos managed to take the strategic city of Oaxaca on November 25, 1812.
  • First congress

    First congress
    Jose María Morelos, In September 1813 he convened the First Independent Congress, in Chilpancingo, the result of which was the Constitution of Apatzingan that declared the absolute independence of Mexico with Spain.
  • Nation sentiment

    Nation sentiment
    José María Morelos, upon settling in Congress on September 14, 1813, prepared for himself the document called Sentimientos de la Nación.
  • Servant of the nation

    Servant of the nation
    José María Morelos in 1813 asked that instead of being called treatment of highness be called servant of the nation,
  • Division of powers

    Division of powers
    José María Morelos established the Division of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Powers, as well as compulsory and free education in 1813.
  • Granted the vote

    Granted the vote
    José María Morelos granted the vote to all Mexican men and limited farmland to prevent the formation of large estates in 1813.
  • Fifth campaign

    Fifth campaign
    Morelos began his fifth campaign with the aim of taking his old city Valladolid, however on the good night of 1813, Iturbide defeated his troops and that forced his withdrawal.
  • Declared

    Morelos He arrived in Mexico City on the 22nd and on the 27th he was declared a heretic and degraded in 1815.
  • Captured

    Morelos was captured while trying to help an insurgent soldier by Matías Carranco and led before Manuel de la Concha on November 5, 1815
  • First

    Morelos signed his retraction on December 10, 1815.
  • Death

    Morelos On December 20, Calleja sentenced him to death and was shot in San Cristóbal Ecatepec, State of Mexico in 1815.
  • City

    In 1828, his hometown was named Morelia.
  • State decree

    State decree
    In 1869, Benito Juárez decreed the creation of the State that bears his name.
  • Independence column

    Independence column
    On September 16, 1925, the remains of Morelos were taken to the Column of Independence.