Independence Revolution

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  • Causes of Independence

    Causes of Independence
    There were several reasons, the one that is repeated the most in the independence revolution is loyalty to King Ferdinand VII, the bureaucratic reforms, the independence of the USA and the French revolution, among other things.
  • Napoleon in Spain

    Napoleon in Spain
    Napoleon's brother José Bonaparte King of Spain called "Pepe Botellas" this did not like other people since they had pledged loyalty to King Fernado VII.
  • Independence of Latin America

    Independence of Latin America
    The independence of Latin America is a process in which the countries that made it up wanted to leave the domain of the Spanish and it is for that reason that independent states begin to form. began with the sovereign boards in 1809.
  • First cry of Independence

    First cry of Independence
    On August 10, 1809, the so-called First Cry of Independence took place, this event took place in Quito and during its development the Sovereign Board of Quito was installed.
  • Quito massacre

    Quito massacre
    There was a citizen revolt that occurred in Quito, in which a group of patriots attacked the Royal Barracks of Quito with the intention of freeing the heroes who had participated the previous year in the First Autonomous Government Board of Quito and who had been accused of crimes of lese majesty for which the prosecutor requested the death penalty. The Quito people stormed two barracks and a jail, and as a consequence the royalist authorities responded by executing the prisoners.
  • independence of Argentina.

    independence of Argentina.
    Process of revolution with which the United Provinces of the Río de La Plata managed to consolidate itself as a sovereign country and stopped responding politically to the government of Spain. There were several important combats such as that of San Lorenzo, the battle of Tucumán and the battle of Salta, to be recognized as a sovereign country. In addition, Paraguay, Upper Peru and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, today independent countries, separated from the Argentine territory.
  • Independence of Colombia

    Independence of Colombia
    As we know, Colombia was in what was called Nueva Granada.
    They left the leadership of the Spanish with the help of Simon Bolivar who won the war in Santa Fe, with this victory the Republic of Colombia is formed, which is joined by Ecuador, Venezuela, etc.
  • Guayaquil's independence

    Guayaquil's independence
    José Joaquín de Olmedo is well known as he was the leader of the revolt and thanks to his struggle the city of Guayaquil became independent on October 9, 1820.

    As the main or important character we have Simon Bolivar or also called "liberator" who after several wars against Morillo who was sent from Spain to maintain control, wins and signs an agreement in 1820 where the season of the "war to death "and finally on June 25, 1821 it was declared an independent country.
  • Independence of Peru

    Independence of Peru
    San Martin helped several countries and Peru was one of them, San Martin led a large group to attack Spain in Peru.
    San Martin declared independence on July 28, 1821
  • Independence of Central America

    Independence of Central America
    Guatemala with its provinces (Chiapas, Soconusco, El Salvador,
    Honduras, Nicaragua, Los Altos and Costa Rica) declared their independence from the Spanish Crown, forming a state called United Provinces of Central America but later they would separate and achieve their independence on September 15, 1821.
  • Independence of Mexico

    Independence of Mexico
    Mexico's independence process lasted 11 years, began in 1810 and ended in 1821.
    A very important character in this event was Miguel Hidalgo who began to invite more people to join the war against the bad government, this process was long since the person who took command of this revolutionary group was shot, but when Spain
    I no longer had the strength or what was necessary to continue this war Mexico declares itself independent
  • Panama Independence

    Panama Independence
    The independence movement of Panama began on November 10, 1821 and ended on November 28 of the same year. Later, Panama joined Greater Colombia in 1821 and with its help it became independent in 18 days.
  • Independence: Monarchical Brazil

    Independence: Monarchical Brazil
    When Napoleon invaded Portugal the colonies of this were free so to speak and Rio de Janeiro took power and that was how it was called a dependent country. and as successor was Emperor Pedro II son of Pedro de Braganza.
  • Pichincha Triumph

    Pichincha Triumph
    This battle was the one that sealed the independence of the department of Quito, previously called the Royal Audience of Quito from the kingdom of Spain, which in turn promoted the independence of the territory currently known as Ecuador.
    The independence conquest of Quito achieved the liberation of the provinces that belonged to the Royal Audience of Quito, under the command of the Spanish Crown. Thus, from these, the Republic of Ecuador emerged.
  • End of independence battles.

    End of independence battles.
    After Bolivar and Sucre won the wars in Peru, they ended the dominance of South America, in a place in Upper Peru where there was no resistance, it was made independent and named Bolivia in honor of Simon Bolivar.

    O'Higgins along with San Martín liberated Chile from the crown of Spain with the final battle of Maipú that ensured the independence of Chile on April 5, 1818.
  • Haitian independence

    Haitian independence
    In 1865 Haiti achieved its independence by declaring itself a free republic.
    Haiti was the first independent nation in Latin America, the first independent black-led postcolonial nation in the world, and the only nation whose independence was gained as part of a successful slave rebellion.
  • Puerto Rico's cry for independence

    Puerto Rico's cry for independence
    On September 23, 1868, Puerto Rico lost that war but the United States did not, which as a consequence would pass into the hands of the United States.
    It is currently a member of the USA but is not recognized as a dependent country.
  • Cuban independence

    Cuban independence
    It could be said that the intervention of the US was very important to get out of the power of Spain but they passed to the power of the United States but regardless they achieved independence in 1899.