Independences in Latin America

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  • Independence of Haiti

    Independence of Haiti
    This is the second country to become independent. In this year declared the independence of Haiti.
  • Quito

    First Call of Independence
    Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe
    Down the bad government
    Longlive Fernando VII
  • Quito's Massacre

    Quito's Massacre
    300 people lost their lives in the clashes between the Royal Barracks in Lima, Santa Fe, El Presidio and the streets of Quito.
  • First Junta in Chile

    First Junta in Chile
    Chile following the deposition and imprisonment of King Ferdinand VII by Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Independence of New Granada

     Independence of New Granada
    Acrossed the Andes, in Pantano de Vargas battle, the independence of new Granada was sealed.
  • Argentina

    Final victory
    Battle of Cepeda
  • Independence of Guayaquil

    Independence of Guayaquil
    Broke the colonial ties that existed between the territory of the Province of Guayaquil and the Spanish Empire
  • Independence of Venezuela

    Independence of Venezuela
    A Venezuelan's victory in the battle of Carabobo gave Venezuela its independence.
  • Peru

    San Martín leaves Chile and later arrives to Lima and here declares the independence.
  • Battles in Peru

    Battles in Peru
    Battle of Junin and the Battle of Ayacucho.
  • Uruguay enter a war with Brazil

    Uruguay enter a war with Brazil
    Uruguay entered in a war with Brazil
  • End of the war with Brazil

    End of the war with Brazil
    In this year the war ended.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Confrontation between the supporters of the Spanish Republic against the right-wing soldiers rebelled.
  • Mexico

    Political and social process resolved with arms, which ended the Spanish rule, later Spain recognizes the independence of Mexico.
  • Civil war

    Civil war
    In this year the Civil war finished.
  • Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic
    Achieves its independence.
  • The case of Puerto Rico

    The case of Puerto Rico
    The Scream of Lares. The rebellion is crushed in a short time.
    Today Puerto Rico is not yet an independent country.
  • Brazil

    It was a peaceful independence process and was also led by a member of the royal family.
    Portugal recognized its independence.
  • Us help Cuba!

    Us help Cuba!
    The US declares war on Spain. And this war lasted a year.
  • Cuba

    Cuba proclaimed its independence.