important dates of our time

  • Nov 25, 1095

    1st crusade

    Europe regained the holy lands in the muslim conquest of levelant 632-661 ultimatly resulting the capture of jerusalem
  • Oct 3, 1145

    2nd Crusade

    the second crusade was announced by pope eugene lll, and was the first of the crusades to be led by european kings
  • Oct 2, 1187

    Saladin retakes the city of jerusalem

    salad had become sultan of eygpt in 1174 though a coup after counquring syria and damascus
  • Sep 21, 1189

    third crusade

    was an attempt to reqounqer european leaders
  • Jul 16, 1291

    seige of acre

    The seige of acre took place in 1291 and resulted in the lost of a crusader that controlled city of acre to the muslims
  • Jul 15, 1451

    turks capture constantinople

    the turkish throne swore to capture the constantinople
  • arab league declares jihad on isreal

    the arab not only reject partititon but attacked iseal from all sides one the day that isreal decleared its independence
  • suez incodent

    involed the french and the hebrew
  • battle of aligers

    the battle of aligers was a campaign of guerrilla warfare
  • gulf war

    the invasion of kwait by iraqi troops that august
  • 9/11

    the group of terriorist attaks on america by al qeada